talent show   (スター発掘番組)

IQ first formulated through a school talent show.

By the age of 7, Rey performed in a talent show.

On July 2015 he presented the talent show "¡Vaya fauna!

musical talent   (音楽の才能)

Cook's musical talent was apparent at an early age.

When Shouxin was young he showed signs of musical talent.

Street showed musical talent, which his mother encouraged.

new talent   (新しい才能)

and often introduced new talent at the Gate of Horn.

A winning amateur sleuth tale that showcases a new talent.

local talent   (地元の才能)

At the age of 12 he won a local talent contest.

Later in the summer, the Annual Summer Open was due to show local talent.

At the age of 10, she won a local talent show contest for five weeks straight.

young talent   (若い才能)

And her ability to draw bright young talent grew.

Isaacs was famous for his "young talent" shows.

They established a scholarship to promote young talent.

talent agency   (タレントエージェンシー)

She also opened her own talent agency called VAA.

From July 2013 she switched her talent agency changed to Oscar Promotion.

Chartwell Artists grew to be the fifth-largest talent agency in the world.

talent scout   (タレントスカウト)

Lisa Lopes discovered Reed through her talent scout brother, and hired her to write for TLC.

Davenport recorded for many record labels, and was a talent scout and artist for Vocalion Records.

A Paramount talent scout saw Charlotte in the play and arranged a screen test on a Monday morning.

talent agent

Ari Gold (born 1967) is Vincent Chase's talent agent.

(née Castellino), a talent agent, and Lou Anthony Agrati, a sausage maker.

His mother, Judy, became a talent agent after Brad began his acting career.

artistic talent

His artistic talent drew the attention of other artists.

The two became friends, with Reed nurturing Hester’s artistic talent.

The aim was to promote, import and export avant-garde artistic talent.

talent contest   (才能コンテスト)

Ultimately the band enter into a talent contest.

At the age of 12 he won a local talent contest.

The band got together during a high school talent contest.

talent competition   (才能の競争)

The World's Best The World's Best is a reality talent competition television series.

In 2005, the duo entered and won a talent competition at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

In 2000 he and his band Anajo won the Augsburg young talent competition "Band of the Year".

talent shows

Ken Lawson performed in many talent shows when he was a young boy.

From a young age she enjoyed performing in school plays and talent shows.

The bowl is also used for the annual talent shows, quad cabin activities, and more.

natural talent

Arden's ability with witty scripts made her a natural talent for radio.

Something of a child prodigy, Jacob had perfect pitch and natural talent.

Burrowes was interested in art from an early age, and had natural talent.

great talent   (素晴らしい才能)

He always knew that his great talent was as an editor."

His great talent brought him very close to many leaders of his time.

"Manet has great talent, a talent which will stand the test of time.

singing talent

She exposed her singing talent when she was little.

It features twelve children aged six to ten with good singing talent.

One day, Selvam hears Radha singing and understands her singing talent.

talent search

Some successful bands like S.H.E were formed in the talent search.

Smith started competitive shooting in 2010 following an Australian Paralympic Committee talent search.

Her performance in their New York talent search won Sage a place on the "Village Stage" of the 1999 Lilith Fair.

talent manager

Becky is married to talent manager Lainie Sorkin Becky.

Davenport also helped Tritt find a talent manager, Ken Kragen.

In 2016, when she was 17, she went to a talent manager with a friend.

talent management

This deal led them from talent management to film production.

In 2014, Soo founded her own talent management company, Beyond Artistes.

Those businesses consist of radio, print media, talent management, and a production house.

reality talent

The World's Best The World's Best is a reality talent competition television series.

Purba Rgyal (Pubajia or 蒲巴甲) was the 2006 winner of Jiayou Haonaner (), a Chinese reality talent show.

This idol trainee reality talent show was produced by Anhui TV, in partnership with MBC from South Korea.

television talent

on the eighth UK series of the British television talent show "The X Factor".

as contestants on the eighth UK series of the British television talent show "The X Factor".

They turned professional following success on the television talent show "Opportunity Knocks".

literary talent

She was forced to support herself and decided to do so through her literary talent.

Hu Zong's son, Hu Chong (胡冲), was known for his literary talent and peaceful temperament.

He was known for his literary talent and was employed by the regent Cao Shuang as a secretary.

vocal talent

Lea Hermann from "Focus" praised Dion's vocal talent but called the album trivial.

Although she didn't demonstrate any vocal talent through the course of the show, she got to stay for 17 weeks on the show.

During service in the RCAF, Reynolds' vocal talent caught the attention of senior officers as he was often heard singing and yodeling throughout the ship.