İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

completely surrounded   (tamamen çevrili)

It is completely surrounded by the Antarctic ice sheet.

Robovac Lake is completely surrounded by the mountains of Goljak.

Troll is completely surrounded by the Antarctic ice sheet and is from the coast.

surrounded by mountains   (dağlarla çevrili)

Azerbaijan is nearly surrounded by mountains.

Haymond is located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains.

The place is surrounded by mountains.

surrounded by water   (suyla çevrili)

It is a small village surrounded by water in all the sides.

Vettom gram panjayath is surrounded by water on all borders.

Hecataeus of Miletus believed the Earth was flat and surrounded by water.

surrounded by several   (birkaçıyla çevrili)

It is surrounded by several notable structures including the Fernsehturm (TV Tower).

Maney Bhanjyang is surrounded by several small villages and hamlets within a radius of 5–8 km.

It is also surrounded by several nature preserves, and the area blurs the line between rural and suburban.

village is surrounded

This village is surrounded by river called Bhandiya.

The village is surrounded on all sides by mountains.

Karen village is surrounded by dense forests.

surrounded by many

This small village is entirely surrounded by many hills.

This temple is surrounded by many trees.

The mouth of the fjord is surrounded by many islands including Sula, Losna, and Hiserøyna.

surrounded by hills

It is mainly flat and it is surrounded by hills.

The lake is surrounded by hills, used historically for agriculture.

Rourkela is surrounded by hills.

surrounded on all

The village is surrounded on all sides by mountains.

Presently the village is surrounded on all sides with fish farms.

An external reflecting pool is surrounded on all sides by the museum.

now surrounded

It is now surrounded by Selçuk.

The surviving ruins of Howtel Tower are now surrounded by farm buildings.

As a result, the crater floor is now surrounded by a ring of irregular peaks and worn crater valleys.

entirely surrounded   (tamamen çevrili)

This small village is entirely surrounded by many hills.

It is entirely surrounded by the Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve.

This is an isolated crater that is entirely surrounded by lunar mare.

surrounded by other   (başkalarıyla çevrili)

Lake Lizzie is nearly surrounded by other lakes.

It detects a massive heat source on a small island, surrounded by other sources.

A central deity is often surrounded by other identified figures in a symmetrical composition.

town is surrounded   (kasaba çevrili)

The town is surrounded by centuries old olive groves.

On all sides the town is surrounded by forests.

The town is surrounded by extensive farmland.

surrounded by high

The fjord is surrounded by high and steep mountains reaching elevations up to .

These aircraft were kept armed and fuelled on hardstands surrounded by high chain-link fences.

Loch a' Bhraoin lies about 7 miles to the south of the head of Loch Broom, and is surrounded by high hills.

area surrounded

A cell, in the case of an insect wing, is the central area surrounded by veins.

The Vale is the area surrounded almost completely by the Mountains of the Moon in the east of Westeros.

In medieval castles, the area surrounded by a curtain wall, with or without towers, is known as the bailey.