İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

surprised when   (ne zaman şaşırttı)

I was pleasantly surprised when I fell for Alice!'"

Rodney is surprised when he finds Raquel and Damien in his flat.

He was even more surprised when she agreed to dance with Rodney.

surprised to find   (bulmak şaşırdı)

They were surprised to find the stream salty.

He is surprised to find Weiss slumped in his chair, dead.

They are surprised to find her living in modest circumstances.

surprised to see   (görmek şaşırdı)

Chary is surprised to see Deeksha's investigation and decide help her.

At the police station, Stella is surprised to see Stephen there, alive.

The audience was surprised to see her with the absence of the baby bump.

surprised many   (çok şaşırttı)

Yu Hanbing came in second in that round, which surprised many.

The fact that he worked at a boiler plant surprised many people.

The 1998 season saw them barely escape relegation, which surprised many.

surprised to learn   (öğrenmeye şaşırdım)

Rudy was surprised to learn from Lois Superman's secret identity.

Hind is surprised to learn that he was expected, tipped off by Sylvia.

He was therefore surprised to learn that Fox offered him $50,000 dollars.

not surprised   (şaşırmadım)

So when I heard that Rwigema had resigned, I was not surprised.

I am not surprised that Bette Davis is now the most important star on the screen."

Literary critic Azfar Hussain said: "I am not surprised he talks like a pro-establishment writer.

pleasantly surprised   (Hoş sürpriz)

I was pleasantly surprised when I fell for Alice!'"

But once you get over the shock, you’ll be pleasantly surprised."

The next day, he was pleasantly surprised to find out what a scrumptious dessert he had created.

surprised to discover   (keşfetmek şaşırttı)

He is very surprised to discover that it is triplets, not one baby.

He is surprised to discover that the engine has been named Ivo Hugh – after himself!

Jean-Claude was surprised to discover she was still with Seraphina when they met in Branson.