İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

suspension bridge   (asma köprü)

It was a suspension bridge with a more or less level deck.

Other suspension bridge towers carry transmission antennas.

Today it is the 27th largest suspension bridge in the world.

rear suspension   (arka süspansiyon)

The rear suspension is a more refined Multi-link design.

It is one of the first BMWs to use a multi-link rear suspension.

The fourth series introduced the new de Dion tube rear suspension.

front suspension   (Ön süspansiyon)

The front suspension was from the Simca 1100.

It has no front suspension, but has suspension in the rear.

During the race, her Momo Corse March 83G's front suspension broke.

suspension system   (süspansiyon sistemi)

The train's design includes an active suspension system.

The car's weight was reduced to , and a new suspension system was designed.

A heavier-duty suspension system was an option, along with air front springs.

independent suspension   (bağımsız süspansiyon)

An independent suspension on all wheels was used for class leading ride and handling.

Wishbones and coil spring independent suspension provided good handling, it was claimed.

The Blackhawk also features a fully independent suspension, keyless entry, and dual exhaust with pipes.

suspension bridges   (asma köprüler)

But there were still long span suspension bridges to be built.

Two suspension bridges and a cable-stayed bridge cross the Bosphorus.

The Stord Bridge and Bømla Bridge are both suspension bridges, with lengths of and main spans of .

air suspension

The Range Rover has electronic cross-linked air suspension with variable ride height.

This was the first bus to have air suspension, disc brakes and independent front suspension.

It was also fitted with the height adjustable air suspension, allowing the vehicle to travel off-road.

due to suspension

He missed the 1986 showpiece due to suspension.

Borch did get one match, a 2-1 loss to Fredrikstad, that Ramović could not play due to suspension.

At QPR, Roeder captained the second tier team in the 1982 FA Cup Final against Tottenham but missed the replay due to suspension.

temporary suspension   (geçici askıya alma)

His confinement, with some temporary suspension, endured for years.

Timo Soini, the leader of the party, demanded a temporary suspension of Halla-aho from the parliamentary group.

In a legal context, it may refer to the temporary suspension of a law to allow a legal challenge to be carried out.