İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

when talking   (konuşurken)

He wrote the book after observing boys in the playground and their mistakes when talking to girls.

Dayna also offered a PC expansion card that ran up to 1.7 Mbit/s when talking to other Dayna PC cards.

(social) and "Does a hearing problem cause you to feel frustrated when talking to members of your family?"

talking about how   (nasıl olduğu hakkında konuşmak)

He has stated that "peace may still be achieved by talking about how to co-exist."

The book starts out by talking about how to include special education into the art classrooms.

She is slowing the group down, and overhears the traders talking about how they will sell her back into slavery to get rid of her.

started talking   (konuşmaya başladı)

And then 10 years after that I started talking to Yvonne.

As soon as we started talking it was really obvious we’d be good friends.

While there, he started talking to a Hispanic couple who were going to the clinic for an abortion.

not talking   (konuşmuyor)

And I'm not talking about Italian, Spanish or English."

He goes, 'we're talking about you, we're not talking about them."

In addition, the pair didn't got along well by not talking to each other.

talking points

Reed stood by his comments and stated his objection to the use of serious health issues such as obesity as comedy talking points.

The [Intelligence Community] has a process, I understand, going with the other committees to explain how these talking points came out.

She went on to offer the show praise and described its outlook saying, "Cenac's not interested in preaching to the choir or rehashing liberal talking points.