Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

telephone service   (Servicio telefónico)

Electricity and telephone service are available.

for the company's cellular telephone service.

The village does not have telephone service.

telephone number   (número de teléfono)

9999 is also the emergency telephone number in Oman.

Each subscriber had a new four digit telephone number.

The leaflet gave Tatchell's home address and telephone number.

telephone exchange   (central telefónica)

St Cyrus has its own telephone exchange (code ESSTC).

There is a BSNL rural telephone exchange.

It operated over a special type of telephone exchange system.

telephone calls   (llamadas telefónicas)

These areas provided the basis for tariff calculations for telephone calls.

In addition to live guests, Steve Allison took telephone calls from listeners.

These were the first publicly-witnessed long distance telephone calls in the UK.

telephone call   (llamada telefónica)

Friend Jake Whitridge responds to a frantic telephone call from Billy.

Will gets a telephone call from James; he has been arrested whilst seeking sex.

In January 1915, Bell made the first ceremonial transcontinental telephone call.

telephone lines

The Nationalists cut the telephone lines and burned the U.S. post office.

, there were 1,397,000 main telephone lines and 1,485,000 internet users.

Electrical light wires and telephone lines were toppled across the island.

telephone numbers

Over 90% of Taylors Lakes telephone numbers begin with "9390".

There are no area codes in Greenland, and all telephone numbers have 6 digits.

New York Telephone gave some 718 telephone numbers a head start for service by several days.

telephone company   (compañía telefónica)

Her father worked for the local telephone company.

In July 2005 Telfort was sold to telephone company KPN.

The majority state-owned public telephone company of Belgium is Proximus.

telephone line

All medical emergency calls were received through the PRPD's telephone line.

Several different telephone line modulation techniques are used by fax machines.

The phone company traces the calls to a telephone line that has fallen in a cemetery.

telephone network   (red telefónica)

It is, for example, used to dimension a telephone network's links.

The line was the last remaining single-line crank telephone network in the American West.

Other multi-frequency systems are used for internal signaling within the telephone network.

telephone system

The telephone system functions, albeit imperfectly.

Barnette initiated the installation of a telephone system.

The telephone system was cut down.

telephone companies

Some large telephone companies have toll-free numbers set up.

List of Italian telephone companies This is a list of telephone companies in Italy

telephone services

The earliest telephone services were installed as point to point systems.

First all power and telephone services (both cell and landlines) were cut off.

, approximately 40% of the population subscribed to mobile telephone services.

mobile telephone

, approximately 40% of the population subscribed to mobile telephone services.

Modems which use a mobile telephone system (GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, WiMax, etc.

He did not own a TV, a VCR or a mobile telephone, and did not go to the movies.

via telephone

Each device was connected to wires via telephone poles all the way back to the studio.

FPS special agents investigated threats delivered in person, via telephone, e-mail and U.S.

The video starts with close-ups of Swift's and Colletti's mouths as they speak via telephone.

local telephone

Her father worked for the local telephone company.

A technician calls the local telephone number of the automatic number announcement service.

After returning home, Oduber started working for the local telephone service provider, SETAR.

telephone conversation   (conversación telefónica)

They even held a secret telephone conversation before Sharansky entered the Russian prison.

The key to the conviction was a telephone conversation recorded via wiretap during Super Bowl IV.

Bess and George trail Mr. Porterly, and overhear his telephone conversation planning harm to Nancy.

first telephone

It was the first telephone only insurance company in the United Kingdom.

The following article in the local newspaper reports of the first telephone.

Bell Telephone Company, the first telephone company, was formed a year later.

telephone operator

In 1938 she was hired to work as a telephone operator until her job was no longer needed.

There is one GSM mobile telephone operator, with coverage of Malabo, Bata, and several mainland cities.

Mr Asai tries to get one of his employees, telephone operator Ayako Murai (Isuzu Yamada), to meet him for dinner.

telephone exchanges

There may also be fibre optic cables interconnecting telephone exchanges.

The code is used at eight telephone exchanges as part a linked numbering scheme.

These services would operate in rural telephone exchanges, primarily in small towns in the state of Iowa.

public telephone   (teléfono público)

The majority state-owned public telephone company of Belgium is Proximus.

It is supposed that the first public telephone service in Victoria was installed here.

The airport offers, skydiving, public telephone, weather briefings, and 100LL fuel servicing.

telephone conversations   (conversaciones telefónicas)

For the role, Hardy had telephone conversations with Charles Bronson, before meeting him.

He was prominently featured in telephone conversations with Frank, such as those in the "Karma" series.

Authorities reportedly monitor private telephone conversations, personal mail, and the movement of citizens.

telephone area

, it is one of 14 U.S. states that still have only one telephone area code.

The Ludlow ZIP Code is 92338, and the community is in telephone area code 760.

Area code 920 North American telephone area code 920 covers much of eastern Wisconsin.

telephone systems

Early wet cells powered the first telegraph and telephone systems, and were the source of current for electroplating.

The company widened its range of activities and markets, including power plants, telephone systems and industries in general.

As related to legacy telephone systems, COS is often used to define the permissions an extension will have on a PBX or Centrex.

telephone box

There are no shops, pub or telephone box, but there is a post box.

The village also has its own postbox, a telephone box and a bus stop.

The police officer ran to the police telephone box located at 7th Street and Florida Ave NW.

telephone poles

Vehicles and telephone poles are oddly tilted and, frequently, so is the horizon.

In southern Switzerland along various lakes, telephone poles are made of granite.

Microphones were hung from windows or on telephone poles to capture the performances.

cellular telephone

for the company's cellular telephone service.

In 1980, the TDMA and CDMA digital cellular telephone technology was patented.

A French company operates cellular telephone service in cooperation with a state enterprise.