taken place   (行われた)

Events that have taken place at the school include:

Major changes have taken place at MUZEON since 2011.

The 2018 event has taken place at Yenikapi, Istanbul.

taken up   (取られる)

This option also has not been taken up by Navarre.

This option was never taken up by the UK government.

However this was not taken up by later cartographers.

taken prisoner   (捕虜)

The 100 remaining French crew were taken prisoner.

10,000 Germans were taken prisoner on 9 May 1945.

Though briefly taken prisoner, Wood escaped to Cuba.

taken away   (奪われた)

To have it taken away in such a way was terrible."

As such, their hosting privileges were taken away.

They were then loaded into trucks and taken away.

taken part

Vela has taken part in several modeling campaigns.

VA-TF2 has taken part in the following deployments:

She has also taken part in a number of group shows.

taken off

It was taken off the market after the 1984 printing.

In 2003 the site could be taken off the danger list.

The game was held up as he was taken off on a stretcher.

not taken

This is not taken into account by the above table.

An additional forty seamen were not taken hostage.

as the critics were not taken by surprise this time.

taken into account   (考慮に入れた)

This is not taken into account by the above table.

Then (the expression for δ is taken into account).

Qualifying rounds are not taken into account.

taken down   (倒された)

The videos were later taken down by Camen in 2019.

Their current website have been taken down as a result.

It was taken down early after public protest.

having taken

On 25 July she reported having taken 25 "fish" (whales).

Regardless, CBS Records, having taken up the option on Wham!

Battaglia herself had forgotten having taken the photograph.

then taken

He was imprisoned in Siedlce, then taken to Kutno.

Merryman was then taken and confined in Fort McHenry.

Hippolyta is then taken from the island.

taken back   (取り戻した)

She was taken back by the gunboat "Calvo Sotelo".

Luers was taken back into custody within hours.

Her body was taken back to Nyenlung Monastery and displayed.

taken into custody   (拘留された)

Diab was taken into custody pending a bail hearing.

After a fight, the culprits are taken into custody.

Nigel escapes but Charlie is taken into custody.

taken into consideration   (考慮に入れられる)

Some suggestions were rejected without even being taken into consideration.

Originality will have higher value and likely to be taken into consideration.

He hasn't taken into consideration Woody's penchant for anything made of wood.

taken seriously   (真剣に受け止めた)

So it needs to be taken seriously on both sides."

These claims are not taken seriously by most scholars.

However, this hypothesis has never been taken seriously.

taken during

Slaves could also be taken during wars, and slave trading was common.

It may cause harm to the baby if taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Colloquium is a one-semester course taken during the Scholar's first year.

later taken

The videos were later taken down by Camen in 2019.

Portions were later taken over as a state highway.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

taken care   (気をつけて)

The temple is taken care of by the government of India.

The second and third levels are taken care of by the PAD.

Since childhood he was taken care of by his grand mother.

decision was taken   (決定が下された)

This decision was taken by the Sejm on 6 July 2004.

The decision was taken to extend the season.

The decision was taken to disband the club.

taken against   (反対)

No action was taken against Savile at this time.

No further action was taken against Cardozo.

It did not disclose the action taken against Mr Onanuga.

action was taken   (行動が取られた)

The 2nd action was taken on July 24th-25th, 1942.

No action was taken against Savile at this time.

Despite calls for his dismissal, no action was taken.

photographs taken   (撮影した写真)

The book features collection of photographs taken during the last two decades.

All results are recorded, and photographs taken at various stages of the procedures.

Delineated from aerial photographs taken by US Navy Operation Highjump in January 1947.

photos taken

"People come here to have their photos taken with the dog."

Many photos taken of Cecil during games showed him with a bloodied nose.

(This yaw, although small, can be seen in launch photos taken from the east or west.)

not be taken

This was said in a joking manner and should not be taken seriously.

Dioguardi attempted to flee so that his photograph would not be taken.

Other HIV-1 antiretroviral drugs should not be taken with this therapy.

already taken

He had already taken the Solemn League and Covenant.

The Chilean nationalization of copper had already taken place.

Roberta assures her that her 100th flight has already taken place.

taken captive   (捕虜になった)

Creighton and the three others were taken captive to Boston.

However, du Parquet was himself betrayed and taken captive by Poincy.

As each new element arrived they were taken captive by Elizondo's men.

taken to hospital

They were taken to hospital and kept in overnight.

She was taken to hospital and hence she was cured.

Reema was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

taken control   (奪われた)

The new operators had taken control by mid-September.

By 1972, Schoenfeld and Jacobs had taken control of the organization.

It has taken control of two former British Army barracks in the centre of the city.

actions taken   (行った活動)

Any actions taken by Puppet are then reported.

The actions taken against Templars in Germany varied by provence.

Several effects of actions taken by the Parliament can still be felt to the present day.

taken hostage   (人質)

An additional forty seamen were not taken hostage.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

In Lodève the sub-prefect was taken hostage.

taken advantage

And I've got to say I have taken advantage of it.

The Guild began as a safe haven for artists who had been taken advantage of in the arts community.

While this would have been a significant advantage the Bronco R team had, it was not taken advantage of.

time taken

The time taken for the subject to respond is recorded.

For simplicity, we ignore the time taken to do the transporting.

This slightly cuts the time taken per iteration on most computers.

taken refuge   (避難した)

Poirot had taken refuge in Britain after Germany invaded Belgium.

They had taken refuge in the nearby woods and were not pursued by the British.

He left five children who had taken refuge in Milan at the time of the revolt.

often taken   (よく撮られる)

Hilbert spaces are often taken over the complex numbers.

This is often taken as the "time" at which the CMB formed.

A decision is often taken at the end of the oral proceedings.

measures taken

At first, the measures taken were positive.

There is also a view that COI concerns and some of the measures taken to reduce them are excessive.

It is about environmental measures taken by the oil industry at the Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland.

action taken   (取られた行動)

It did not disclose the action taken against Mr Onanuga.

Any action taken must in the first place concern these two countries."

Life is like a white canvas, each line drawn, smooth or rough is an action taken.

usually taken

This is usually taken to be the size of the input in bits.

Antibiotics are usually taken by mouth.

The School Certificate Examination was usually taken at age 16.

taken ill

The "doughty little back" was taken ill during vacation and went to see a doctor.

During the match England's captain, Arthur Carr, was taken ill and had to withdraw.

Not reported until 19:40 as the driver was dealing with a passenger who had been taken ill.

taken directly

This concept is taken directly from the men's series.

Syrinx is taken directly from the ancient Greek word for "tube."

However, very virtuous beings are taken directly to Svarga (heaven).

taken aback

The men are rather taken aback by her obvious joy at this ghastly sight.

Santosh is initially taken aback by her ability to speak Kannada so well.

The crowd is taken aback by her beauty ("Quelle est cette belle inconnue?")

taken when   (ときに撮影)

Her soul was taken when she mistook it for their neighbour.

Special care must be taken when handling ratios and percentage.

Alec is almost taken when he is saved by a woman on a motorcycle.

before being taken

He died before being taken to the Wagner-Schule field hospital.

It was first ruled by the St. Quentins before being taken over by the Siwards.

It was stored around the system before being taken off property in 2011 or 2012.

taken together

These are taken together as the "museo reggino".

APC Road and AJC Bose Road taken together are the longest road in Kolkata.

... His works (taken together) are almost like a new edition of human nature.

air photos taken

The hills were plotted from air photos taken by Antarctic Names Committee of Australia (ANCA) in 1956.

The lake was photographed from the air by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump (1946–47) and was mapped from air photos taken by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition (1956) and ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) (1957–58).

single taken

The second single taken from the album was "I Believe".

The final single taken from the album was a fan favourite.

taken before

Aymer directs that he be taken before Walton.

Oversight occurs when a decision is taken before the problem reaches it.

The route down from the Tors at the southern end is usually taken before Coldburn Hill.

when taken   (取られたとき)

But it has no meaning when taken in isolation, i.e.

Absorption may be decreased when taken with food.

Vatalanib is orally active, that is, it is effective when taken by mouth.

name is taken

The name is taken from the Esperanto word for truth.

The name is taken from St Faith's church, Cowes.

The community name is taken from the Capital city of Wales.

never taken

This option was never taken up by the UK government.

Though Muni Tarun Sagar Maharaj has never taken the issue seriously.

The upkeep of the seminary personnel was never taken for granted by him.

name was taken

Their name was taken from a street in their hometown.

The band's name was taken from an incident at a party.

The name was taken from a popular Playskool doll of the 1970s.

taken for granted

Perhaps that is because the sight was so taken for granted."

Popular backing for the government could never be taken for granted.

The upkeep of the seminary personnel was never taken for granted by him.

eventually taken

Buddy is eventually taken to a mental hospital.

The yard was eventually taken over by the Walsh-Kaiser Company.

The brand was eventually taken over by the JUMBO Group in 2010.

samples taken   (採取したサンプル)

The number of DNA samples taken was closer to 135.

It dealt with the copepods in marine samples taken by the ill-fated research vessel "Carnegie".

However, she tested positive for the anabolic steroid oxandrolone in the samples taken in May 2012.

photograph taken   (撮影した写真)

and included a group photograph taken by Neal Preston.

The Steerage The Steerage is a photograph taken by Alfred Stieglitz in 1907.

Depending on the quality of the photograph taken, the player will earn in-game money.

taken to mean

Defeat against England in the 1977–78 British Home Championship was taken to mean little.

"James" is generally taken to mean James the Just, a prominent leader in the early church.

The second element is taken to mean 'ruler' or 'sovereign', though is more literally 'wielder'.

body was taken

Her body was taken back to Nyenlung Monastery and displayed.

His body was taken to Venice and buried in St Mark's Basilica.

After the Phoenix tour, the Bigfoot body was taken to Houston.

subsequently taken

The scheme was subsequently taken over by Villo!.

Alice is subsequently taken away, and Kazuto awakens in reality.

He was subsequently taken prisoner.

company was taken   (会社が奪われた)

In the 1980s the company was taken private by its chairman.

The company was taken over by Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 1972.

The company was taken over by West Coast Motors at the end of 1999.

images taken   (撮影した画像)

It also allowed users to upload game images taken from the Internet.

Based on Goldstone and Arecibo radar images taken in 2012–2013, Brozović et al.

The series consists of real doors on which are projected images taken of people with masks.

taken steps

However, the league has recently taken steps forward.

Novartis has agreed to the request and has taken steps to do so.

The government has taken steps to privatize parastatal enterprises.

taken by surprise   (驚きで撮影)

as the critics were not taken by surprise this time.

Although taken by surprise, he killed the first.

The Indians were taken by surprise and had not evacuated.

title is taken   (タイトルが取られます)

The title is taken from one of the tracks on the album.

The title is taken from one of her hit songs from the 1950s.

The title is taken from Georges Bataille's book "The Solar Anus".

arrested and taken

Marcello is arrested and taken to the police station.

She is arrested and taken to a cell in the local jail.

He was arrested and taken to Evin Prison on 14 Aug 2012.

place was taken   (場所を取った)

Bass players place was taken by Rimantas Budriūnas.

Instead his place was taken by Jose Feliciano.

In summer its place was taken by the tippet.

taken by mouth   (口から取る)

It is taken by mouth, or less commonly by injection.

The substance is red-brown liquid that is taken by mouth.

It is taken by mouth for up to a few weeks.

captured and taken

The ruler, Dawachi, was captured and taken to Beijing.

In 1864 he was captured and taken to Andersonville Prison.

Returning to Ra'iatea, he was captured and taken to Borabora.

steps taken

Some of the steps taken by organized criminals to make their operation effective are now presented.

The average number of steps taken by the Euclidean algorithm has been defined in three different ways.

Few French speaking personnel took part and the steps taken to preserve secrecy were very ineffective.

now taken

The further development is now taken over by the UNIFAC Consortium.

The Doctor encounters Control, which has now taken on human form, and makes a deal with it.

And I know that he has now taken this matter into his own hands and so today is a very good day".

taken more

Only four outfielders have taken more catches.

By 1406 they had taken more than 60 castles and destroyed 30.

Messengers arrive with the terrible news that Mèduse has taken more victims.

taken to court   (裁判にかけられた)

Stephen was taken to court in 1905 and fined.

In October, MacLaren was taken to court himself over non-payment of rent.

After the baby dies in her care, she is charged with murder and taken to court.

ever taken

No federal executions have ever taken place in North Dakota.

The King asked for a reprimand only, but no action was ever taken.

"Very few artists have ever taken this kind of action over their rights."

steps were taken

The first steps were taken in 1995 to begin the change.

Few steps were taken to improve Tokyo's defenses after the raid.

In 1836, the first steps were taken towards forming a county club.

taken to ensure   (確保するために撮影)

Care must be taken to ensure that formula_89 ≤ formula_90 ≤ formula_91.

Extraordinary measures were taken to ensure that Johns did not escape again.

Care must be taken to ensure the surrounding soil offers good drainage in order to avoid nuisance alarms.

taken through

A procession in honour of the Hindu God Krishna is taken through the town

These giant puppets are still taken through the streets of Venlo with festivities.

The riders then are taken through a 360-degree vertical loop and are sent up a second hill.

generally taken

The cover gas is generally taken from the output of the dryer.

Aspects of partial strength are not generally taken into account.

The name is generally taken in reference to the Persian "babr", meaning "tiger".

taken the lead   (リードしました)

By lap 83, Jamie McMurray had taken the lead.

Howson's poor form had seen him dropped to the bench but he came on after Rovers had taken the lead.

By lap 224, Kahne had run down and taken the lead from Logano, and Kenseth had further fallen to 25th.

prisoners were taken

During the day, more than 1,000 Italian prisoners were taken.

Around 182 Soviet prisoners were taken.

A total of 158 prisoners were taken and a number of machine guns captured.

immediately taken

He was immediately taken into Federal custody.

They were immediately taken with each other.

Bertha was immediately taken with Millarca.

measures were taken

Extraordinary measures were taken to ensure that Johns did not escape again.

New reforms and measures were taken to reach macroeconomic and financial stability.

Additional measures were taken by the Board to assist with the response to the health crisis.

approach taken   (取られたアプローチ)

The approach taken in the Disk II controller is typical of Wozniak's designs.

The hybrid approach taken by rural–urban proportional reflects lessons learned from previous attempts to pass electoral reform.

However, it is nice to hear a more minimalist approach taken to most of the other tracks where drums have been stripped back and a greater prevalence bestowed upon the organ."

prisoners taken

Fewer than 5,000 of the prisoners taken at Stalingrad survived captivity.

After May 1940, they were joined by French prisoners taken during the Battle of France.

On 16 February 1940, the British destroyer managed to free prisoners taken by the from the .

previously taken   (以前に撮影した)

He had previously taken a sketch show to the Fringe called "Comic Abuse".

Modu also reoccupied all the lands previously taken by the Qin general Meng Tian.

He had previously taken one wicket for 39 runs during the first New Zealand innings.

recently taken

However, the league has recently taken steps forward.

Thomas Reid the great Common Sense philosopher had recently taken over from Adam Smith.

This woman, formerly very quiet, has recently taken to cursing in the night, shouting "Murder, murder!"

population taken

The population taken at the 2011 census was 5,334.

The population taken at the 2011 Census was 9,182.

The population taken at the 2011 Census was 1,853.

route taken

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

A crowd estimated at more than 50,000 lined the route taken by the South Vietnamese leader's motorcade.

The route taken is up to the arch and then around its side, out of respect for the tomb and its symbolism.

having taken place   (起こった)

A football tournament is recorded as having taken place in October of that year.

The first official discussion on the division of the college having taken place in June 1947.

The sculptures were unveiled during three sculpture symposiums, the first having taken place in 1985.

all taken

This section was all taken over in 1919.

We were having breakfast and we were all taken back by the news.

The engines were delivered in 1891, 1892 and 1899, and later all taken over by the Reichsbahn.

taken aboard   (乗った)

He sees a ship, jumps from his plane, is taken aboard the ship, and calls for help via radio.

At the end of the festivities the Flame was taken aboard the Mexican destroyer ARM "Durango".

The crew was taken aboard by two passing steamers, "Westa" and "Phoenix", and was landed at Hernøsand and Yxpila.

decision taken   (決定)

The decision taken by the minister of justice Ivo Samkalden provoked a public outcry.

Former players reacted with astonishment at the harsh decision taken by the team management.

Attempting to legitimize any decision taken, Abe polled all of the "daimyō" for their opinions.

decisions taken

All decisions taken by Sharif as PML-N's president resultantly stood null and void.

The Executive Committee reports to the Supervisory Board and informs periodically about decisions taken.

The main purpose of the Universal was to inform the people of the important decisions taken by the authorities.

just taken   (撮ったばかり)

Dixon had just taken the Featherweight title from Dave Sullivan on November 11, 1898.

In 1667, Louis XIV, who had just taken Flanders, took an oath to respect the freedoms of Lille before the statue.

He moved to work at Pied à Terre under Tom Aikens during the period when Aikens had just taken over from the previous chef.

first taken

Perry had first taken the English title from William Paddock in 1850.

When first taken she had been sailing from London to Newfoundland with a cargo of salt.

The wounded were first taken to a classroom in the school and later to Kungälv hospital.

taken home   (持ち帰った)

By his request, he was taken home the next morning.

He has Paul taken home, where Patricia quickly uncovers the facts.

She has taken home a silver medal at the FIBA Oceania Championship on four occasions.

not taken up

However this was not taken up by later cartographers.

This proposal was not taken up.

He left the club at the end of the 2013–14 season after his option was not taken up.

pictures taken

Lawyer Cho Jin-ae discovers the truth of the event due to pictures taken by Noh Hyung-joo.

The season 1 opening credits feature the cast having their pictures taken during a picnic in the park.

Aerial pictures taken near Sani Beach inland at a point where pastures and mountain roads are located showed smoke throughout the peninsula.

taken apart

The print was taken apart and deteriorated in storage.

The two engines were taken apart, cleaned and reassembled.

The bridge was finally closed and taken apart on October 7, 2013.

having been taken

Today, the sport is most firmly established in Canada, having been taken there by Scottish emigrants.

In August 1943 the first American prisoners arrived, having been taken prisoner in the Tunisian campaign.

Her boyfriend Marshall is also gone, having been taken out of Blake Holsey in the general panic over the missing student.

taken between

The time usually taken between one terminus and another was about 15 minutes.

The basis of the merger was a GCC development snapshot taken between the 2.7 and 2.81 releases.

This was followed by "A Visit to Showa" (1999), a smaller collection of reproductions of colour slides thought to have been taken between 1962 and 1967.

taken without

The fortress of Adrianople was besieged and Kirk Kilisse was taken without resistance under the pressure of the Bulgarian Third Army.

Within 12 hours of the initial invasion the Biafran Army had control over the entire Mid-Western Region, Most of it taken without a fight.

The illness left scarring on Suburg's face and from that time forward, she never allowed a photograph to be taken without a scarf covering the scars.

not taken seriously   (真剣に受け止められていない)

These claims are not taken seriously by most scholars.

We cannot understand today, but it was not taken seriously at all.

His description of the incident to Dr. Paulis is not taken seriously.