Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

legal tender   (curso legal)

The next day, the dollar ceased to be legal tender.

Cryptocurrencies are generally not legal tender.

These coins are legal tender throughout the eurozone.

seaplane tender   (licitación de hidroavión)

"Rehoboth" was originally operated as a Barnegat-class seaplane tender.

The warships included the United States Navy (USN) destroyer and seaplane tender .

There they met their "base ship" the , recently converted from minelayer to seaplane tender.

submarine tender   (licitación submarina)

She was the first purpose-built submarine tender in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

On 7 November 1942, "Chōgei" relieved "Jingei" as submarine tender for the IJN 8th Fleet based in Rabaul.

Japanese submarine tender Karasaki , was the first submarine tender operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

tender locomotives   (locomotoras tiernas)

They were 0-8-0 tender locomotives with two outside cylinders.

The genesis of the class was in the four earlier Class D 0-8-0 tender locomotives.

The decision was taken to rebuild them into more conventional 4-6-0 tender locomotives.