technique used   (使用される技術)

Mental practice is a technique used in music as well.

Blood residue analysis is also a technique used in archeology.

Researchers have discovered the technique used in these frescos.

technique called   (呼ばれる技術)

A technique called "Montgomery's ladder" addresses this concern.

The third BIOS virus was a technique called "Persistent BIOS infection."

For Eastern brown snakes and death adders, a technique called “pipetting” is used.

technique known   (既知の技術)

A technique known as oversampling is commonly used in audio ADCs.

In 1976, Bombieri developed the technique known as the "asymptotic sieve".

The analysis is automated, as it uses a technique known as shotgun sequencing.

new technique   (新しい技術)

Pneumothorax was not a new technique by any means.

Edward Steichen coined the term “duotone solarization” to describe this new technique.

The new technique was called "mapping by set partitions", now known as trellis modulation.

same technique   (同じテクニック)

The same technique is applicable to non-metallic opaque media.

"Cannonball Run", also directed by Needham, used this same technique.

They utilized the same technique developed to rank international chess masters.

technique is used

This technique is used in semi-active radar homing.

The technique is used for studying many pre-modern societies.

This technique is used in semiconductor failure analysis and solid-state physics.

common technique

Solid-phase synthesis is a common technique for peptide synthesis.

Titration is a common technique used to reduce these complications.

Building up layers of color with the oil pastel, called "layering", is a very common technique.

technique was used

Sometimes a "leapfrogging" recon technique was used.

The rotation technique was used only for the creation of the vessel's shell.

This was the first time such a technique was used to create an entire feature film.

using this technique   (このテクニックを使用して)

DeMille was unique in using this technique.

An example of a mine using this technique is the Valmara 69.

While the disadvantage of using this technique is the low resolution.

technique involves

The most common surgical technique involves dilating the cervix and using a suction device.

The technique involves inserting a small balloon directly into the patient’s aorta and inflating it.

A second technique involves the use of tilt or pull, rather than downward pressure to trigger the mine.

vocal technique

Here he picked up trumpet as well as improving vocal technique.

The young Michael Jackson owed his vocal technique in large part to Diana Ross.

Schlusnus: "[He] has given me freedom of voice, my vocal technique, and an understanding of proper singing.

using a technique

Aircraft and some missiles exploit this weakness using a technique called flying below the radar to avoid detection (Nap-of-the-earth).

When it was later released on the A&M label, wild, imaginative shapes and patterns covered the vinyl using a technique known as "laser-etching".

Ruberg created leather artwork in low relief using traditional leather tooling methods and in high relief using a technique he developed himself.

painting technique

The painting technique used on the Sigiriya paintings is "fresco lustro".

Nikolai Kuzmin's favourite painting technique is oil on canvas with spatula.

It focuses on painting technique, special effects, marketing, and business topics.

developed a technique

Dr. Mitra developed a technique in the surgery of Cervical cancer.

Schweitzer developed a technique for recording the performances of Bach's music.

To compensate for this weakness, Kuroyukihime developed a technique she calls "Soft Act".

similar technique

A similar technique used for database design is Entity-Relationship Modeling (ER Modeling).

In mountainous areas, a similar technique called sink works (from German "sinkwerk") is used.

(JBIG implements a similar technique called "typical prediction", if header flag TPBON is set to 1.)

technique developed

They utilized the same technique developed to rank international chess masters.

This new technique developed for several centuries, and joiners started making more complex furniture and paneled rooms.

He significantly improved the method used for founding cannons, superseding the technique developed by Jean-Jacques Keller.

technique allows

This technique allows a great freedom in the choice of shapes and materials.

The technique allows lower cost and the company claims higher-quality finishes.

This technique allows non-intrusive flow measurements, at high precision and high frequency.

construction technique

Their construction technique is known as SST or "Superior Shell Technology."

An architectural construction technique that employs large dry-laid limestone blocks (ca.

The construction technique of the buildings is still unknown, but the main material was wood.