İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

peace talks   (Barış konuşmaları)

Thus, peace talks could commence.

Premadasa hosted LTTE leaders at Sucharitha for peace talks in 1989.

He called for peace talks.

talks between   (arasındaki görüşmeler)

Peace talks between the two sides collapsed in April.

The hostages were released on 22 May after talks between the captors and Bedouins.

He talks between songs about life, human idiosyncrasies, faith, God and philosophy.

held talks   (görüşmeler yapıldı)

He also held talks with his former club Preston.

To this end, he held talks with Liverpool in May 2003.

The next day, Conte held talks with all parties represented in Parliament.

talks about how

He then talks about how he just finished wrapping up his new movie in Jamaica.

This chapter talks about how blacks used to get beaten up and tortured by whites.

It also talks about how you can include diversity, stereotypes, other cultures, etc.

song talks

Lyrically, the song talks about a hookup gone wrong.

The song talks about Dre's rap career and what he's been through.

The song talks about a woman who was left and hurt by her past lover.

began talks

HTV and United began talks shortly after the sale aimed at sharing production services and facilities.

There, he began talks with Bulgaria and the then Soviet Union on the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline.

C. K. Steele and Robert Saunders representing the NAACP began talks while blacks started boycotting the city's buses.