terrorist attacks   (恐怖袭击)

Zoe happened to die on 9/11 but not from the terrorist attacks.

Clean IT is particularly concerned with possible terrorist attacks.

In the two weeks following 3 July 39 terrorist attacks occurred in North Sinai.

terrorist attack   (恐怖袭击)

She also described it as a well-planned terrorist attack.

At the time, they were informed that the attack was a "terrorist attack".

It was the largest terrorist attack in history until the 9/11 terror attacks.

terrorist organization   (恐怖组织)

The MEK denounce the axis as a terrorist organization.

Klein plays Yaron the head of a counter terrorist organization.

Hezbollah is designated a terrorist organization in the United States.

terrorist group   (恐怖组织)

Schwander had founded a terrorist group, "R.I.S.E.

Some people consider it a terrorist group.

's battle with the terrorist group HYDRA.

terrorist groups   (恐怖组织)

The terrorist groups had initially sent the new recruits to the fire.

From 1976, he covered social movements and terrorist groups in Italy.

Some Islamic terrorist groups are connected with Athikkad village near Akampadam.

terrorist organizations

Do you mean the people who carry weapons to terrorist organizations?

Citizens of Azerbaijan have joined terrorist organizations in Syria.

National and terrorist organizations and other groups are also targeted.

terrorist activities   (恐怖活动)

They were all accused of taking part in terrorist activities of Narodnaya Volya.

Some members of the group manage to evade capture and continue with terrorist activities.

Unbeknownst to Samir, his brother gets involved in terrorist activities using the money Samir supplies.

terrorist organisation

All ten were charged for aiding an armed terrorist organisation.

It is designated as a terrorist organisation by the Government of India.

India accused Jaish-e-Muhammad, a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation.

terrorist acts

The sanctions also failed to prevent the Taliban for conducting terrorist acts.

Even though many anarchists distanced themselves from these terrorist acts, infamy came upon the movement.

Its seemingly prophetic vision of terrorist acts to come (it was published in 1991) grant the book gravitas".

terrorist activity

The United States of America is pressing charges against Samir for funding terrorist activity.

Prisons house mostly people charged with terrorist activity related to ISIL and other extremist groups.

(High-risk United Nations Task-force) is sent to San Nicolas Island to investigate terrorist activity taking place.

terrorist incidents

There were nine terrorist incidents with more than hundred deaths in conflict zones.

List of terrorist incidents in India This is a list of terrorist incidents in India.

terrorist act

It is believed that his help "stopping the terrorist act, would be worthy of that amount".

The mostly inactive spy Alfred Verloc is ordered by his superior Mr Vladimir to carry out a terrorist act.

However, a CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, suspects that Brody was turned by al-Qaeda, and tries to stop him from potentially committing a terrorist act.

terrorist threat

Rohrabacher has said that he sees Islam as the source of a major terrorist threat to the U.S.

Risks included high oil prices (imports), lower prices of gold and cotton (exports) as well as terrorist threat and labour strikes.