İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

taxi driver   (taksi sürücüsü)

Kuznetsov worked at the time as a taxi driver.

They both escape the place with the taxi driver's help.

She meets a Tamil taxi driver who drives her to the jail.

air taxi   (hava taksi)

Many communities have small air taxi services.

Baker worked as a pilot and manager of his family's air taxi business.

The Private Air Charter division operates an air taxi service throughout Florida.

taxi drivers   (taksi şoförleri)

Only Virgin Islanders are permitted to work as taxi drivers.

all four members of the team were taxi drivers from the same firm).

One study concluded that taxi drivers had the fifth worst job of 2011.

taxi service   (taksi servisi)

The city has one taxi service, Pembina Valley Taxi.

In 1945, the taxi service was provided by automobile.

In that year, a London driver offered a London-Paris taxi service.

taxi services   (taksi hizmetleri)

Many communities have small air taxi services.

Several private taxi services complement the bus traffic.

Some taxi services and public transports choose not to operate on this day.

taxi cab   (taksi)

Donlevy plays a race-car champion who infiltrates a mob-run taxi cab company.

Once the subway docked at a stop, Swift completed the performance atop a yellow taxi cab.

Diesel versions are available in Europe, New Zealand and Singapore, where they are a popular replacement for the Toyota Comfort taxi cab.