terminal building   (ターミナルビル)

A new terminal building opened in June 1969.

A new terminal building was inaugurated in February 2009.

The former terminal building is on a site.

new terminal   (新しいターミナル)

The new terminal opened on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

The new terminal is planned to serve domestic flights.

The new terminal is just west of the previous terminal.

bus terminal   (バスターミナル)

There are two intercity bus terminal in the city.

The station is also annexed to the central bus terminal.

A new bus terminal was built adjacent to Block VI in 1980.

passenger terminal   (旅客ターミナル)

In 1996, the present passenger terminal was built.

The airport has two passenger terminal buildings.

The airport passenger terminal was renovated in 2009.

terminal station   (終着駅)

Both these lines serve Barcelona Sants terminal station.

The S-Bahn station is a terminal station and the only station on the line.

It was situated near Hof city centre and was thus laid out as a terminal station.

ferry terminal   (フェリーターミナル)

The ferry terminal is the access point to Enggano Island.

It now functions as a ferry terminal.

The car ferry terminal is connected to the town's main railway station.

airport terminal   (空港ターミナル)

Hertz and Avis Car rental are located in the airport terminal.

In the mid-1950s, Corgan designed the Dallas Love Field airport terminal.

Whilst writing the pilot, Larson met actor Lee Majors in an airport terminal.

terminal illness   (末期症状)

Faith suffers from dementia and a terminal illness.

All died from their preexisting terminal illness, or cardiac illnesses.

Kim then starred in "Fantastic", playing a drama screenwriter suffering from a terminal illness.

terminal cancer   (末期癌)

His condition worsened and Most was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The score was finished after Pierre was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

McCorkle wanted to better understand management of terminal cancer patients.

main terminal   (メインターミナル)

Today the main terminal has 51,535 m (554,718 sq.ft) of space.

Its main terminal in Metro Manila is along Avenida in Santa Cruz, Manila.

This allows passengers to deplane directly aboard and be carried to the main terminal.

terminal line   (ターミナルライン)

Hindwing: basal and postdiscal areas chestnut-red; a black spot at base of vein 8 defined by white lines; a very broad medio-discal white band from costa to dorsum, crossed at apex of interspace 1 a by a transverse black mark, beyond the middle of interspace 7 by a broad black bar, and in interspace 7 bordered inwardly by black; a postdiscal series of small white spots in continuation of those on the forewing; an inner subterminal series of paired subtriangular small white spots, an outer subterminal line of slender white lunules, an intervening black sinuous line between the two series and a black terminal line.

terminal area   (ターミナルエリア)

Finally, Taxiway J is the primary taxiway from the terminal area to the cargo ramps.

Taxiway A runs parallel to Runway 10L/28R, serves as the last exit of Runway 10L and connects to the terminal area.

There is provision for a fourth track to run through the trolley terminal area and join the subway west of the trolley terminal, should a four-track subway station be wanted.

container terminal   (コンテナターミナル)

Woolston hosts Christchurch's largest container terminal.

This often takes the form of a container terminal and may also be known as a container station.

As of 2015, the DCT was described as the most technologically advanced container terminal on the African continent.

cargo terminal   (貨物ターミナル)

It now functions as the main freight cargo terminal.

The station also has a cargo terminal with several tracks.

The site will also include a cargo terminal and maintenance area.

international terminal   (国際線ターミナル)

In August 2013, reconstruction of the international terminal was commenced.

The only international service is cargo service, but there have been discussions about adding an international terminal.

On December 24, 1990 Juanda Airport was gained international airport status after the opening of the international terminal.

diagnosed with terminal   (端末と診断された)

In 1990, Zappa was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.

At the end of the year he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

His condition worsened and Most was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

oil terminal   (オイルターミナル)

It allows oil supplies to Austria from the Italian oil terminal in Trieste.

"Butcher Island", also known as "Jawahar Dweep", is used as an oil terminal by the Mumbai Port.

Omišalj is best known in modern times for hosting the Rijeka Airport as well as Port of Rijeka oil terminal.

new terminal building   (新しいターミナルビル)

A new terminal building opened in June 1969.

A new terminal building was inaugurated in February 2009.

In addition, a new terminal building is planned for the airport.

terminal moraine   (ターミナルモレーン)

Its watershed covers about and lies within the terminal moraine crossing Staten Island.

Glacial debris, possibly terminal moraine left behind by the receding ice, acted as dams, allowing lakes to form.

Moomaw Glacier is almost northeast of Isolation Peak and the old terminal moraine of the glacier impounds Frigid Lake.

old terminal   (古いターミナル)

The old terminal at Kharkiv was built in the 1950s in neo-classical style.

Terminal 2 was built by demolishing the old terminal building, which was opened on February 14, 2014.

The new facilities removed the bottleneck caused by the limited capability of the old terminal and runway.

terminal series   (ターミナルシリーズ)

The 31**series formed the basis of other several other low-cost IBM display stations, including the 3104 for the IBM 8100; the 5291 in the IBM 5250 display terminal series for the IBM System/36; the 4980 display for the IBM Series/1; and the 3178 display in the IBM 3270 display terminal series for the IBM System/370.

Forewing: a short streak along dorsal margin, two broad streaks united at base in interspace 1, the upper one curved, a broad streak in cell with an outwardly indented detached spot beyond it in apex, a slender costal streak, two large discal spots inwardly pointed, outwardly truncate, three elongate spots beyond apex of cell and four or five elongate preapical spots beyond them, finally a subterminal and a terminal series of spots decreasing in size towards apex of wing.