musical talents

But her musical talents did not stop with the piano.

DeHaven's musical talents supplemented her acting abilities.

Shortly after his arrival, the Commandant's staff discovered his musical talents.

young talents

Competition to search for young talents is extremely keen.

Canberra United signed several young talents to play in the 2017 W-League season.

In return, they acquired young talents such as Eugenio Suárez and Anthony DeSclafani.

artistic talents

His goal was to give ordinary working people an opportunity to develop their artistic talents.

The program involved five designers, each lending their artistic talents to customize five different vehicles.

He later met and married artist Cordelia Urueta, with whom he lived in Paris, developing his artistic talents.

new talents

He encouraged new talents and was always accompanied by several scholars.

Music professionals (over 600 each year) are present to recruit new talents.

Country music at its finest from one of the format's most impressive new talents."