operating systems   (オペレーティングシステム)

Several operating systems supported RISCstations.

It is inbuilt in all modern major operating systems.

DoH lacks native support in operating systems.

control systems   (制御システム)

It is also used for traction control systems of some cars.

The primary mining data comes from version control systems.

Management control systems are used the most in Stage VI (40%).

systems such

MEI have produced similar systems such as the civilian RIDM.

This runs on operating systems such as Linux or Unix as well as MS-DOS.

The IWF's blacklist are used in web filtering systems such as Cleanfeed.

information systems   (情報システム)

Since 2009 she is professor of information systems.

He received an undergraduate degree in information systems.

The library will have book handling and information systems.

computer systems   (コンピュータシステム)

The students administer their own computer systems.

Most computer systems use this method.

All the classrooms were fit with computer systems and projectors.

management systems

These systems are starting to be called train management systems.

Many blog systems come with built-in widget management systems as plug-ins.

public health, district heating, urban mobility and waste management systems.

other systems   (他のシステム)

This approach eventually replaced all other systems.

Several other systems brought minor impacts to land.

This is higher than some other systems for energy generation.

systems used

These systems used a mixture of German & Japanese parts.

Some systems used a CD-ROM drive to make the files available.

Early systems used multiple needles requiring multiple wires.

cable systems   (ケーブルシステム)

it was unavailable on over-the-air, internet, satellite, and other cable systems).

In February of that year, the station was added to most Charlotte area cable systems.

It is still available on some cable systems in the western portion of the Charlotte market.

such systems

It is often associated with hysteresis in such systems.

The majority of professional astrologers rely on such systems.

Enterprise application suite is an alternate name for such systems.

legal systems

Canada has separate federal and provincial legal systems.

Scots law is one of the few legal systems that require corroboration.

In addition, Muslim states today utilize a spectrum of legal systems.

water systems

Chromium may enter water systems via industrial discharge.

Water was supplied by 55,000 separate water systems in 2006.

In the United States, 60% of piped water systems were privately owned in 1850.

complex systems

Note that the chaotic behavior of complex systems is not the issue.

Modern operating systems have complex systems to properly manage memory.

Trophic levels are part of the holistic or complex systems view of ecosystems.

river systems

The Environment Agency measure water quality of the river systems in England.

Dam removal has led to the restoration of many river systems in the Pacific Northwest.

As such, it forms a unique natural canal between the Orinoco and Amazon river systems.

communication systems   (通信システム)

They targeted transportation and communication systems.

In 1994, he proceeded for his masters in satellite communication systems.

The last two decades witnessed a rapid growth of wireless communication systems.

systems use

Most IDI systems use a single orifice injector.

Many systems use low power laser design, e.g.

Most computer systems use this method.

dynamical systems

There are also many other discrete dynamical systems.

Here dynamical systems can be defined on combinatorial objects.

In the 1970s, Mather switched to the field of dynamical systems.

biological systems   (生物学的システム)

the biological systems, can develop from disorder.

Many developments improve the analysis of biological systems.

In biological systems membranes fulfil a number of essential functions.

weapon systems   (武器システム)

The design also had a brand-new weapon systems.

E models use the second seat for a weapon systems officer.

They take it to Riker as the "Stargazer" powers up its weapon systems.

file systems

It is commonly used in databases and file systems.

B-trees are used in the HFS and Reiser4 file systems.

Such file systems include JFFS2 and YAFFS.

school systems   (学校システム)

As a partnership between Bard College and various local public school systems.

The Department of General Education governed elementary school systems in those days.

This resulted also in some smaller school systems follow 'methodical pedagogies' (e.g.

power systems

Portable power systems that use fuel cells can be used in the leisure sector (i.e.

One of the fundamental foundations of modern society is the electrical power systems.

Ensol Systems Inc. is an integrator of portable power systems, using the SFC Energy DMFC.

radar systems   (レーダーシステム)

Specific radar systems can sense a human behind walls.

It can be linked to other, longer-range radar systems.

In the ASR-11, two radar systems are included.

embedded systems   (組み込みシステム)

Very simple embedded systems sometimes just restart.

AMD builds graphic processors for use in embedded systems.

They also found use on embedded systems.

systems include

Such file systems include JFFS2 and YAFFS.

Security systems include near-real-time ship location devices.

Many systems include myriad minor chakras throughout the body.

writing systems

In the writing systems of other languages, commonly represents , or .

Youjiang Zhuang has two main writing systems characters and romanization.

China and Japan simplified their writing systems independently from each other.

weapons systems

They also propose constructing new air-to-ground weapons systems.

Tested possible modifications for various weapons systems, 1988–.

Mission was service testing, training and demonstrations of weapons systems under development.

support systems   (サポートシステム)

The Krechet lunar spacesuit and support systems were tested.

Probes are also extensively used in operational support systems (OSS).

Random Forests have thus been used for clinical decision support systems.

transit systems

It is one of the first bus rapid transit systems in Africa.

The firm specializes in maps and environmental graphics for mass transit systems.

Since 2000, the growth of rapid transit systems in Chinese cities has accelerated.

belief systems   (信念体系)

Sufism and Shiism are the dominant belief systems in the area.

Family history plays a part in the practice of some religious belief systems.

However, there are also large numbers of devotees to each of these belief systems.

irrigation systems   (灌漑システム)

The other was to work on plant irrigation systems.

Carpenter was one of the foremost leading experts on irrigation systems.

Many farmers still use Incan-style terraces and irrigation systems for cultivation.

systems engineering

Iacobucci graduated from Georgia Tech with a BSc in systems engineering in 1975.

Contra-measures against such scenarios are building architecture and ventilation systems engineering.

Engineering programs include marine engineering technology and offshore coastal and systems engineering.

sound systems

The records they cut would then be played on their sound systems.

The janzi is amplified and can be connected on any sound systems.

The sound systems were also updated and digital projection equipment Digital 3D Installed.

systems theory   (システム理論)

Van Schuppen's research interest are in the areas of systems theory and probability.

Chapman is a leader in the fields of hierarchy theory, systems theory, and complexity.

SDEs can be viewed as a generalization of the dynamical systems theory to models with noise.

different systems

Several different systems have been developed to do this.

Some masters use different systems, or even no system at all.

There are different systems for the cataloguing of brake pads.

systems using

Among the first integrated systems using EDI were Freight Control Systems.

For example, Compaq actually produced prototype DeskPro systems using the bus.

Other systems using this technology include the Nuremberg U-Bahn and Budapest Metro's Line 4.

navigation systems   (ナビゲーションシステム)

Recursive navigation systems are an example of this.

The major products of Denso Ten are the "Eclipse" brand car audio and navigation systems.

Other notable satellite navigation systems in use or various states of development include:

electrical systems

It also helped repair roads, bridges and electrical systems.

Mercedes-AMG also was to supply Aston Martin with electrical systems.

All were based on electrical systems designed and patented by foreign companies.

systems including

Small also analyzed the systems including enclosure losses.

It tested several delivery systems including aerial spray tanks and drone aircraft.

This can be set up to run on various systems including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.

health systems   (健康システム)

Its goal is to build sustainable community health systems at scale.

A dual priority is to promote innovative, effective and accessible health systems.

On March 30, 2016, the two health systems officially merged and formed RWJBarnabas.

star systems

Two star systems have been found to have planets.

Seven star systems have been found to have planets.

Six star systems have been found to have exoplanets.

social systems   (社会システム)

Historically, social systems throughout the world were organized paternally.

Emotional phenotype temperaments affect social connectedness and fitness in complex social systems.

They can model many types of relations and process dynamics in physical, biological and social systems.

communications systems

Telecommunications in Anguilla This article is about communications systems in Anguilla.

The boat's navigational and communications systems have been damaged by saltwater intrusion.

Radio towers for several different communications systems exist on the summit of the mountain.

security systems

Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

The students had access to the Meraki and CyberHound security systems.

Of the two, Shor's offers the greater risk to current security systems.

rail systems   (鉄道システム)

However, most light rail systems are now standard gauge.

In India, commuter rail systems are present in major cities.

Also Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim have commuter rail systems.

political systems

It is one of the basic political systems in China.

There were no traditional firmly established chiefdoms or political systems.

Historically, most political systems originated as socioeconomic ideologies.

missile systems   (ミサイルシステム)

Starting in 1985, Libya received a number of S-200 missile systems.

This strategy now dominates space systems, aircraft, and missile systems.

For air defense, the ships use OSA-M missile systems (NATO code SA-N-4 Gecko).

delivery systems   (デリバリーシステム)

It tested several delivery systems including aerial spray tanks and drone aircraft.

China is among the countries pursuing hypersonic vehicles as warhead delivery systems.

Bore and stroke is ; a variety of combination of heads and fuel delivery systems were available.

classification systems

The order has only recently been recognized in classification systems.

However, none of the classification systems demonstrate good liability.

Functional classification systems are used to evaluate and categorize athletes in elite sports.

transportation systems

Much of the South's infrastructure was destroyed, especially the transportation systems.

The coming of the 1998 Winter Olympics saw important changes to the transportation systems.

During the 1970s, the city created one of Europe's most efficient underground transportation systems.

systems based

Game systems based on earlier editions of "D&D".

systems based on: Pulse-Doppler radar, Infrared, and Ultraviolet.

Debian is one of the oldest operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

propulsion systems   (推進システム)

The engines and propulsion systems were also upgraded.

Recently, it was recommissioned for use in testing spacecraft propulsion systems.

She is also designing the propulsion systems for interplanetary SmallSat missions.

storage systems

Droop speed control can also be used by grid storage systems.

rechargeable batteries) are used for storage systems rather than primary generation systems.

The varying needs of multiple users were taken into account when designing the storage systems.

immune systems   (免疫システム)

The acute phase also can be severe in people with weakened immune systems.

The result was a mounting human vulnerability to disease due to weakened immune systems.

Also, health issues arise such as weaker immune systems and shorter life spans can occur.

electronic systems

The electronic systems used to play video games are called platforms.

Most narrow-bandwidth TV nowadays uses computers and other electronic systems.

In the creation phase, records growth is expounded by modern electronic systems.

transport systems

Various transport systems have been proposed as an alternative.

Worked on architectural and transport systems projects with IDPO Ph Neerman.

The (BVG) and the (DB) manage several extensive urban public transport systems.

drainage systems   (排水システム)

By the early 16th century, most of the drainage systems had failed.

The Balkan Mountains divide Bulgaria into two nearly equal drainage systems.

Slip-joint fittings are frequently used in kitchen, bathroom and tub drainage systems.

cooling systems

It is lubricated and cooled by the engine lubrication and cooling systems.

Drawbacks to surface cooling systems is skin irritation, shivering and rate of cooling.

Older cars often have nonpressurized cooling systems, and the coolant can boil and overflow.

heating systems   (暖房システム)

In 1946, it introduced electric heating systems.

As of 2008, they are being refurbished with new window glazing and improved heating systems.

Wax motors are also commonly used to drive zone valves in hydronic (hot water) heating systems.

mechanical systems

The mechanical systems were modernized and the interior was modified.

He's using simple mechanical systems to transform and activate the space.

This is the study of how mechanical systems vibrate and interact with their surroundings.

education systems

education systems that support inherited advantages ("Education as Cultural Imperialism," 1974).

Kremer led a panel on the reformation of education systems at the International Growth Centre's Growth Week 2010.

In some national education systems, secondary schools may be called "colleges" or have "college" as part of their title.

software systems

Ada is designed for development of very large software systems.

Model-based testing for complex software systems is still an evolving field.

She is interested in how to produce good software systems that behave appropriately.

energy systems

It focuses on designing, testing, and disseminating renewable and appropriate energy systems.

The 3 energy systems involved in exercise are the Phosphogenic, Anaerobic and Aerobic energy pathways.

The interior of the building was being totally rebuilt and equipped with communication and energy systems.

new systems

This along with other new systems, vehicles, etc.

They were replaced with two new systems.

The boat itself is longer than the s to accommodate the new systems.

both systems

The carrier frequency was 1,650 Hz in both systems.

In case of failure, both systems can be affected.

The antennas for both systems rotate atop a tall tower.

defense systems

After the Gulf War, improvements were made to several U.S. air defense systems.

Many missile defense systems, such as Iron Dome, also have autonomous targeting capabilities.

The adults activate Tatsumiya's hidden defense systems and attempt to repel the attacker but to no avail.

distribution systems

Their centralization requires costly transmission and distribution systems.

Their argument is, individual airline distribution systems are not designed to interoperate with competitors systems.

Commercial mixed bed deionization units have elaborate internal water and regenerant distribution systems for regeneration.

systems are used

Several coding systems are used to avoid ambiguity.

CW radar systems are used at both ends of the range spectrum.

Management control systems are used the most in Stage VI (40%).

nervous systems

Analgesic drugs act in various ways on the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Cnidarians are generally thought to have no brains or even central nervous systems.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the hypothalamus are regulated by the higher brain.

safety systems

This book focused on HACCP and related food safety systems.

Like the Golf, the Golf SV comes with many standard and optional safety systems.

The MKER is a pressure tube reactor with modern safety features including containment and passive safety systems.

systems as well   (システムも)

Similar concepts were used by online games and other systems as well.

There are two independent, fast-acting safety shutdown systems as well.

They are common in rural security systems as well as for commercial applications.

economic systems

His call for a more progressive democracy hinged on reforming social and economic systems.

Thermoeconomists maintain that human economic systems can be modeled as thermodynamic systems.

Thermoeconomists argue that economic systems always involve matter, energy, entropy, and information.

pressure systems   (圧力システム)

In the winter months, high pressure systems over the deserts often bring Santa Ana winds, resulting in dry, and dusty days.

Jump off Joe frequently lies above inversions that form in the Columbia Basin during high pressure systems in the winter months.

The term has an anticyclonic (high pressure system) equivalent—Anticyclogenesis, which deals with the formation of surface high pressure systems.

other operating systems   (他のオペレーティングシステム)

He later allowed others to port the game to other operating systems and BBS platforms.

As MS-DOS and other operating systems became more popular and displaced CP/M, .LBR's popularity waned.

Past versions also ran on OpenVMS, NetWare, OS/2 and other operating systems, including ports to mainframes.

all systems

Lockheed became responsible for the physical integration of all systems aboard the HST.

Some systems will not allow key values to be updated, all systems will not allow duplicates.

Causality is a necessity if the independent variable is time, but not all systems have time as an independent variable.

voting systems

Optical scan voting systems are based on Anoto technology.

For scored voting systems, this definition is not accurate.

This is one of the preferential voting systems most used by countries and states.

systems within

Members of the genus "Cervus" have polygynous mating systems within harems.

There are three hospital systems within the city and five hospitals with a total of 1,105 beds.

Colonialism also acted to reinforce these same racial belief systems within the "mother-countries" themselves.

many systems

Microbes have access to many systems underlying human behavior.

In many systems, it is preferable to use association constants.

Disrupting any one of these many systems could render the system useless.

systems provide   (システムが提供する)

SSOT systems provide data that are authentic, relevant, and referable.

Water bodies and wetland systems provide a habitat for many aquatic plants.

Ecological systems provide four general categories of services: provisioning (e.g.

root systems

See the section below describing Cartan subalgebras and root systems for more details.

Crops with limited root systems (corn, soybeans) do not increase organic matter in the soil.

Second, grass and legume sods develop extensive root systems that continually grow and die off.

various systems

Fundament of the intergator Social Dashboard is a search throughout various systems.

Autism's symptoms result from maturation-related changes in various systems of the brain.

This can be set up to run on various systems including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.

lighting systems

Bac Kan province has invested in lighting systems and roads to the cave.

Electricity, sound systems (emergency) lighting systems an alarm systems are built into the ceilings.

The auditorium, equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, has a seating capacity of over 800 people.

production systems

For this reason, EDI can be an important component of just-in-time production systems.

Livestock production systems can be defined based on feed source, as grassland-based, mixed, and landless.

Adherence to the non-functional requirements is also validated post-deployment by monitoring the production systems.

monitoring systems

In reality, monitoring systems are inadequate and various cases of fraud have been documented worldwide.

The Academy’s activities in this respect include operating scientific monitoring systems (glaciers, Permos, etc.)

A new development is Schrader valve stems with integrated transmitters for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

game systems

Once coded, the team's game systems did not work as intended.

Nearly all game systems on display can be played by attendees.

It is not a list of game systems.

protection systems   (保護システム)

The building also lacked adequate fire protection systems.

Firewalls are a portion of a building's passive fire protection systems.

Lightning protection systems are used to prevent lightning strike damage to structures.

coordinate systems   (座標系)

These tensors can be expressed in coordinate systems for computational convenience.

The two possible coordinate systems which result are called 'right-handed' and 'left-handed'.

Other representations of the Cauchy–Riemann equations occasionally arise in other coordinate systems.

physical systems

They occur also in configuration spaces of physical systems.

The multicanonical ensemble is not restricted to physical systems.

As such, the model is most useful when applied to physical systems that share these symmetries.

systems biology

It covers the interface between chemistry, the "omic" sciences, and systems biology.

At Keio University, he shifted his research emphasis to the studies of molecular biology and systems biology.

Creating a cellular model has been a particularly challenging task of systems biology and mathematical biology.

similar systems

MEI have produced similar systems such as the civilian RIDM.

The graph on the right shows the impulse response of two similar systems.

Due to the success of the DLR, proposals for similar systems elsewhere have emerged.

educational systems

Many European countries are already exercising such successful educational systems.

Kentucky, along with North Carolina, also boasted the best educational systems in the South.

Different places, and at different times, have used educational systems for different purposes.

planetary systems

Such icy bodies probably also reside in Oort clouds of other planetary systems.

Using numerical simulations he determined that Earth-Moon planetary systems are not rare.

The objective is to answer fundamental questions about how planetary systems form and evolve.

payment systems   (決済システム)

Some companies' payment systems do not appear to accept prepaid debit cards.

Since then cheque usage has fallen, being partly replaced by electronic payment systems.

BankAxept is cheaper for the merchants to accept compared to international payment systems.

guidance systems

Modern guidance systems permit accurate attacks.

They are used for satellite guidance systems, among other applications.

For the remainder of the war, he worked in the field of guidance systems.

care systems   (ケアシステム)

Other children are placed in foster care systems.

Some hospitals and health care systems also provide telephone interpreting services.

Black box models are currently used to plan changes in health and social care systems.

natural systems

These formal systems simulate the natural systems.

Doubles are sometimes given conventional meanings in otherwise mostly natural systems.

Thus pheromones generate structure in a food web and play critical roles in maintaining natural systems.

television systems

There is no equivalent in modern television systems.

PEG Channels are typically only available on cable television systems.

Tee-Comm produced components for both payphones and satellite television systems.

transmission systems   (伝送システム)

It applies to traffic transmission systems that do not buffer traffic.

Intelligence information revealed that the Germans called the wireless teleprinter transmission systems ""Sägefisch"" (sawfish).

In the spring of 1923, this enabled Formis to gain employment at SÜRAG, where he built the first transmission systems for the company.

distributed systems

For example, large, distributed systems may not perform well enough to be usable.

In order to perform coordination, distributed systems employ the concept of coordinators.

In distributed systems, the promise mechanism also minimizes delays caused by network latency.

systems do not

Some companies' payment systems do not appear to accept prepaid debit cards.

These systems do not fall within the term "water softening" but rather "water conditioning".

These systems do not depend on disk operations, and have equal-time access to the entire dataset.