İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

original text   (orjinal metin)

This version is similar to the original text.

The original text was written in Koine Greek.

Therefore, the printed Kol HaTor is not the original text.

bold text   (kalın yazı)

Sitting senators are shown in bold text.

text messages   (Metin mesajları)

Afterwards, Lea sends text messages to her family members.

In February 2013, Priya began receiving anonymous "lewd" text messages.

Custom ringtones still cannot be used for text messages, IMs or emails.

text is written   (metin yazılmıştır)

The text is written in 8 lines and 18 letters per line.

This text is written in Traditional Chinese.

It is a palimpsest, the upper text is written in Arabic.

text in italics   (italik metin)

A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated.

text while text   (metin metni)

A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated.

text message   (SMS)

Steele released a set of text message stickers for Apple devices in 2017.

She is shocked when she receives a text message who she thinks is Warren.

"IRL" is written as one long text message, drawing on the epic tradition.

full text

The full text of the measure is available online.

All articles are available in full text without fees.

text messaging   (Metin mesajlaşma)

The phone has multimedia features such as picture and text messaging.

This includes letters, telephone, text messaging, email, chat, and webcam readings.

Research has shown that women are more likely than men to use emoticons in text messaging.

text was written

The Italian text was written by Giorgio Calabrese.

The original text was written in Koine Greek.

The text was written by Johann Anton Mylius.

text editor

Also added in LS-DOS 6.3 is the simple text editor.

This kind of ASCII art is handmade in a text editor.

ASCII versions of DXF can be read with any text editor.

plain text   (düz metin)

HTML, PDF, or plain text), et cetera.

For example, suppose an HTML document is saved as plain text (*.txt).

If a scribe writes the song as plain text, then the scroll is invalid.

contains the text

The codex contains the text of the four Gospels with three lacunae.

The codex contains the text of the four Gospels on 169 parchment leaves ().

text books

The initial books written by Dexter were general studies text books.

CACC produced text books in Laiholh from elementary through 10th grade.

In addition he made many pen and ink illustrations for magazines and text books.

text is divided

The text is divided into sections, called "prakāśas" which include:

The text is divided into two near-equal parts entitled 'Reading' and 'Writing'.

The text is divided according to the Ammonian Sections, whose numbers are given at the margin.

complete text

The codex contains the complete text of the four Gospels.

text written

There are 39 surviving leaves, with text written in the Irish majuscule script.

The account of 1797 consists of two quarto volumes containing text written by Staunton.

The first psychology text written in Canada was penned by William Lyall of Halifax in 1855.

containing the text

The following is a list of manuscripts containing the text.

On June 18, 2013, Mountain Equipment rebranded their logo, replacing the mountain with a green square containing the text "MEC" in bold.

The illustration, a simple black and white sketch of Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani containing the text "Tamim Almajd" in the style of Arabic calligraphy, has become symbolic of Qatari nationalism.

text files   (metin dosyaları)

The original &TOTSE specialized in small text files.

All text files are ASCII format, all pictures are GIFs."

Endnote can import records from other databases or text files.

text file

The following example shows three records ready for import as a text file.

The output of the executed code is the text file generated by the template.

The declarations in the external subset are located in a separate text file.

text was published

The text was published by Paola Pruneti in 1983.

The text was published by Grenfell and Hunt in 1899.

standard text

It became a standard text for the teaching of Latin verse during the next few centuries.

Frequently, at some point in the discussion, someone will point out that ed is the "standard text editor".

His "La musique viêtnamienne traditionnelle" (Paris, 1962) was for many years a standard text of Vietnamese musicology.

biblical text   (İncil metni)

The biblical text is surrounded by a catena.

The biblical text is on the side verso.

It was altered by a later hand (biblical text and a commentary).

main text   (ana yazı)

New editions followed the 7th, but the main text was essentially not revised.

Sometimes he used some of its marginal readings instead of main text readings (e.g.

Additionally, the Greek text contains many small changes in the meaning of the main text.

domain text

"Includes public domain text from the CDC as cited"

This article incorporates public domain text from reference.

public domain text   (kamu malı metin)

"Includes public domain text from the CDC as cited"

This article incorporates public domain text from reference.

text reads

One side of the fragmentary text reads, word-for-word: ...not [to] me.

The opposite side of the text reads, word-for-word: ...my moth[er]...three...forth ...

Its text reads Hatakeyama Shigeyasu's residence Hatakeyama Shigeyasu was Hatakeyama Shigetada's eldest son.

same text

The same text alludes to Colmán's conflicts with other rulers.

The same text mentions that he was a devotee of the eighth Jain tirthankara Chandraprabha.

The same text records that the language of the Yilou to the north differed from that of Buyeo and Goguryeo.

following text

The following text is from Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The following text about Abbie Rogers is from the Millicent Library, Fairhaven Massachusetts.

The following text, using contemporary Irish orthography, and translation, is given by Walsh, 1847, pp.

written text

The recorder of the events in the written text (i.e.

The Constitution is more than a written text.

The video finishes with written text on screen: "We come from everywhere.

text adventure

Gameplay consists of a classic text adventure game.

Fencl also wrote a text adventure named "Tom Jones".

They play as text adventure games controlled by keyboard commands.

text book

She co-authored the gymnastics text book "Gerätturnen".

The first scientific text book on the topic was published in 2010.

There is no concept of case law as one would find in a modern text book.

runic text   (Runik metin)

The runic text also describes Erik as being a "styrimann", a title often translated as "captain" and which describes a person who was responsible for navigation and watchkeeping on a ship.

The entire inscription reads: The last rune (d) is hidden below the necklace holder piece that has been molded on top of the bracteate, but archaeologists know what it is because a duplicate bracteate was found in Motala (image) which read: The first part of the inscription is not yet understood but is assumed to be associated with magic, however this is a common stock-explanation for runic text that has not yet been interpreted.

text itself

The composition of the text itself has been dated to 1624.

The text itself was largely copied from the "Sefer HaMinhagim" of Isaac Tyrnau.

The text itself was thought to be the unique extant example of a work by Hellenistic scholars.

incorporates text

"This entry incorporates text from the RT/PC FAQ ."

This article incorporates text translated from the corresponding , as of 2009-01-13.

This article incorporates text from the Library of Congress Country Studies, which is in the public domain.

source text

The cast of singers was: Smith's libretto takes certain liberties with Poe's source text.

According to her, the Masoretic Text reflects later redactional reworking of this shorter Hebrew source text.

It is also possible to send a translated message, optionally containing the source text as well as the translation.

wrote the text

(Brown wrote the text for six books that were published as by "Golden MacDonald".

Evelin Matschke wrote the text, basing it on the French audio track, which was read by Erwin Geschonneck.

He wrote the text "How to Multiply Matrices Faster" (Springer, 1984) surveying early developments in this area.

within the text

The miniatures are set within the text column, although a few miniatures occupy a full page.

Division within the text is obtained by moving from prose to verse or even song in some places.

He demonstrated his linguistic versatility by switching from language to language within the text.

sacred text

In 1899 he published "Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches", which he claimed had been a sacred text for Italian witches.

At the top of the hierarchy was the Insular half-uncial (or "Insular majuscule"), used for important documents and sacred text.

Leela Charitra Leela Charitra is a biography of Chakradhar Swami, the guru of the Mahanubhava sect, and is a sacred text of that sect.

article incorporates text

This article incorporates text translated from the corresponding , as of 2009-01-13.

This article incorporates text from the Library of Congress Country Studies, which is in the public domain.

() "This article incorporates text from the official site, licensed under GNU Free Documentation license."

via text

Chico also appeared via text, responding to Jack Whitehall.

Mu Online has a built-in chat system that allows all visible players to easily communicate via text.

After proposing via text message, he married American Olympic rower Jennifer Goldsack on January 17, 2009.

religious text

This included the central religious text of Islam.

The religious text: "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

They are: The single most important religious text is the Bhagavata, especially the Book X ("Daxama").

printed text

Tissues are often provided by manufacturers to place over the printed text.

It can be used with graphics tablets to seamlessly input handwritten printed text anywhere there was an insertion point on the screen.

At one point, a strange word reveals that a single line of the printed text of "Ben-Hur" has accidentally been omitted during copying.

text states

Shakespeare's text states: "Enter Ghost of Banquo, and sits in Macbeth's place."

“Again, the skillful Vāmaśiva was the preceptor of Śrī Yaśovardhana, bearing as king the name Śrī Yaśovarman,” the Sanskrit text states.

The text states: "A person who substantially complies in good faith with provisions of this chapter shall be deemed to be in compliance with this chapter."

classic text

Gameplay consists of a classic text adventure game.

The study of this classic text makes one grasp the fundamentals of astrology.

He wrote the classic text on the subject of moko, "Moko; or Maori Tattooing", which was published in 1896.