İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

northern terminus   (kuzey ucu)

I-295's northern terminus is at exit 53 with I-64.

It replaced as the northern terminus of the line.

Here, PA 38 comes to its northern terminus at US 322.

southern terminus   (güney terminali)

At the southern terminus is a Diamond interchange.

The station is Line 1's southern terminus right now.

It is became the southern terminus of the line.

eastern terminus   (doğu ucu)

The eastern terminus is in New City at Haverstraw Road.

The eastern terminus is at US 209 in Newtown.

The eastern terminus at State Route 7 is in Gallipolis.

western terminus   (batı ucu)

Its original western terminus was in Bonners Ferry.

Its western terminus is at U.S. Route 52 in Ironton.

Soon, it has its western terminus at SR 4.

current terminus   (mevcut son)

The line was extended by a further to its current terminus in 1938.

It was further extended to it current terminus between 1973 and 1982.

through downtown Bennettsville to its current terminus at US 15/US 401.

bus terminus

The nearest KSRTC bus terminus is in Mallappally.

The nearest bus terminus is T. Nagar.

The station serves a metropolitan bus terminus and a park and ride lot.

terminus station   (terminal istasyonu)

McCowan station is the terminus station of the Scarborough Rapid Transit line.

Westport railway station is the terminus station on the Dublin to Westport Rail service.

It was a terminus station located at the end of two branch lines from Witham and Woodham Ferrers.

new terminus

Buses running to this new terminus were designated Bromley (6B).

In February 2011 electrification reached Waikanae, which became the new terminus.

This new section was opened on 14 September 1995, and the new terminus was named Embarcadero.

temporary terminus   (geçici sonlandırma)

The station resumed operations as the temporary terminus of Line 9 on December 16, 2015.

The station opened as a temporary terminus of the line from Mangalore, on the main North East line.

Because this station was intended to be a temporary terminus, the passenger accesses are much too small.

railway terminus

The Tai Wai Cycling Park, where beginners could practice their cycling skills, was demolished in 2001 to make way for the railway terminus of the Ma On Shan Line.

The tram was an important public transit system connecting travelers and merchandise from Ibadan and Abeokuta via the railway terminus at Iddo, mainland Lagos to Port of Lagos.

The country, in 1965, was still reeling after the catastrophe of the demolition of the Euston Arch in London, the monumental portico of the world’s first capital city railway terminus.

original terminus

The original terminus was at Kensington station.

Its original terminus was at Trowse on the outskirts of Norwich.

Cassaba was the railway original terminus and one of Turkey's oldest railway stations.

current northern terminus

In 1983, SC 151 was extended and bypassed east of Pageland, to its current northern terminus.

In 1949, SC 903 was extended north to its current northern terminus in Lancaster, replacing an old alignment of SC 9.

In 1952, was truncated to its current northern terminus in Sylva; its route between Dillsboro to Tennessee was replaced by US 441.