not survive   (生き残らない)

The two other daughters did not survive childhood.

Martin did not survive the 1973 season as manager.

Chromatophores cannot survive outside their host.

did not survive   (生き残らなかった)

The two other daughters did not survive childhood.

Martin did not survive the 1973 season as manager.

Over five hundred of the passengers did not survive.

able to survive   (生き残ることができる)

Alpha Delta Theta was not able to survive the 1930s.

They are able to survive in the superheated and sulfurous water.

He was a premature baby but was able to survive his early childhood.

managed to survive   (なんとか生き残った)

By 1944 only a few managed to survive.

He managed to survive the battle.

Five of them managed to survive.

still survive   (まだ生き残る)

Some of these Germans’ manor houses still survive.

As of 2012 the station and platforms still survive.

Traces of this finish still survive on the building.

order to survive   (生き残るために)

In order to survive, the host must return to human form to sleep and eat.

Outside the Stations, people grouped together under powerful leaders in order to survive.

Faced with mutiny, death and dishonor; Zoe must sacrifice her humanity in order to survive.

survive today

Relatively few (perhaps 3,500) cards survive today.

Many of the original weavers' cottages survive today.

Thirteen DDA40Xs survive today, including No.

known to survive

No original of the letter is known to survive.

Only three cars are known to survive into preservation.

None of the episodes are known to survive.

survive without

If fed, the leech can survive without a host, but lacks high-level intelligence.

As he was not fully assimilated by the Borg, he will be able to survive without it.

Sturgeon have different migration habits and can survive without ever visiting the ocean.

ability to survive

It is valued in cultivation for its vivid flowers, and its ability to survive drought conditions.

The North American Opossum ("Didelphis virginiana") is notable for its ability to survive snake bites.

Denervated muscles have shown the ability to survive after periods of denervation or in the case of a damaged nerve.

does not survive

This design does not survive.

In temperate zones it requires protection as it does not survive being frozen.

A 1447 map does not survive, but a 1448 map is held at the Museo Civico at Vicenza.

survive long   (長く生き残る)

Frink died, and the cola company did not survive long after his death.

It was badly damaged in a fire and will not survive long without immediate attention.

The society that organised the first games did not survive long and dissolved soon after them.

struggle to survive   (生き残るのに苦労する)

The boys struggle to survive in a very harsh, difficult environment.

This struggle to survive can often be seen in hymns and devotional writings.

He has noted: "They struggle to survive, but they accept whatever happens to them."

survive the war

She was the only pre-war battlecruiser to survive the war.

Holmes' great friend and role model, Lt. Henry Livermore Abbott also survived the battle but did not survive the war.

Simon Wiesenthal (later known as a Nazi-hunter) was one of the most notable Jews of Lviv to survive the war, though he was transported to a concentration camp.

only survive   (生き残るだけ)

On average, the walls only survive to a few metres in height.

These painted outer panels only survive for the larger of the two retables.

Masked shrews can live up to two years, but averagely only survive eighteen months.

struggling to survive

These limited resource households represent nearly a billion people struggling to survive on a daily basis.

They realize that the Ihalmiut are struggling to survive, and so they decide that most of the profits from the grave should go to help them.

Into this world comes Denise Lovett, from the small town of Peebles in Scotland, whose uncle Edmund is one of the shopkeepers struggling to survive.

buildings survive

It is currently disused, though some buildings survive.

Because of a devastating fire and the Great Depression, only a few buildings survive today.

A few World War II era buildings survive from U.S. Army construction, and are included in the historic district.