İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

surrounding area   (çevreleyen alan)

The town and surrounding area is quite rural.

The surrounding area is occasionally used for rallying.

Numerous hamlets are scattered in the surrounding area.

surrounding areas   (çevrili alanlar)

He controlled Chongqing and its surrounding areas.

Other post offices are situated in surrounding areas.

It serves Nabadwip and the surrounding areas.

area surrounding   (çevreleyen alan)

Most of the area surrounding the town is farmland.

They then set fire to the area surrounding the manor.

It also has a vividly yellow area surrounding the eye.

surrounding villages   (çevre köyler)

which is not that typical in surrounding villages.

It has devotees from surrounding villages also.

There are two main cities with many surrounding villages in Pingyang.

surrounding countryside   (çevresindeki kırsal)

The parish contains the village of Clive and the surrounding countryside.

The parish contains the village of Bicton and the surrounding countryside.

The parish contains the village of Coreley and the surrounding countryside.

controversy surrounding   (Tartışma çevreleyen)

There was some controversy surrounding the auction.

There was some controversy surrounding the song.

There is some controversy surrounding the term Celts.

surrounding communities   (çevre topluluklar)

Many students are bused in from surrounding communities.

Moi International Airport serves the city of Mombasa and surrounding communities.

Fighting spread through various Jos neighborhoods and to surrounding communities.

surrounding region   (çevre bölge)

It provides views of the surrounding region.

The surrounding region incorporates Blubber Bay and Gillies Bay.

The lake area is usually a little warmer than the surrounding region.

surrounding land   (çevreleyen arazi)

The surrounding land was made into a public park.

The existing station and surrounding land was rebuilt.

Food sources would also come from the surrounding land.

events surrounding   (çevreleyen olaylar)

The film depicts the events surrounding the Smurl haunting.

It describes the events surrounding Spock's discovery that he has a son.

The Event Group has arranged many events surrounding the Calgary Stampede.

issues surrounding   (çevreleyen konular)

The movie touched on the issues surrounding honour killings.

Adams continues to work with issues surrounding the Boldt Decision to this day.

and nothing else, due to legal issues surrounding the use of the Bachman surname.

surrounding towns

Also, there are several state routes that run to surrounding towns.

Middle school students also attend schools in the surrounding towns.

The Miyakoh Bus Company operates buses through Miyazaki City and surrounding towns.

circumstances surrounding   (çevreleyen koşullar)

The circumstances surrounding Jidjidjav's death remain unclear.

The circumstances surrounding the creation of the duchy are disputed.

The circumstances surrounding Dao's death and Urairat's escape are disputed.

land surrounding   (çevreleyen arazi)

Other footage was shot in bush land surrounding Brisbane.

The land surrounding the saltwater is covered by xerophytes.

The land surrounding the charred lot was owned by the family.

areas surrounding

The playground is ADA compliant, and offers seating areas surrounding it.

It also references the green roof and the lush areas surrounding the station.

The areas surrounding the towns of Arezzo, Florence and Pisa is also excluded.

surrounding community   (çevreleyen topluluk)

Widener has several initiatives aimed at benefiting the surrounding community.

The Walterses had earned their money from operating a nursery in the surrounding community.

Organizational culture tends to display the same ethical views of the surrounding community.

surrounding environment   (çevreleyen ortam)

It acts as an interface to the surrounding environment.

The surface phase of a solid interacts with the surrounding environment.

However, fines may be minimal when compared to the damage to the surrounding environment.

surrounding mountains

This traditional summer resort has views of the surrounding mountains.

He often portrayed his home village and surrounding mountains of Gudbrandsdalen.

The park's lakeside location offers a panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

surrounding hills   (çevreleyen tepeler)

Most local landscapes have panoramic views of surrounding hills.

People started leaving the lowland of the city for the surrounding hills.

Evidence of such outposts also exist on the tops of the surrounding hills.

surrounding landscape

All of the surrounding landscape is given over to agriculture.

As such, the surrounding landscape became mostly forested areas.

And it may be set up for optimal defense given the surrounding landscape.

surrounding buildings   (çevreleyen binalar)

Most surrounding buildings are primarily commercial.

Windows were broken there and in the surrounding buildings.

The bomb also caused heavy damage to surrounding buildings.

surrounding regions

He then promoted his art in the surrounding regions.

The collection also includes objects from Antakya and its surrounding regions.

The museum deals with the Jewish presence in Hohenems as well as surrounding regions.

above the surrounding

This geographic feature rises above the surrounding terrain.

The district lies atop a rise of about above the surrounding area.

The monadnock abruptly rises some 800 feet above the surrounding countryside.

surrounding rural   (çevresindeki kırsal)

At the , Tharbogang and the surrounding rural area had a population of 676.

It was based in Tasmania's second city, Launceston, and the surrounding rural area.

surrounding the city

Attractions within and surrounding the city include:

They were buried in the mountains surrounding the city.

It has a coastline about long surrounding the city of Neum.

surrounding counties   (çevre ilçeler)

Its area of operations includes 19 surrounding counties.

Lands in Neshoba and surrounding counties were set aside as a federal Indian reservation.

Meanwhile, refugees from surrounding counties began to enter the relative safety of the city.

surrounding suburbs   (çevredeki banliyöler)

The district serves the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin as well as several surrounding suburbs.

It was not unusual for trips between downtown and the surrounding suburbs to take 45 minutes to an hour.

There is a small Muslim community in Haiti, mainly residing in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien and its surrounding suburbs.

other surrounding   (diğer çevre)

Quite a few villagers walked to Nawalgarh and other surrounding places.

It serves Ultadanga, Kankurgachi, Bidhannagar and other surrounding areas.

surrounding lands

The surrounding lands were once owned by the Decarie family.

When the rains came, floods turned the surrounding lands into a quagmire.

The surrounding lands provided timber, limestone to be quarried, and farmlands.

surrounding islands

Species are found Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands.

Kalaallit Nunaat includes the Island of Greenland and surrounding islands.

The insectivorous South Georgia pipit is endemic to South Georgia and some smaller surrounding islands.

surrounding district   (çevreleyen bölge)

The name of the fjord corresponds to the surrounding district of Sogn.

The surrounding district was depended upon for the supply of most of the paraphernalia.

The statutory cities belong to the district of the same name or the surrounding district.

surrounding terrain

This geographic feature rises above the surrounding terrain.

The etymology may reflect the features of the surrounding terrain.

The surrounding terrain is very hilly and some roads are very steep.

surrounding neighborhood   (çevresindeki mahalle)

The surrounding neighborhood is predominately Hispanic.

The surrounding neighborhood on Manhattan's Upper East Side has come to be called Carnegie Hill.

However, as the surrounding neighborhood suffered socioeconomic changes, attendance began dropping off.

surrounding cities

There is a train station, as well as several bus links to the surrounding cities.

Most surrounding cities, like Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent were ruled by Calvinists.

Buses travel to and near Vizzini regularly from surrounding cities Catania and Ragusa.

region surrounding   (çevreleyen bölge)

It was based in the region surrounding the northern coastal town of Devonport.

Khetaka in used as a name of a region surrounding the place in ancient literature.

The boundary between these two was the region surrounding the cities of Gurgan and Qumis.

town and surrounding   (kasaba ve çevresi)

The town and surrounding area is quite rural.

The lookout offers panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside.

They devoured every sprig of foliage in the town and surrounding countryside.

surrounding districts

It is also a major referral centre for many of the surrounding districts.

Pathein General Hospital serves people in Pathein and its surrounding districts.

There is also a transit zone which includes the town of Tuchola and surrounding districts.

city and surrounding

According to data, Gyeryong city and surrounding area were called "Yeonsan-Gun" in 1896.

Palmerston North Hospital also offers a wide range of views of the city and surrounding area.

The city and surrounding land with the same name remained the property of the Geroldsecks until 1426.

surrounding waters

It may refer to several species found on the island and in the surrounding waters:

The inhabitants today do not rely on the island and the surrounding waters for sustenance.

Corisco and the surrounding waters of Corisco Bay have become of interest in recent years for their oil prospects.

surrounding the town   (şehri çevreleyen)

Most of the area surrounding the town is farmland.

Locals enjoy wandering in the woods surrounding the town.

In 1914 there were more than 20 villages surrounding the town of Hivniv.

surrounding streets

Washington Arch and its surrounding streets were festooned with lights.

This unusual shape is most likely due to the layout of the surrounding streets, which run at an angle.

Brimob officers began to secure the surrounding streets, extending extra security to a nearby church and hospital.

surrounding neighborhoods   (çevre mahalleler)

Three major hotels serve the Susupe area and its surrounding neighborhoods.

The water produced created plumbing problems for surrounding neighborhoods.

There are some 100.000 inhabitants in the town and surrounding neighborhoods.

surrounding countries

The almond is native to Iran and surrounding countries.

Unionidae Sphaeriidae Dreissenidae Lists of molluscs of surrounding countries:

At first, rock music was influenced by the surrounding countries like France or Italy.

waters surrounding   (çevreleyen sular)

51), serving in the waters surrounding the British Isles.

Marine life is quite plentiful in the waters surrounding the island.

The waters surrounding the island became a DNR Aquatic Reserve in 2007.

surrounding water

Fish swim by exerting force against the surrounding water.

The embryo fans its tail constantly to promote exchange with surrounding water.

The Haida Nation encompasses the Haida Gwaii archipelago and surrounding water.

immediately surrounding

The term also refers informally to the area immediately surrounding.

The bell, dome, or cup is the raised section immediately surrounding the hole.

The IX torpedo boat flotilla formed close support immediately surrounding the battlecruisers.

controversies surrounding   (çevresindeki tartışmalar)

In September 2016, Kotaku wrote a five-part series about the various controversies surrounding the project.

There are many controversies surrounding this topic and hence, climate engineering has become a very political issue.

In mid-May 2017, amid multiple controversies surrounding the Trump administration, MSNBC surpassed CNN and Fox News in the news ratings.

surrounding the village

There is a lake surrounding the village called the Sarisher Doli Bill.

A medieval towers and the two main gates of the wall surrounding the village.

He also noted a well which was built with ancient blocks, and olives gardens surrounding the village.

publicity surrounding

Most of Kournikova's fame has come from the publicity surrounding her looks and her personal life.

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 interrupted publicity surrounding the building's design and construction.

Despite the publicity surrounding the building's construction, its owners failed to make a profit until the early 1950s.

surrounding states

Pearl millet is a food widely used in Borno state and its surrounding states, it is the most widely grown and harvested crop.

From 1966 to 1989, the SAAF was committed to the Border War, which was fought in northern South West Africa and surrounding states.

Humble introduced the Enco brand in 1960 in Oklahoma and surrounding states, to replace Humble's subsidiary Oklahoma and Pate brands.

include the surrounding

At the same time the existing police districts were expanded to include the surrounding rural areas.

surrounding residential

128 ha of forest plantations with new surrounding residential areas.

The surrounding residential housing is laid out in suburban housing estates.

The surrounding residential area where workers live is also called Uralmash.

surrounding municipalities

Along with the surrounding municipalities, it forms the center of Copenhagen's productive industry.

These regions are Tequila and surrounding municipalities as well as parts of the State of Tamaulipas.

Flags were placed at half-mast at most government locations in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.

surrounding forest

Slowly the surrounding forest became clean.

Presence of Leopard has been reported from the surrounding forest area.

Shot and injured himself, Graham then heads into the surrounding forest.

surrounding the lake

The Corps also manages surrounding the lake as well as the Republican River near the lake.

The area surrounding the lake is permanently off-limits to both civilian and normal military air traffic.

This included the lakes and green areas surrounding them, and renovating the buildings along the roads surrounding the lake.

surrounding country   (çevre ülke)

The surrounding country is called the Amyric plain (τὸ Ἀμυρικὸν πέδιον) by Polybius.

The surrounding country, originally very scrubby, has been mostly cleared for cropping.

The name is also used to describe the surrounding country and the feudal holdings around the loch.

surrounding air

When the aircraft charge is great enough, it discharges into the surrounding air.

The vibrational energy of the strings must somehow be transferred to the surrounding air.

In an enclosed environment, a liquid will evaporate until the surrounding air is saturated.

hills surrounding

Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala.

There are about five very small hills surrounding this place.

The granite rock looks like a blooming lotus, with hills surrounding it on three sides.

buildings surrounding

The buildings surrounding the lane date from the 15th century.

The property consists of three buildings surrounding a courtyard.

It consisted of two, two-story buildings surrounding an open courtyard of roughly .

debate surrounding

Offit also touches on the heated and bitter debate surrounding vaccine claims.

The AFPA made substantial contributions to the debate surrounding the detainment of Dr Mohamed Haneef .

The underlying aim of the NGO was to give Africa a more prominent place in the debate surrounding architecture.

mystery surrounding

But there was some mystery surrounding Facetti entry for Monza.

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding the beginnings of the Tyrell Corporation is being exposed.

When Sidney takes in a border with the initial "K", her life becomes entwined with the mystery surrounding "K".

surrounding park

The castle and the surrounding park was built between 1880 and 1885.

Between 1425 and 1440 the Duke Filippo Maria Visconti devoted great attention to the castle and to the surrounding park.

Brandt's 19th century manor house in Orońsko together with surrounding park serves today as the Centre of Polish Sculpture.

surrounding tissue   (çevreleyen doku)

The laser is more accurate and typically results in less damage to the surrounding tissue.

As with any invasive surgical procedure, PPV introduces trauma to the vitreous and surrounding tissue.

Rifle bullets that strike a major bone (such as a femur) can expend their entire energy into the surrounding tissue.

village and surrounding

About 150 people live in the village and surrounding valley.

In the the village and surrounding area had a population of 237.

At the , the village and surrounding area had a population of 147.

surrounding territory   (çevre bölge)

The surrounding territory is under Malaysia's jurisdiction.

The surrounding territory is generally cattle pasture, with some rocky areas.

He thus become lord of the castle and of the "raffa", that is, the surrounding territory.

villages surrounding

In 1914 there were more than 20 villages surrounding the town of Hivniv.

Under Tatar rule, the city was governed by the notables of the city and the 18 villages surrounding it.

Incomes in much of the South Hams and in villages surrounding Exeter and Plymouth are above the national average.

surrounding forests

They also sold wood from the surrounding forests and practiced lace-making.

Remnants of the Winter War, such as trenches and dug-outs, can be seen in the surrounding forests.

(see also: Villa Rufinella) The surrounding forests were used as a game reserve and for sport fishing.

several surrounding

The district serves the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin as well as several surrounding suburbs.

In 1471, the community of Barcelonnette (including several surrounding parishes) comprised 421 fires (households).

The city of Nagano and several surrounding communities hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics and the 1998 Winter Paralympics.