İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

suspected of having   (sahip olduğundan şüpheleniliyor)

She was suspected of having murdered her first husband as well.

He was, however, deeply suspected of having been involved in Sancho's murder.

Goitre may be diagnosed via a thyroid function test in an individual suspected of having it.

suspected terrorists   (şüpheli teröristler)

The police announced that they had arrested 33 suspected terrorists across Indonesia.

In the Cianjur raid, four suspected terrorists were killed after a shootout in a bus terminal.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry arrested 56 suspected terrorists in six cities on August 7, 2006.

suspected of involvement   (karıştığından şüpheleniliyor)

The conquistador, who was the commander of the San Xavier and San Sabá presidios in central Texas, was suspected of involvement in a murder.

In addition, following the attack the Egyptian army also patrolled the area to search for the militants who were suspected of involvement in this attack.

Members of Ansar al-Sharia have regularly taken part in protests in Tunisia against perceived blasphemy and have been suspected of involvement in a number of violent incidents.

people suspected   (şüpheli insanlar)

Many people suspected that the timing of the rise and fall was due to political manipulation.

The Confederacy actively used the army to arrest people suspected of loyalty to the United States.

The Cabinet decided to extend Defence Regulation 18B to give more power to detain people suspected of disloyalty.