İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

forced to surrender   (teslim olmaya zorlandı)

Alice Truman, but is ultimately forced to surrender.

On 28 August, they were forced to surrender.

In the end, Hormuzan was eventually forced to surrender.

refused to surrender   (teslim olmayı reddetti)

The Ashanti King Prempeh refused to surrender his sovereignty.

Much of Beirut was destroyed, but Jazzar refused to surrender.

The Spanish Viceroy in Naples, the Duke of Osuna, refused to surrender.

unconditional surrender   (koşulsuz teslim)

He rejected the idea of an armistice and demanded unconditional surrender.

At Roosevelt's demand, they agreed on a policy of "unconditional surrender."

He met Colonel Stephen G. Hicks at Fort Anderson and demanded an unconditional surrender.

not surrender   (teslim değil)

The fort was taken on May 16: it did not surrender.

("The Guard dies, it does not surrender!").

Zhuge Liang knew this and said, "Eastern Wu will not surrender.

agreed to surrender   (teslim olmayı kabul etti)

He agreed to surrender the island to Venice if his family became extinct.

After a few days Jurij Sołłohub, Voivode of Smolensk, agreed to surrender on July 30, 1514.

Rector agreed to surrender, but only to Officer Robert Martin, whom he had known since he was a child.

terms of surrender

He sent messengers to Brock asking for three days to agree on terms of surrender.

Csizmadia also helped to negotiate the same terms of surrender for the Austrians as well.

The Aragonese took over a mosque next to the castle—in contravention to the terms of surrender.

did not surrender

The fort was taken on May 16: it did not surrender.

Colonel of the 4th) by Lloyd Halliburton the 4th SC Cavalry did not surrender.

In one game, he faced two batters, and struck out one of them, and he did not surrender a hit.