İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

still survives   (hala hayatta)

Some of the original window tracery still survives.

However, it still survives as an Air Force rank.

Much of the architect from that period still survives.

survives today   (bugün hayatta)

Weeghman Park survives today as Wrigley Field.

The station survives today as a private house.

647, a designated New York City Landmark, survives today.

survives only   (sadece hayatta kalır)

The Rofft survives only in name as land near the Rofft is called Castle Croft.

Mention of them survives only in writings of their opponents, who condemned them as heretics.

According to the The Old Irish Goat Society, it survives only in feral populations, and is extinct in domesticity.

film survives   (film hayatta kalır)

This film survives and has been released on DVD.

A print of the film survives at the Library of Congress.

A print of the film survives at the Museum of Modern Art.