İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

target audience   (hedef kitle)

Its target audience are 25- to 40-year-old professionals.

Its target audience lies in private and public sector managers.

The target audience of the magazine was almost exclusively male.

target area   (hedef bölge)

Few of the incendiaries landed in the target area.

That day the target area was southeast England.

But the helicopter missed the target area.

main target   (ana hedef)

The town of Dholka Taluka was main target of kolis.

The main target was Luce, who had long opposed FDR.

Precisely it was the main target we should protect.

target market   (hedef piyasa)

College students are also a secondary target market.

These communications are aimed at a specific target market.

They would later describe themselves as "our own target market".

intended target   (Amaçlanan hedef)

Authorities believe that the intended target was the U.S. Capitol.

Layton disagrees, believing the intended target to be Midway Atoll.

A firearm's sights help its user to align the barrel with an intended target.

primary target   (Öncelikli hedef)

Echovirus is highly infectious, and its primary target is children.

Therefore, the most current Hellspawn, Al Simmons, is her primary target.

The American dollar is generally the primary target for these currency managers.

next target   (sonraki hedef)

He tries to kill the next target but somehow fails.

He said that the next target would be New Delhi.

In 659, Zhangsun Wuji became the next target.

target ship   (hedef gemi)

She was later expended as a target ship off Toulon.

"Schlesien", too, was used as a target ship.

"Schleswig-Holstein" was renamed "Borodino", and was used as a target ship until 1960.

target practice   (Atış talimi)

Kites were also used for anti-aircraft target practice.

Regular target practice took place at the Fort Needham range.

They also practised their aim by shooting ducks for target practice.

became the target   (hedef oldu)

However, she quickly became the target to be blamed by the public opinions.

In the Negev, Israel embarked on development projects, which became the target of theft by Bedouins.

As a result of his position on the affair, he became the target of much French hate mail of that day.

became a target   (hedef oldu)

Since 1943, the province became a target of allied air raids.

Having rallied to the government, he became a target for the Taliban.

It also became a target for burglary due to its secluded location and recording equipment.

target language   (hedef dil)

For example, Cfront, the original compiler for C++, used C as its target language.

Macros are translated into the target language, MetaML and it gives a well-type program without runtime errors.

C, viewed by some as a sort of portable assembly language, is frequently the target language of such compilers.

target date   (Hedeflenen tarih)

This would have given Britain nuclear weapons much sooner than its own target date of late 1952.

South Africa had a target date to gazette their Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) by September 2010.

As of 28 April 2018, 12 days ahead of the target date, all Indian villages (a total of 597,464 census villages) were electrified.

target shooting   (hedef atışı)

He told his brother, Chris, that he was going target shooting.

In 1906 Herben was accidentally shot by George Foster Herben while target shooting.

In competitive target shooting, this might mean the difference between a hit and a miss.

target genes   (hedef genler)

MLL's target genes include HOXC8, HOXA9, CDKN1B, and C-MYC.

The target genes include: "fumC", "sdhC", "gltA", "sucC", "prpB" and "prpC".

CRISPRi and CRISPRa technology allows researchers to activate or inactivate target genes.

easy target   (kolay hedef)

Klitschko took the center of the ring and found Peter an easy target.

The birds were an easy target, easy to take and there were never very many of them."

The oil sits approximately below the surface which is considered an easy target for production.

first target   (ilk hedef)

The V2's first target was Paris on September 8, 1944.

The first target of Operation Searchlight was this student hall.

This was instituted to minimize the practice of spot-shooting the first target.

target cells   (hedef hücreler)

The target cells are those of mononuclear phagocyte system.

It converts intracellularly to TFV diphosphate, which is a metabolite in HIV target cells.

During this time the photosensitizer accumulates in the target cells within the AK lesion.

set a target   (Bir hedef seç)

The Department for Work and Pensions had set a target of 11.9%.

In 2007 Eurostar set a target of carrying 10 million passengers by 2010.

The club set a target for 75% of the players be qualified to play for France.

target group   (hedef kitle)

The target group is basically second cycle institutions.

Since it was first established, SDU's target group was limited to university graduates.

DIW Berlin endues a target group specific range of publications, events and data sources.

specific target   (belirli hedef)

These communications are aimed at a specific target market.

The hijackers' specific target was the United States Capitol.

They asked participants to avoid thinking of a specific target (e.g.

target acquisition   (hedef edinimi)

For target acquisition beyond the radar horizon, three helicopters can be used.

Subsequently, radar capabilities grew enormously and are now the primary method of target acquisition.

This imagery is used for everything from search and rescue to navigational aids and target acquisition.

original target   (orijinal hedef)

The original target was £500,000.

To refocus the station to its original target, the station had to have a smoother tone.

As she kills one after another, she is headed straight for her original target: Virgil.

target cell   (hedef hücre)

Gn and Gc spikes attach to β integrins and co-receptors on the target cell surface.

The neurotransmitter binds to receptor molecules in the membrane of the target cell.

The two outer capsid proteins, VP2 and VP5, mediate attachment and penetration of BTV into the target cell.

prime target   (Ana hedef)

Crassus now turned his attention to the Moesi, his prime target.

Its prime target markets were value-conscious first time buyers and key workers.

Thus, it was a prime target for the British invaders, both for its aesthetic and symbolic value.

hit the target   (hedefi vur)

Two MD 500 Defenders from INS "Aliya" and another two from INS "Geula" successfully hit the target.

Neither Natasha or Samrat are able to hit the target, wherein Raghu gives other Roadies a go at the target.

The other Roadies too fail to hit the target and hence the prize money in the "roadies account" is reset to zero.

frequent target   (sık hedef)

"Monitor" was a frequent target, but her heavier armor withstood the blows.

She also has abnormally large hands for a woman, which are a frequent target for ridicule.

Colonial Cuba was a frequent target of buccaneers, pirates and French corsairs seeking Spain's New World riches.

target demographic   (hedef demografi)

While they are not the exclusive domain of youth, extreme sports tend to have a younger-than-average target demographic.

Anime are often classified by target demographic, including , , and a diverse range of genres targeting an adult audience.

1.2 million people fell into the target demographic of adults aged 18–49, while 1.5 million fell into the 25–54 age bracket.

moving target   (hareketli hedef)

A radar beam is fired at a moving target — e.g.

This technique is most often practiced with a moving target, such as clay birds.

For ground-based training, facilities included moving target ranges and gunnery simulators.

target population   (hedef kitle)

This index applies to the same target population as the CPI-U, but the weights are updated each month.

The target population is the estimated 4.5 million people by the year 2025 and 7 million by the year 2040, expected to inhabit the city of Kampala, and its surrounding metropolis.

When a suspected outbreak of meningococcal disease occurs, public health authorities will then determine whether mass vaccinations (with or without mass chemoprophylaxis) is indicated and delineate the target population to be vaccinated based on risk assessment.