Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

operating system   (sistema operativo)

The workstation ran the NeXTSTEP operating system.

Development of the operating system began in 1997.

The distribution included the LTSS operating system.

nervous system   (sistema nervioso)

The 2013 FDA label warns of nervous system effects.

This governed by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Cocaine is a powerful nervous system stimulant.

school system   (sistema escolar)

The school system in Cliza is the same of Bolivia.

Part of this farm is now the present school system.

The Searcy public school system was established in 1870.

league system   (sistema de liga)

who all play in the Welsh football league system.

The year 1974 saw changes in the German league system.

take part in the Northern Ireland football league system.

education system   (sistema educativo)

The committee transformed Arkansas's education system.

The public education system started from humble origins.

The madrasa education system includes one fazil madrasa.

immune system   (sistema inmune)

The human immune system continues to develop after puberty.

veto cell killing) to protect themselves from the host's immune system.

The immune system's response to exogenous antigens is often subclinical.

control system   (sistema de control)

The trail is part of the local flood control system.

There was a breakdown in the command and control system.

A control system must always have some robustness property.

new system

The Americans enforced a new system of government.

The new system was only partly implemented by 1809.

The 1959 revision saw a new system of evaluation.

legal system   (sistema legal)

The Scots resisted changes to their legal system.

1985, c. C-46) or by today's Canadian legal system.

The Aruban legal system is based on the Dutch model.

system used

For some applications, a dual monitor system used.

The system used is the Single Non-Transferable Vote.

The system used FEC, equipment from Siemens, FEC 100.

management system   (sistema de gestión)

Banks can review their risk management system.

VDA 6.1 VDA 6.1 is a German quality management system standard.

mSQL was the first low-cost SQL-based database management system.

football league system

who all play in the Welsh football league system.

take part in the Northern Ireland football league system.

Bundesliga, the second tier of the German football league system.

political system

His regime was dictatoral in its political system.

He also described to them the Israeli political system.

The Dominican Republic has a multi-party political system.

central nervous system   (sistema nervioso central)

GFAP is expressed in the central nervous system in astrocyte cells.

Penetration into the central nervous system increases in meningitis.

Lithium salts affect the central nervous system in a variety of ways.

youth system   (sistema juvenil)

Molina joined Independiente's youth system in 2005.

Alferez joined Godoy Cruz's youth system in 2012.

Migone joined Rosario Central's youth system in 2008.

classification system   (sistema de clasificación)

The DSM-IV is a categorical classification system.

Call numbers are based on a Library classification system.

The dominant classification system is called Linnaean taxonomy.

justice system   (sistema de justicia)

Patton did not stop with the juvenile justice system, however.

Émile Zola accused the army of corrupting the French justice system.

The three judges did not appear to have backgrounds in the justice system.

highway system   (sistema de carreteras)

The Autobahn is the German federal highway system.

It then became part of the county highway system.

It was deleted from the state highway system in 2014.

file system   (sistema de archivos)

Most computers have at least one file system.

In Solaris 10 6/06 ("U2"), Sun added the ZFS file system.

DragonFly BSD's HAMMER file system uses a modified B+-tree.

rail system   (sistema ferroviario)

It is served by all four lines of the MAX light rail system.

The light rail system had its grand opening on December 27, 2008.

the RTD rail system had 170 light-rail vehicles, serving of track.

voting system   (sistema de votación)

Sam won the competition under the new voting system.

The first-past-the-post voting system was used.

The election used a preferential voting system.

solar system   (sistema solar)

It makes up part of a binary solar system.

The myriad of stars that exist beyond our solar system are also shown.

He discovers that Earth's sun will go nova and obliterate the solar system.

transit system   (Sistema de tránsito)

The only rapid transit system in Belgium is the Brussels Metro.

The Brussels Metro is the only rapid transit system in Belgium.

MetroFor is the rapid transit system for the city of Fortaleza.

educational system   (sistema educacional)

Most schools follow the British educational system.

The educational system was affected by this neglect.

There was no educational system at the time.

electoral system   (sistema electoral)

BC has a long history of changing its electoral system.

The election uses the MMP electoral system.

The electoral system is closed list proportional representation.

sound system   (sistema de sonido)

The Vitaphone sound system was used for recording.

He is a member of the Black Chiney sound system.

It utilized the Vitaphone sound-on-disc sound system.

computer system

• That the computer system was rolled out with so many flaws in it.

practically any computer system).

It was one of the first 32-bit realtime computer system manufacturers.

system based

It runs on an operating system based on KaiOS.

It is a part of the SSM Health system based in St. Louis.

Greece has a tiered tax system based on progressive taxation.

judicial system   (sistema judicial)

The judicial system comprises three types of courts.

The judicial system follows similar administrative levels.

The head of the judicial system in France was the chancellor.

state highway system   (sistema de carreteras estatales)

It was deleted from the state highway system in 2014.

By 1912, Rincon Road became part of the state highway system.

What is now US 19 was part of the original 1918 state highway system.

coordinate system   (sistema coordinado)

Sensors operate using a polar coordinate system.

(See Space and Cartesian coordinate system.)

Figure 7 depicts a left and a right-handed coordinate system.

star system   (sistema estrella)

Cygnus contains the binary star system KIC 9832227.

He comes from the Omega Centauri star system.

Normally this star system has a visual magnitude of 2.1.

court system   (sistema judicial)

In the early 1970s, he left the state court system.

Grenada is a member of the eastern Caribbean court system.

Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the eastern Caribbean court system.

health system   (Sistema de salud)

Ivanov promoted "Detka", a health system that included dousing.

This strain on the public health system decreased access and availability of medical resources.

Community and preventive health programs formed another component of Indonesia's health system.

public school system   (sistema de escuelas públicas)

The Searcy public school system was established in 1870.

The town of Scarborough has its own K-12 public school system.

He reopened the public school system.

system called

As mentioned earlier they had a system called sawei.

Before colonial times a system called sawei was practiced.

Chris Harrison developed a working system called Omnitouch.

propulsion system   (sistema de propulsión)

The propulsion system will be included on each SSP segment.

The propulsion system was almost the same as the one of the .

One of the hits damaged the ship's propulsion system; the No.

care system   (sistema de cuidado)

This health care system offers many services such as...

This greatly impacted the foster care system.

It is a universal health care system.

system developed

One example is the MAPPER system developed by Sperry.

Gold DKP (GDKP) is a system developed for pick up groups (PUG).

The cockpit has a speech-recognition system developed by Adacel.

railway system

It was intended to bring the railway system into the 20th century.

It also has good access to Venezuela's small national railway system.

This practice continued after nationalisation of the railway system in 1948.

water system

Buffalo's water system is operated by Veolia Water.

In 2012 the vessel's ballast water system was upgraded.

A water system and school were built in 1908.

transport system   (sistema de transporte)

The public transport system is provided by "HAVAG".

The Town has all types of road transport system.

It is thus an important artery in Buenos Aires' transport system.

banking system   (sistema bancario)

Cambodia had neither a currency nor a banking system.

Already there is Muslim banking system in the country."

The banking system comprises 57 state-owned commercial banks.

writing system

Thai script is a segmental writing system or an abugida.

Braille was the first writing system with binary encoding.

This unique writing system has been called a semi-syllabary.

numbering system   (sistema de numeración)

The label's catalog numbering system began with no.

This street numbering system does not hold true over a large area.

The numbering system for the additions differs with each translation.

farm system   (sistema de granja)

In 2002, he managed the Frederick Keys, a team in the Orioles farm system.

In addition to acquisitions, Dombrowski developed a productive farm system.

They were a member of the New York Giants (San Francisco Giants) farm system.

library system   (sistema de biblioteca)

The library system racially desegregated in 1953.

1 library system in the nation in 1999, 2005, and 2008.

It was the first regional library system in Nova Scotia.

system consists

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

A JPEG system consists of a pair of encoder and decoder.

The Theta Pictoris system consists of a total of 4 stars.

economic system

An "economic system" of a society is the unit of analysis.

The economic system cannot be made self-adjusting along these lines.

Stewart Wallis Stewart Wallis is an advocate for a new economic system.

rating system   (sistema de valoración)

They also adopted the age rating system for its readers.

The rating system was developed by 3M.

According to Jeff Sonas' Chessmetrics rating system, Geller was ranked No.

system of government   (sistema de gobierno)

The Americans enforced a new system of government.

Cicero restored calm by his mild system of government.

Alexandria has a mayoral-council system of government.

financial system   (sistema financiero)

The financial system was put back on a stable basis."

Cameroon’s financial system is the largest in the CEMAC region.

Banking is the dominant sector in the financial system of Eritrea.

system uses   (usos del sistema)

The S-125 system uses 2 different missile versions.

The base ELS Premium system uses 10-speakers.

DragonFly BSD's HAMMER file system uses a modified B+-tree.

criminal justice system   (sistema de justicia criminal)

At least 30% of trainees have had contact with the criminal justice system.

In June 2005, Chile completed a nationwide overhaul of its criminal justice system.

After giving a deranged speech about the corrupt criminal justice system, Shanley passes out.

navigation system   (sistema de navegación)

PanCam are the "eyes" of the rover and its primary navigation system.

The navigation system is capable of RNP-0.3, STARs and LNAV/VNAV approaches, and SIDs.

Data from the pitometer log is usually fed directly into the ship's navigation system.

scoring system

In Mixed Doubles, the scoring system was changed.

A new scoring system will be effective from July 2012 forward.

The scoring system rewards skaters who have good ice coverage, i.e.

health care system   (Sistema de Cuidado de la Salud)

This health care system offers many services such as...

It is a universal health care system.

A holistic approach to health and health care system in Nepal is taken.

transportation system   (sistema de transporte)

But one can not ignore the bus transportation system in the city.

It is, in essence, the transportation system of the eukaryotic cell.

The village has very good transportation system and public electrical infrastructure.

system provides

The legal system provides resolutions for many different types of disputes.

The system provides the seamless 24 by 7 services under all weather condition.

The MastCam system provides multiple spectra and true-color imaging with two cameras.

drainage system   (sistema de drenaje)

The dam irrigates water delivery system and drainage system.

No drainage system had been installed since the 2006 flooding.

Before long, both children are crawling through the drainage system.

system was introduced

In February 2019 a new track system was introduced.

That is when the entry system was introduced.

A one-party system was introduced in 1966.

information system   (sistema de informacion)

Management of the information system; 11.

But he especially teaches Network information system for final year.

The library maintains an integrated library information system "E-Lib".

caste system   (sistema de castas)

Unlike India the caste system was not as strict.

The Songhai economy was based on a caste system.

The caste system and caste identity is entrenched and reinforced.

system using

I mean the system using nine symbols."

In developing a communication system using this magnetron, C.H.J.A.

Jewels can be collected for the "Empress Place" system using e-Amusement.

cooling system   (sistema de refrigeración)

That power plant used lake water for the cooling system.

The cooling system is connected to the vessel's main water line.

It instead uses secondary treated sewage water in its cooling system.

prison system   (sistema penitenciario)

Violence and overcrowding are problems in Venezuela's prison system.

He entered the prison system at age 19, and never left, spending 17 years at Alcatraz.

The food served at Alcatraz was reportedly the best in the United States prison system.

distribution system

The Indian food distribution system is highly inefficient.

The electricity distribution system was privatized in 2002.

Public distribution system (PDS) shop is available in the village.

tax system

The existing tax system made free trade nearly impossible.

Greece has a tiered tax system based on progressive taxation.

Before 1991, Connecticut had an investment-only income tax system.

such a system

The complexity of such a system is specified by its order "N".

An example of such a system is a mass on a surface with friction.

It is also possible to build such a system at relatively low cost.

power system

The power system exploits the "calorico-electrico-ether."

He developed a number of power system design improvements.

This was called a "power soak" which is a power system test only with no movement.

system known

It was based upon Hargrave's gaming system known as Arduin.

healthcare system   (Sistema de Cuidado de la Salud)

Thorburn supported a Medicare for all healthcare system.

The Ministry of Health heads the country's healthcare system.

The Czech healthcare system ranks 13th in the 2016 Euro health consumer index.

post system

The vote itself follows a first past the post system.

In by-elections, to fill a single seat, the first past the post system applied.

defense system

This provides a natural defense system.

Adjacent rocks, which also served as part of the defense system.

The objects were not spotted by the Soviet air defense system either.

river system

The Tonlé Sap lake and - river system occupies the lowest area.

The river system is about long.

The government of Japan classifies it as a second-class river system.

rapid transit system   (sistema de tránsito rápido)

The only rapid transit system in Belgium is the Brussels Metro.

The Brussels Metro is the only rapid transit system in Belgium.

MetroFor is the rapid transit system for the city of Fortaleza.

security system

It has been repeatedly described as a "security system."

A coded security system controls access to the pontoons.

Membership in the social security system for all employees is compulsory.

system is used

The EIAJ FM/FM subcarrier system is used in Japan.

The video surveillance system is used in the 2018 election.

SI unit system is used whenever possible.

supply system   (sistema de suministros)

There was a water supply system in the city.

The loch is part of the water supply system for the town.

The village has a drinking water supply system, but no sewer system.

combat system   (sistema de combate)

Perhaps the most notable instance of streamlining is the combat system.

"Dark Tournament" is a fighting game that relies on a proprietary combat system.

The combat system of the game is fashioned similar to Blizzard's "Diablo" series.

system was used

The Vitaphone sound system was used for recording.

It was the first season this points system was used.

This system was used in many parts of ancient Africa.

missile system   (sistema de misiles)

A Sea Cat missile system was installed at some point during her career.

They provide missile system support including tests and evaluating the performance.

On 6 December 2007, the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile system was tested successfully.

points system

It was the first season this points system was used.

In tournaments with two or more races, a points system is used.

The points system is as follows.

bus system

Improvements were also proposed for the bus system.

UTA also runs the bus system in the Salt Lake City area.

Santiago began its public bus system Transantiago in 2007.

road system   (Sistema de caminos)

The coastal main road system is not continuous.

Internally, the road system is in a very bad condition.

The spread was probably aided by the efficient Inca road system.

heating system   (sistema de calefacción)

a central heating system, a VCR, or a time bomb (see: digital counter).

In 1928, the RAF developed an electric heating system for the aerial camera.

Units kBtu are used in building energy use tracking and heating system sizing.

complex system

Points are awarded following a complex system.

Yakshagana has a complete and complex system for rhythms.

It can be used to analyze any complex system of any type or scale (e.g.

support system   (sistema de apoyo)

He found a support system in Scouting.

At times she had no immediate support system and no place to call home.

The previously common building support system was that of wooden beams and posts or masonry.

system through

Liahona has an accredited distance education system through AdvancED.

The temperature of the water controls the refrigeration system through a thermostat.

Blood vessels enter the central nervous system through holes in the meningeal layers.

current system

It is separate from the rest of the current system.

In 1935 terms were made three years, the current system.

These two units make the motive power on the current system.

entire system   (sistema entero)

For an entire system to be at steady state, i.e.

Five computers operated the entire system.

The entire system was covered by cloth to reduce stray light.

system designed

The company promotes a portable biometric system designed for front line workers.

Photo CD is a system designed by Kodak for digitizing and storing photos on a CD.

ESA also provides the DMS-R data management system designed for the Russian segment of the ISS.

radar system   (sistema de radar)

Alim radar system Alim is the first Iranian passive radar.

It initially used a war-surplus GL-II radar system operating at 71 MHz (4.2 m).

Military air traffic controllers guided the aircraft to the airport with their radar system.

light rail system   (sistema de tren ligero)

It is served by all four lines of the MAX light rail system.

The light rail system had its grand opening on December 27, 2008.

The city is considering designing and building a light rail system ().

social system   (sistema social)

Exosystem is a larger social system where the child plays no role.

Giraffes are herd animals with an extremely flexible social system.

It was a closed social system.

belief system   (sistema de creencias)

In this belief system, celibacy is given the utmost importance.

The native Andamanese religion and belief system is a form of Animism.

The belief system may have originated in Persia or the Byzantine Empire.

lighting system

There is also a new lighting system of 1000 lux.

The Amerks were able to purchase a lighting system from a circus.

A complete overhaul of the lighting system debuted in the spring of 2008.

system became

This system became the norm beginning in 1850.

Henceforth the system became known as "The Revie Plan".

This system became the official standard for the other libraries.

park system

Rauch established a plan for Chicago's park system in 1866.

The park system now oversees 38 parks.

New York's park system continued expansion after World War II ended.

braking system

Power is also provided by regeneration via the braking system.

On the SE, an anti-lock braking system (ABS VI) was available.

The concept car was fitted with a four-channel anti-lock braking system.