tensions between   (間の緊張)

In 1969, tensions between El Salvador and Honduras increased.

This caused tensions between Rous and a number of FIFA confederations.

The tensions between OSČ and the Vienna Commission peaked in 1905 and 1906.

racial tensions   (人種間の緊張)

In 1984 the pool was closed due to lack of funding and racial tensions.

Groveland did not show any racial tensions, the residents were welcoming and accepting.

Continuing racial tensions and violence, such as the Chicago Race Riot of 1919, also occurred.

political tensions   (政治的緊張)

But political tensions, including a liberal rebellion, led to the Chilean Civil War of 1851.

During the reign of his son, John II, social and political tensions caused the Catalan Civil War (1462–1472).

As social and political tensions mounted in Siena, Catherine found herself drawn to intervene in wider politics.

ethnic tensions

In the late 1960s ethnic tensions rose dramatically in Nigeria.

Mirčić's political rivals accused him of fomenting ethnic tensions with these comments.

On December 1, 1874, all but one member of the Girard cabinet resigned due to ethnic tensions.

tensions within

How much labor is actually done depends on the importance of conflict or tensions within the labor process.

These events caused tensions within the KCK however, as differences between the PKK and PYD leadership emerged.

Several regimes of military dictatorship resulted in political and economic instability that increased social tensions within Peru.

social tensions   (社会的緊張)

The economic problems in Whitechapel were accompanied by a steady rise in social tensions.

One reason is that ERGs come with historical social tensions that widen the gap between groups.

Competition among the different ethnic groups was often expressed as bigotry, and social tensions gave rise to the Red Scare.

rising tensions

Settlement density and a land shortage may have contributed to rising tensions during the period.

Soon after, they were forced to leave because of rising tensions in the area prior to the American Revolution.

Croat refugees headed toward Croatia due to rising tensions between Bosniaks and Croats in central Bosnia and overcrowding in Travnik.

increased tensions

The actions of Spanish soldiers increased tensions among the Tejas.

Yet increased tensions and a plot in the army to support Strafford began to sway the issue.

In October 2015, he encouraged Israelis to carry guns as a "duty" in light of increased tensions.

tensions rose

During the 1950s, tensions rose in Ladakh region.

In the late 1960s ethnic tensions rose dramatically in Nigeria.

As tensions rose, Croatia declared independence on 25 June 1991.

growing tensions

The radio show began on March 13, 1938 in response to growing tensions in Europe.

With the onset of the growing tensions between East and West, the service was revived in 1949 as the Civil Defence Corps.

Shortly into the season, growing tensions between team owner Rick Gay and coach Bill LaForge led to the coach being fired.