İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not tell   (söylememek)

God, when he spoke to Reeve, did not tell him so.

However, they do not tell this to their mother.

He does not tell Vincenzo about the pregnancy.

tell the story   (hikayeyi anlat)

The lyrics tell the story of two young lovers.

[...] when you tell the story, you don’t undermine another leader.

A captive from Moorish lands arrives and is asked to tell the story of his life.

not to tell   (Söyleme)

He decides not to tell Guisheng about Ah Zhen's death.

She is overheard by Sara, who promises not to tell Georgia.

Priya decides not to tell Ajay about her afternoon with Paul.

tell the truth   (doğruyu söyle)

There is one fewer just man to stand and tell the truth.

Ruslan tries to tell the truth, but none one believes him.

Despite this, they tell the truth to Jean, who dumps The Vulture.

tell a story   (Bir hikaye anlatmak)

"I want to tell a story," said Clavell at the time.

A German guest named Hermann is asked to tell a story.

The text of "Knoxville, Summer of 1915" does not tell a story.

tell anyone   (Kimseye söyleme)

Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

Bill is let off with a warning not to tell anyone about what happened.

Jesus sternly ordered many who received healing from him: "Do not tell anyone!"

tell stories

They tell stories of him beforehand, in the gulch.

In the Americas, the Cherokee used bead work to tell stories.

use photos of real horses to tell stories about real horses/donkeys.

does not tell

He does not tell Vincenzo about the pregnancy.

Even then it does not tell the whole truth.

He does not tell Maria about this until their wedding night.

able to tell   (söyleyebilir)

Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

Julie strokes his hair, finally able to tell him that she loved him.

Dou was sent to judge Ma, and he was able to tell that Ma was innocent.

did not tell

God, when he spoke to Reeve, did not tell him so.

She did not tell her family what she had suffered, except her mother.

Luisa does not forgive the fact that John did not tell the truth in court.

tries to tell

Ruslan tries to tell the truth, but none one believes him.

She tries to tell him they are for Lauren but Calvin kicks her out.

Manas tries to tell his wife about the ill-effects of her behaviour.

tell what

No historical records tell what had happened to Boudica's two daughters.

Ten days later, she finally woke up and decided to live to tell what happened.

People can tell what a person's heritage is by his or her family or clan name.

tell whether

Hand-numbered, but heck if I can tell whether this is #18 or #48!

It is usually rather difficult to tell whether a given Diophantine equation is solvable.

Hopkins could not tell whether the track was coming or going, made by big or small feet.

difficult to tell

This made it quite difficult to tell whose paintings where whose.

Some sort of realignment was involved, but it is difficult to tell precisely what.

Even during a storm, it is very difficult to tell where exactly lightning will strike.

tell people

... We don't exist to tell people what to believe about it".

It is the social rules that tell people what is "normal" behaviour for any specific category.

Rey told a reporter, "I like to tell people that I approach music with an autodidact trailer-park aesthetic."

used to tell

He used to tell his young daughter a bedtime story every night.

"I used to tell them that people like that really existed," Macy explained.

The tune of Gōshū ondo can be used to tell stories, or talk about current events.

tell the difference

In the case of sleep, EEGs can easily tell the difference.

The human ear may be able to tell the difference better than electronic equipment.

Edward P. Uzee examined Plauche and determined that he could not tell the difference between right and wrong when he killed Doucet.

wanted to tell   (söylemek istedim)

That is all he wanted to tell his young son at the time.

She says she cried and wanted to tell Alison all about it but couldn't.

I wanted to tell a grown-up story about people who behave in childish ways."

tell how

If you send out a sea attack it will tell how many boats were sunk.)

Locals tell how the detailed maps of this area created by Cook are still in maritime use.

Geba has an important position within Kamakura and old stories tell how it was often a battleground.

hard to tell

It is hard to tell who or what is to blame in this case.

In the Village, it is quite hard to tell the kids' exact ages.

No Beefcake yet, but from the clips it's hard to tell who is on bass.

refuses to tell

However, he refuses to tell Veronica what they were doing.

She is thrown out of church when she refuses to tell who the betrayer is.

Carmilla refuses to tell anything about herself, despite questioning by Laura.

decides to tell

Kate decides to tell Mrs. Barnes the truth and is fired.

Frustrated and on a trip with the Freshers, Theresa decides to tell Will they are over.

Against Shanley's warnings, Bob decides to tell Kruger that he's leaving, who then arranges to have him killed.

want to tell   (söylemek istemek)

"I want to tell a story," said Clavell at the time.

I just want to tell you, I tried.

But they've probably got more resources than me—if they want to tell that story, then tell it."

tell the police   (polise söyle)

When Axel wakes up in hospital, he is reluctant to tell the police anything and suspicion falls on Geoff and Aden.

The men tell the police that Thad killed himself because he was a psychopath who had been forced to have sex with his mother.

At the hospital, Warren threatens Grace and says he will tell the police everything but Grace says she will tell Sienna the truth.

tell you what   (sana ne söyleyeceğim)

People tell you what they think you want to hear."

He predicted: "Let me tell you what is coming.

He will tell you what you are to do."

way to tell

There's just no way to tell due to the rise and fall of the river," he said.

A common way to tell species of "Stylodictya" apart is by the number of radial spines that species possesses (e.g.

A time where music Antioquia was a way to tell what is living in the villages, which were noted for being workers and thriving.

trying to tell

It is your instinct trying to tell you something is off.

I'm trying to tell a story.

"I was trying to tell her we were on the same page, that I was her only ally.

impossible to tell

While in India, Russell learns that it's often impossible to tell friend from foe, and that some games must be played out until their deadly end.

Although many interpretations of this have been offered, it is impossible to tell whether this was true, and if so, what exactly the signal meant.

Many Afghans, even those who were vetted, were never issued official badges, making it impossible to tell who was supposed to have access to any particular facility.

tell him what

He sent it to 50 scientists, asking that they tell him what was wrong with his paper.

Huey asks Bobby, a friend of Delray's with a janitor position, to tell him what it says.

His goal is to become so powerful that nobody would ever be able to tell him what to do.

going to tell   (anlatacak)

Bella is finally going to tell her side of the story in court.

Then I found out she could write and it was like, 'What else are you going to tell me, that you’re also Van Gogh?'

Laura wrote that BOB was a friend of her father, and in another entry wrote, "Someday I'm going to tell the world about Ben Horne."