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information technology   (tecnologías de la información)

industrialization and information technology).

We shall call it information technology (IT)."

This was driven in part by information technology revolution.

science and technology   (ciencia y Tecnología)

This was also true of science and technology in the empire.

It honors Goldwater's keen interest in science and technology.

TGF TGF may refer to: In entertainment: In science and technology:

new technology   (nueva tecnología)

Several models were also developed to test new technology.

There are sometimes problems in introducing new technology.

It takes time to learn new technology.

technology company   (empresa de tecnología)

MobileBits Corporation is a United States mobile technology company.

Learnosity Learnosity is an Irish-based education technology company.

These technologies were supplied by the audio technology company iZotope.

technology companies   (empresas tecnológicas)

This triggered a "war" between major technology companies in the mobile market.

Despite this, he is a venture capitalist, investing in GNR technology companies.

Poizner has started and run technology companies in Silicon Valley for over 35 years.

advanced technology   (tecnología avanzada)

She is left stranded in "realtime", cut off from all advanced technology.

This advanced technology makes Germany the strongest nation on the planet.

It had advanced technology for the time, such as Automatic Train Stop (ATS).

modern technology

Many of these increased options can be attributed to modern technology.

The school is equipped with modern technology known as 'The Smart Class.

The papyrus fragments are often recovered only through modern technology.

technology used

The technology used was VSC, capable of black start.

An important technology used in the series is .

GMR-1 3G is the technology used for TerreStar and SkyTerra.

computer technology

Word processors did not develop "out" of computer technology.

He earned a master's degree in computer technology from the University of Hartford.

Andrew Appel campaigns on issues related to the interaction of law and computer technology.

digital technology   (tecnología digital)

Most courses of study are related to computers or digital technology.

The station adopted new digital technology and launched a website in 2000.

She also uses digital technology to photograph and/or improve artistic images.

technology transfer

Part of the sales agreement was a technology transfer process.

The remaining 51 sets were built by CNR Changchun through technology transfer from Alstom.

Some of the trainsets are manufactured locally through technology transfer, a key requirement for China.

use of technology

A major feature of the College is its approach to the use of technology.

Then-FIFA president Sepp Blatter called the use of technology "a necessity".

In 2001, VHS received the Stockholm Challenge Award for exemplary use of technology in education.

high technology

The Arq maintain a culture of gender equality and high technology.

In 2005 the Cookson Group chose to focus on high technology products and emerging markets.

The satellite reflects the high technology required of the unit in order to perform its mission.

technology developed

The site is based on technology developed by Delve Networks.

Usage of these boxes dwindled further as technology developed.

SMART Macro Technology is a technology developed at Tethys Automation Labs.

technology development   (desarrollo tecnológico)

The ICE 2005 was a technology development project for iris recognition.

Later the technology development was continued under Tosco's own directions.

Novomer Novomer is a venture-funded chemistry technology development company.

communications technology

The company is most active in the area of communications technology.

IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology (ICT).

However, many other aspects of Starfleet communications technology are commonplace.

technology such

It also helps when implementing Blissymbolics using technology such as computers.

Some academic libraries lend out technology such as video cameras, iPads, and calculators.

The editor also removed various references to modern technology such as helicopters and cars.

medical technology   (tecnología Medica)

Another successful design field is medical technology.

The dedicated park's ecosystem supports medical technology innovation and manufacturing.

Berlin has a long history of discoveries in medicine and innovations in medical technology.

communication technology

The remaining line, insulators, and terminals are instructive of early communication technology.

NECA supports the businesses that bring power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities.

); and the application of information and communication technology, including social media, for professional purposes.

technology industry

He focuses on investment in the technology industry.

Hardie settled in Dallas, Texas and is involved in the wind technology industry.

The technology industry is prominent in Greater Cleveland, specifically health related technology.

military technology

Using military technology and energy leaks, they can invade different time epochs.

The Assyrians were also innovative in military technology, with the use of heavy cavalry, sappers and siege engines.

Denel Denel SOC Ltd is a South African state-owned aerospace and military technology conglomerate established in 1992.

using technology

It also helps when implementing Blissymbolics using technology such as computers.

She was called "a role model" and "a champion of using technology to solve operational problems."

Ground-level conductive rails were tested from 2017 to 2019, using technology by the company Elways.

nuclear technology

Moscow even provided some nuclear technology.

Erbium is used in nuclear technology in neutron-absorbing control rods.

In April 2010, a delegation of SC held in Tunis Days of Russian nuclear technology.

latest technology

Gesell made use of the latest technology in his research.

The overall mobility concept is allowing the latest technology in terms of propulsion.

Technical elements such as the microphones were regularly updated to conform with the latest technology.

engineering and technology

The 2017 awards were focused on engineering and technology.

In its first year, DSU accepted 400 students in 8 departments based primarily in fields of engineering and technology.

CK College of Engineering and Technology CKCET is a college of engineering and technology, located in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India.

technology allows

This technology allows coal or biomass to be converted to diesel.

This technology allows voice recognition even in noisy environments.

This technology allows the Rift to compensate for the dropped frames.

current technology

Afterwards, they do a test with the current technology used.

With our current technology, it would take us about 260 days to get to Mars.

A break can thus include results that are infeasible with current technology.

advances in technology

Her personal vision evolves and changes along with advances in technology.

But the latest advances in technology have relieved much of this difficulty.

In 1986 the company went out of business, failing to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology.

technology officer

He joined ABS-CBN as its chief technology officer.

He currently serves as the chief technology officer of Alpha Software.

He left in 2012 to join Atlantic Media as their chief technology officer.

chief technology   (jefe de tecnología)

He joined ABS-CBN as its chief technology officer.

He currently serves as the chief technology officer of Alpha Software.

He left in 2012 to join Atlantic Media as their chief technology officer.

technology sector   (sector tecnológico)

Moulton worked in the health care technology sector.

The most valuable companies are now in the technology sector.

Atlanta has, indeed, been nicknamed the "Silicon peach" thanks to its burgeoning technology sector.

technology involved

An understanding of the technology involved, and the theory behind it became necessary.

1931 in science The year 1931 in science and technology involved some significant events, listed below.

The people living in the south and southwest were hunter-gatherer groups, whose technology involved only minimal use of metal technologies.

chief technology officer   (Jefe de Tecnología)

He joined ABS-CBN as its chief technology officer.

He currently serves as the chief technology officer of Alpha Software.

He left in 2012 to join Atlantic Media as their chief technology officer.

space technology

She works in the robotics and automation division of the space technology company MDA.

The Institute conducts research in astrophysics, Solar System physics, geodesy, and space technology.

Panek works at the space technology company MDA where she works on Canadian space exploration and robotics.

technology platform

At MySQLConf 09, Heyman stated that his team managed the technology platform for the winning campaign.

Shindig (video chat platform) Shindig is a patented technology platform for large scale online video chat events.

This plan would open product capabilities and technology platform to the whole society and urge everyone to participate in a green future.

music technology

The vast majority of students in music technology programs are male.

These were rearranged versions of the old songs, updating them with the latest music technology.

Tough first began teaching music technology at a number of institutions in California, including UCLA.

same technology

Some models include a puck (mouse) based on the same technology.

Apple then employed the same technology to create iDVD for the consumer market.

The same technology was used by Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment under the name ez-D.

technology services

In 2013, The Hong Kong Jockey Club announces signing of strategic technology services agreement with Longitude.

In 2008, Jaffe Holden Acoustics, Inc. expanded its consulting services to include information technology services.

Prior to this, he was Founder/CEO of Digital Rhythm Inc., an information technology services provider based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

technology called

The screen also features a screen technology called zerogap touch.

Bluetooth uses a radio technology called frequency-hopping spread spectrum.

E Ink in early 2015 also announced another color e-ink technology called Prism.

educational technology

The campus blends traditional Chinese elements with advanced educational technology in a spacious, modern setting.

Over the past few years, Elsie Roy has invested in various educational technology for its staff, teachers and students.

EdSurge EdSurge Inc. is an educational technology company that publishes newsletters and operates databases used by venture capitalists, teachers, school administrators and others.

technology available   (tecnología disponible)

"To graduate excellent scientists, a university needs to have the best technology available," said Fipke.

Cryogenic freezing is the quickest freezing technology available utilizing the extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen .

The twenty-eight-year period it took to complete construction is considered short based on the technology available at that time.

technology based

The company is developing a unique far-field wireless power technology based on infrared laser beams.

He had written the blockchain technology based on the Bitcoin in his spare time while employed at Google.

Using WWII technology based on vacuum tubes, it gave only coarse reflectivity data and no velocity information.

engineering technology

in electronic engineering technology in 1989.

In 1979, he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering technology.

TTA is a magnet school focusing on a manufacturing engineering technology curriculum.

printing technology

The printing technology affected the style of writing.

As professional printing technology progressed, so did the technology of fanzines.

Pen-based plotters were an alternate printing technology once common in engineering and architectural firms.

other technology   (otra tecnologia)

Thus, other technology heats modern Korean homes.

The other technology of Flux was also developed using field recording systems.

In September 2008, PGP, IBM, and other technology firms announced a fund-raising campaign to repair the facility.

recording technology

The chapter also covers the invention of recording technology.

The recording technology of the day was not of modern high quality.

Developments in early recording technology paralleled that of electronic instruments.

technology is used

Related technology is used to convert vegetable oils into margarine.

Skills are taught to support this process and technology is used to support all instruction.

This technology is used to get from meter reading to billing by an automated electronic means.

wireless technology

Digicel is Setar's competitor in wireless technology using the GSM platform.

This legislation updates the law to include wireless technology and 'telematic' information.

Setar is the provider of services such as internet, video conferencing, GSM wireless technology and land lines.

technology research

It also includes technology research such as computer vision, event-related optical signal and speech recognition.

Ericsson's business includes technology research, development, network and software development, and running and evolving operations.

This cooperative tradition has also developed into a different direction than the traditional technology research done at the university.

engine technology

The core voxel engine technology was created over the course of the two day Ludum Dare Weekend.

Founded in 1837 in Lille, France, the company was an early innovator of steam engine technology.

With comparable engine technology, the road version Honda CB 50 and the Enduro version XL 50 was built.

research and technology

The original objective of the center was the advancement of nuclear research and technology.

Following the reunification of West and East Germany Krause served at the Bundestag and in its committee on research and technology.

We have to invest more into space research and technology in order to have an industry capable of competing with other international players."

recognition technology

Some of the handwriting recognition technology from the Newton later found its way into Windows CE.

ICE 2006 consisted of a large-scale, open, independent technology evaluation of iris recognition technology.

In 1998, Söhnlein co-founded Milo, a speech recognition technology company that was acquired by Voxeo in 2001.

mobile technology

Truphone owns and manages its own core mobile technology.

MobileBits Corporation is a United States mobile technology company.

He worked for Slovenian weekly magazine "Monitor" covering mobile technology.

use technology

The tablet programme was for students to use technology every day in all classes for their education.

Her work explores "how creative people use technology to connect themselves and their ideas to other people".

He said he planned "to advocate policies that would encourage physicians to use technology in their medical practice."

energy technology

The third approach to harvesting tidal energy is ocean thermal energy technology.

Brakeley also attended Cambridge University, where he earned an MPhil in energy technology.

In 1980 and 1981, Berger taught courses in energy technology and policy at Vista College and the University of San Francisco.

technology and innovation   (tecnología e innovación)

The award was given in recognition of his services to technology and innovation.

PA Consulting Group PA Consulting Group is a consultancy specialising in management consulting, technology and innovation.

It oversees university and vocational, training, science, technology and innovation and is headed by the Minister of Higher Education.

assistive technology

Adaptive technology and assistive technology are different.

Consequently, adaptive technology is a subset of assistive technology.

All classrooms are equipped with assistive technology to help students.

food technology

A new food technology room is located between the Girls and Boys schools and is also shared.

The Coyle Centre contains a new library, additional classrooms, and food technology kitchens.

Some of these parks specialize in specific sector, such as Aerópolis in aerospace or Geolit in food technology.

emerging technology

The times changed and Phalke fell victim to the emerging technology of sound film.

The emerging technology of drone displays has recently been used for advertising purposes.

CEP has evolved from an emerging technology to an essential platform of many capital markets.

technology to create

Apple then employed the same technology to create iDVD for the consumer market.

It has been proposed to use modern technology to create CCBT that simulates face-to-face therapy.

directorate is able to use the alien technology to create superheroes and the Red Crawl is apparently defeated.

design and technology

After the design and technology were optimized, the U61000-2.1 was created.

She was touted by Live Design, a national magazine for theatrical and concert design and technology, as a Young Designer to Watch in 2010.

The digital integration utilized the latest design and technology integrating all of its platforms, including print, video, social media, expositions and custom design.

technology demonstrator   (demostrador de tecnología)

The F-117 was based on the "Have Blue" technology demonstrator.

Following the construction and testing of the Arrow 1 technology demonstrator, production and deployment began with the Arrow 2 version of the missile.

The game was designed as a technology demonstrator for the PlayStation console and was revealed in early 1994 under the provisional title of "Spring Man".

technology education

Mars suit design has been used as a topic for technology education.

The admission are done by DTE( Directorate of technology education,Maharashtra),this process is online.

Skaneateles High School offers more than 130 different courses in English, Social Studies, mathematics, science, foreign language, art, business, health, home economics, technology education, music, and physical education.

such technology

Accordingly, this article considers only such technology.

The CBS color television system of Peter Goldmark used such technology in 1940.

The distillery was the first company in the United Kingdom to adopt such technology.

imaging technology

Muzzle flashes create distinct signatures that can be located using infrared imaging technology.

Major advances in imaging technology have allowed the introduction of hand-held (pico) type video projectors.

In 2008, the company introduced hyperspectral imaging technology as an integrated solution with its patented optical microscopy capability.

through technology

The remaining 51 sets were built by CNR Changchun through technology transfer from Alstom.

The party's emblem is a computer and its motto says "putting people's lives first through technology".

Some of the trainsets are manufactured locally through technology transfer, a key requirement for China.

alien technology

The alien technology that empowered her makes her powers totally undetectable when she is in human form.

directorate is able to use the alien technology to create superheroes and the Red Crawl is apparently defeated.

Through reverse engineering, the world has harnessed the power of alien technology and laid the groundwork to resist a second invasion.

technology firm   (firma de tecnología)

It recounts Casnocha’s founding of an e-government technology firm, Comcate.

He is a trustee of Speakers4Schools and a board member of UK technology firm Smartmatic.

He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Linq3, a technology firm specializing in the lottery industry.

financial technology   (tecnología financiera)

It launched the "startup garage" for financial technology startups.

The Sovereign cryptocurrency was created through a partnership with Neema, a financial technology startup.

Moneris Solutions Moneris is Canada’s largest financial technology company that specializes in payment processing.