tells the story   (物語を語る)

The serial tells the story of Taaba’an and Zuhair.

Natsume" tells the story in Natsume's point of view.

It tells the story of the pianist Leon Fleisher.

then tells

He then tells his brother he will help him get out.

Dupre then tells Trist where Fury can be found.

He then tells his dog he is going hunting for rabbits.

film tells   (映画が伝える)

The film tells the story of a young Jewish boy.

The film tells the story of four college-going youngsters.

The film tells the love story of an obese youth named Luke John Prakash.

tells how

The song tells how good one feels when consuming it.

The Talmud tells how his tales were received.

The power ballad "Sing for Me" tells how Aguilera was born to sing.

tells a story   (物語を語る)

One of these mosaics tells a story about Rayman's past.

Good music that tells a story."

It tells a story of a gardener who become king due to the circumstances.

later tells

Sienna later tells Joel that the cancer is terminal.

Tilly later tells Rogers about the encounter.

Carmel later tells Calvin she wants to get back together.

book tells

This book tells the story of Alexander Hale and Raphaella Phillips.

This book tells about his life, and what he went through to make this music flourish.

The picture book tells the story of Bundo observing the Vice President's daily activities.

story tells   (物語は語る)

The story tells that whether will the hero die at 27 or not.

Kanekar's story tells of an Emperor set on a new conquest—that of Dhamma.

The story tells of Cassidy's struggle and subsequent triumph over alcohol.

tells the tale   (物語を語る)

It tells the tale of a soldier and an orphan girl.

"Maiden of Pain" tells the tale of a priestess of Loviatar.

It tells the tale of dacoits in 1975, who termed themselves Baaghis, the rebels.

novel tells   (小説)

The rest of the novel tells of Francie's life until she goes to college at 17.

The novel tells the story of Rob Merlin, the best engineer who has ever lived.

The novel tells the story of Scotch-Irish American pioneers during the Whiskey Rebellion.

song tells

The song tells how good one feels when consuming it.

The song tells the story of a man about to be executed by the electric chair.

The song tells of a man meeting his first love, with her asking if he remembered her.

tells everyone   (みんなに言います)

Then Shaili tells everyone that Priyanka ran away to marry Sushant.

During the family reunion, Lisa tells everyone that Ronnie has been hitting her.

She accepts and tells everyone else about it, and the contestants all share an emotional moment.

legend tells

The older legend tells about miraculous healing of children.

Urban legend tells that hanging shoes denote the location of a gang murder.

The legend tells that Antaeus was the undefeatable protector of the Massyle.

when he tells   (彼が言うとき)

Renée is furious, but gives in when he tells her he loves her.

But when he tells friends at work about his plans to start a new family, they react fearfully.

Tara was hurt by Alex's behaviour, but felt even worse when he tells her what really happened with Linda.

tells him not

As he leaves, Florence tells him not to return.

While Damian was burning the money, he is visited by his dead mother, who tells him not to worry about her.

However, Jake is intent on going to help Rosa but Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) strictly tells him not to leave the building.

finally tells   (最後に言う)

Logan finally tells Amy that he is an ex-CIA operative.

Peter finally tells the truth to the court.

Later that night, Bianca finally tells Heath she is pregnant.

tells of how

A Menominee story tells of how Fox is an untrustworthy friend to the Wolf.

One popular story tells of how he accepted milk and rice pudding from a village girl named Sujata.

One story tells of how Atutahi was left outside the basket representing the Milky Way when Tāne wove it.

tells the stories

It tells the stories of a young horse named Marvin who is part of a carnival.

Rutherfurd invents four to six fictional families and tells the stories of their descendants.

This series tells the stories of the Carpathians, an ancient race with near-immortal lifespans that feeds on human blood.

father tells

Sam's father tells them to stop the countdown.

His father tells him that his ‘guide’ will find him and help him on his quest.

Once at her house, Ángela's father tells her that her sister, Sena, is at a party with Bosco.

tells the police

Liz tells the police and they are both arrested.

Tammy tells the police what really happened and Rick is released.

She tells the police that one of the girls in the reform school is a thief.

mother tells

Guy's mother tells Anne that Guy managed to survive, albeit horribly disfigured.

At the night of the party, Alice's mother tells a lie to discourage her daughter.

The mother tells the second son to kneel in front of his wife, and is pleased that he finally repents.

when she tells   (彼女が言うとき)

Halfway and Whitney panic when she tells him that she may be pregnant.

Buffy reports to Giles, and he is concerned when she tells him about the theft from the mausoleum.

She cries when she tells him the children, his half-brother and half-sister, later died in a motor accident.

series tells

The series tells about a middle-class family living in a villa house in suburb.

The series tells the story of human invention and creativity in 3 minute essays.

The series tells the story of a young blonde-haired teenager named Sabrina, was is born a half witch and a half human.