İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

thanks in part   (kısmen teşekkürler)

The project gained Crytek's approval thanks in part to a 75,000-strong petition from players.

In 1954, thanks in part to the baby boom, there was once again a need to expand the hospital.

Marlowe's plays were enormously successful, thanks in part - no doubt - to the imposing stage presence of Edward Alleyn.

thanks to goals   (hedefler için teşekkürler)

In the second, the Premier League side edged a 3–2 victory, thanks to goals from Manolo Gabbiadini, Redmond and Sam Gallagher.

The game was replayed four days later at The Dell, with the hosts winning 3–1 thanks to goals from Dominy, Price and Bill Rawlings.

Khujand led a 2-1 at halftime thanks to goals from Firdavs Chakalov and Agbley Jones, with Istiklol getting one back on the brink of halftime after Chakalov.

give thanks   (teşekkür et)

The British people give thanks for his life and grieve at his passing.

And at the end, the prayer returns to praise for God, saying, "We give thanks to You."

Finding Judah asleep on the steps, they give thanks to God that he is alive, but do not wake him.

largely thanks   (büyük ölçüde teşekkürler)

Its foundation was largely thanks to the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy.

This change was largely thanks to the RE5, which also used a proprietary cylinder wall plating similar to a Nikasil coating.

This revival skyrocketed into mass protest after 1980, largely thanks to the advent of the Reagan administration and its hawkish pronouncements.

thanks largely   (büyük ölçüde teşekkürler)

The Class started to blossom, thanks largely to the promotional activities of Conrad and a well structured Class Organisation.

The team bounced straight back by winning the Premier League Southern Division in 2007–08, thanks largely to the goals of Ann-Marie Heatherson.

Because of the striking cover artwork, and thanks largely to the nostalgic appeal of these books, they have become collectable items once more today.

thanks in large

Power pop was experiencing a renaissance on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks in large part to the burgeoning punk/new wave movement.

The next season, the Yankees won their division in thrilling fashion, thanks in large part to a timely home run from Bucky Dent in a one-game playoff against the Boston Red Sox.

In the UK in this period, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (established in 1958) came to prominence, thanks in large measure to their work on the BBC science-fiction series "Doctor Who".