temporary exhibitions   (特別展)

The gallery houses temporary exhibitions.

Its purpose is to house temporary exhibitions of the museum.

Today it serves as a gallery for temporary exhibitions of modern art.

temporary rank   (仮ランク)

In October 1919 he was given the temporary rank of brigadier-general.

Whaling was promoted to the temporary rank of Colonel on May 21, 1942.

He was appointed a flight commander with the temporary rank of captain on 24 August 1918.

temporary deal   (一時取引)

On 18 July 2014 he was signed by Forlì in temporary deal.

In January 2008 he left for Mezzocorona in temporary deal.

In July 2012 Sabelli left for A.S. Bari in a temporary deal.

temporary basis   (一時的)

Initially, the Sannai-Maruyama site was used on a temporary basis.

Will left Okeelanta for Fort Lauderdale on what he believed would be a temporary basis.

In 1924 he was appointed on a temporary basis as senior master at Melbourne High School.

temporary home   (仮設住宅)

Schmittou offered Greer as a temporary home ballpark for the team.

It was rebuilt in 1996 as a temporary home of the Lowell Spinners.

In 2019 it served as the temporary home field of the Dunedin Blue Jays.

only temporary   (一時的のみ)

This synergistic relationship is only temporary.

Purify is a Manhunt only temporary map.

Meanwhile, Hindmarsh tried stockbroking, with only temporary success.

temporary residents   (一時居住者)

According to the UNHCR 2009 report as many as 167,189 refugees and asylum seekers are temporary residents in Ecuador.

Yerevan also has a small community of Muslims, including ethnic Kurds, Iranians, and temporary residents from the Middle East.

As temporary residents, they are ineligible for government support, student loans, aid, emergency programmes, welfare, public housing and disability support in Australia.

permanent or temporary   (永続的または一時的)

Council committees are either permanent or temporary.

Such a stoma may be permanent or temporary.

They usually slept on leaves or mats and had either permanent or temporary habitation among the tribes.

temporary measure   (仮対策)

Teredo is a temporary measure.

As a temporary measure, the high school students shared the middle school for the next several months.

The service was introduced in 1990 as a temporary measure to reduce congestion during construction work on I-95.

temporary command   (仮コマンド)

Smith assumed temporary command of the army.

Five days later, he was given temporary command of "Jagdstaffel 14".

Finally he went to the China Seas in temporary command of a gunboat.

temporary replacement   (一時的な交換)

In spring of 1914, a temporary replacement bridge was acquired from Dresden.

The team brought in fox as a temporary replacement and moved fnx to the substitute role.

As a temporary replacement, a street running Road-Railway Bridge was constructed in 2000.

temporary restraining   (一時的な抑制)

The auction was called off by the Supreme Court through a temporary restraining order.

Carreon also requested a temporary restraining order to stop disbursement of the donations.

A temporary restraining order was issued by U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik on July 31, 2018.

temporary repairs   (一時的な修理)

She surfaced for further temporary repairs.

Hanna" was sent to Detroit, Michigan for temporary repairs.

Permission was given for temporary repairs to be carried out.

temporary restraining order   (一時的な抑制命令)

The auction was called off by the Supreme Court through a temporary restraining order.

Carreon also requested a temporary restraining order to stop disbursement of the donations.

A temporary restraining order was issued by U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik on July 31, 2018.

temporary station   (仮駅)

Although some improvements were carried out Lympne was initially seen as a temporary station.

Although some improvements were carried out, Lympne was initially seen as a temporary station.

The South Devon Railway (SDR) built its line from Exeter to Plymouth, opening to a temporary station at Laira Green on 5 May 1848.

promoted to temporary   (一時的に昇格)

On 9 March 1918 Martin assumed temporary command of the 7th Brigade and was promoted to temporary colonel On 29 March.

On 17 March 1918, McGlinn was promoted to temporary brigadier general and appointed Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General of all AIF Depots in the United Kingdom.

He was deputy, later Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1947 to 1949 and was promoted to temporary general and permanent major general in January 1948.

temporary accommodation   (仮設)

There was temporary accommodation for 1,149 male and 252 female personnel.

In 1966, the school was established at the temporary accommodation at CET cell.

Thousands were left homeless, requiring temporary accommodation in schools, churches, and other similar places.

temporary duty   (一時的な義務)

In mid-July 1951 the 559th went on temporary duty to RAF Manston, England.

In May 1954, however, the 559th again deployed to Japan on temporary duty to Misawa Air Base.

At the conclusion of the temporary duty in Alaska the detachment flew nonstop back to its home base.

temporary buildings   (仮設建物)

The College opened in temporary buildings in 1694.

The new school opened in temporary buildings.

The college started functioning in 2008 from temporary buildings.

temporary residence   (一時的な住居)

Her parents were unhappy with this since they understood Austria as a temporary residence.

(Prior to the completion of Four Freedoms Plaza, the team took up temporary residence at Avengers Mansion.)

Both his parents were from old Philadelphia families; the couple had taken up temporary residence in Vicksburg.

temporary housing   (仮設住宅)

There are also temporary housing for fishermen.

The Eisenhower Centre was inaugurated, with temporary housing in the Garrison Library.

Friends, family, local churches, and other sources provided temporary housing to refugees.

temporary structure   (仮設)

The temporary structure was lightweight, portable, and photoluminescent.

Then a temporary structure known as a center or centering would be built of wood or iron.

Since 2012, the temporary structure A Room for London has been located on top of the auditorium building.

temporary exhibition   (特別展)

In 2012 the museum held a temporary exhibition called "“Favores insólitos.

There is also a temporary exhibition that stays in place for several months at a time.

Each year, the museum offers a different temporary exhibition and an extensive event program.

temporary terminus   (一時的な終点)

The station resumed operations as the temporary terminus of Line 9 on December 16, 2015.

The station opened as a temporary terminus of the line from Mangalore, on the main North East line.

Because this station was intended to be a temporary terminus, the passenger accesses are much too small.

temporary nature   (一時的な性質)

His principal subjects include beauty, death, the temporary nature of man, and memory.

In "Maachis", a young Punjabi boy engages in terrorism to fight a bad situation only to realise its temporary nature.

Interboro Partners of Brooklyn designed the landscape, incorporating inexpensive materials such as gravel and plywood, reflecting the temporary nature of the space.

temporary wooden   (仮木)

In 1718, a temporary wooden palace was constructed in Strelna.

The college erected a temporary wooden building, and the first classes began on February 20, 1860.

At the same time temporary wooden studio was built under a Moreton Bay Fig, where the courtyard is today.

temporary closure   (一時閉鎖)

HUSS ordered the temporary closure of 40 Rainbows.

The final step of this phase is applying a temporary closure device.

Following a temporary closure in 1913 it resumed operations in 1919.

only a temporary   (一時的な)

But this was only a temporary delay.

However, since this was only a temporary camp, no one at headquarters recognized the name.

This was only a temporary appointment until he was appointed as a permanent draftsman in December 1889.

temporary location   (一時的な場所)

The temporary location of the mission church was located at nearby Mt.

In May 1999, the venue moved to another temporary location near the Ostbahnhof.

In September 1969, AMD moved from its temporary location in Santa Clara to Sunnyvale, California.

temporary capital   (仮資本)

In 1683 the estate served as a temporary capital of Maryland.

The suburb grew rapidly in the 1920s, after Kaunas became the temporary capital of Lithuania.

Žaliakalnis became part of Kaunas in 1919, when the city became the temporary capital of Lithuania.

temporary solution   (一時的な解決策)

The Rector Street Bridge () was seen as a temporary solution.

Some women opt for a temporary solution by wearing eyelid glue.

As a temporary solution, it was decided to extend the Springfield Road service into this area.

temporary or permanent   (一時的または永続的)

Anchors can either be temporary or permanent.

This can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage such as tinnitus.

The cities attract temporary or permanent migrants from the rural areas.

temporary exhibits   (仮展示)

There are temporary exhibits as well.

It also hosts traveling and temporary exhibits on related themes.

In addition, temporary exhibits on a variety of topics are hosted in the large power halls.

temporary charge   (仮請求)

Buckle left the club 10 months later, with Neilson placed in temporary charge of the team.

Ian Durrant and Jamie Ewings were put in temporary charge for the trip to Arbroath which Sons lost 3–1.

He then joined the coaching set-up at Cliftonville, taking temporary charge following Tommy Breslin's resignation in September 2015.

temporary shelter   (仮設住宅)

A temporary shelter was established for survivors in the Solai Boy's High School.

After dropping the two-year-old off at a temporary shelter, she was able to return home safely.

Log houses called “picket” huts, tents, and rough frame structures were constructed as temporary shelter.

temporary building   (仮設建物)

It has initially been kept in a temporary building in Coronation Park.

The University opened its doors on 7 October 2006 in a temporary building.

It is, in part, two storeys high, organised around a central courtyard, within which is a temporary building.

special temporary   (特別な一時)

Stations only required a special temporary authority (STA) from the FCC to be a part of the service.

The museum has five exhibition halls: Central Hall, Prehistory, Middle Ages, Treasure, and a special temporary exhibition.

About 35,000 flowers were initially planted, and special temporary floral designs were sometimes put in—for example, to commemorate Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.

temporary captain   (臨時船長)

He was promoted to first lieutenant in May 1917, and temporary captain in August.

He was made Rangers temporary captain, with the absence of formal club captain David Weir for the first part of the 2011–12 season.

Showrunner/EP Warren Leight said of Baldwin's character, "We have a temporary captain coming in, Adam Baldwin, and he’s replacing Cragen because Cragen is not fit for duty at the moment.

temporary lieutenant   (臨時中li)

On 5 July 1945, he was appointed temporary lieutenant colonel while employed with the British Forces.

As a war substantive major and temporary lieutenant colonel, he was promoted to major on 1 November 1943.

On 5 December 1916, as a temporary major, he was appointed wing commander and made a temporary lieutenant colonel.

temporary suspension   (一時停止)

His confinement, with some temporary suspension, endured for years.

Timo Soini, the leader of the party, demanded a temporary suspension of Halla-aho from the parliamentary group.

In a legal context, it may refer to the temporary suspension of a law to allow a legal challenge to be carried out.

temporary shelters   (仮設住宅)

Many residents evacuated Nacala, and temporary shelters were provided for those who stayed.

Presently, Nemilichery, with three temporary shelters, is only a halt station and not a full-fledged one.

The Ganesha idols and accompanying statues are installed in temporary shelters, known as mandaps or pandals.