front teeth   (门牙)

The front teeth are the largest.

The fourth bullet pierced the Shah's lip and cheek, knocking out some front teeth.

Supposedly if someone was to rub Goldy's front teeth, it will bring them good luck.

canine teeth   (犬齿)

Their canine teeth are relatively long.

Like later hominins, "Ardipithecus" had reduced canine teeth.

Two fighting males use their weight and canine teeth against each other.

sharp teeth   (锋利的牙齿)

However, it should be accorded respect due to its powerful jaws and sharp teeth.

Redjack has a brown mohawk and filed-down sharp teeth, while Blackbeak has a peg leg.

There are many sharp teeth, and the dorsal surface of the head has a patch of enlarged scales.

small teeth

There are a few small teeth on the edge of the labellum.

The jaws are lined with small teeth and are loosely hinged.

Both the inner and outer lips are ornamented with arrays of small teeth.

number of teeth

It featured posable limbs, a number of teeth and claws and a gaping maw.

The zebra oto has the highest number of teeth of any species of "Otocinclus".

Different breeds of dolphins vary widely in the number of teeth they possess.

upper teeth

The upper teeth are serrated, oblique, and triangular.

The jaws are slightly arched with the upper teeth exposed.

The upper teeth are narrow and angled, with coarsely serrated edges.