later that year   (その年の後半)

The second season began later that year in October.

Offaly lost their provincial crown later that year.

Longano left Microsoft and Massive later that year.

team that won   (勝ったチーム)

He was a part of the team that won the Greek Cup in 1976.

He was also part of the Singaporean men's team that won gold.

He was a key contributor on the team that won the NIT as a junior.

during that time   (その間)

Brandon Kirsch then replaced him during that time.

(Wright had returned as organist during that time.)

He had no political positions during that time.

later that day   (その日遅くに)

He shared the lyrics to the song later that day.

Nearby Markeaton Park was also opened later that day.

His nomination was sent to the Senate later that day.

during that period   (その期間中に)

Welles did not travel overseas during that period.

Yoon herself went into hiding during that period.

That was something not done during that period.

team that represented   (代表したチーム)

Jokić was a member of the team that represented Serbia and Montenegro at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

He was the second man on the team that represented Scotland at the 1962 Scotch Cup, the world men's curling championship at the time.

He was the alternate on the team that represented Sweden during the 1963 Scotch Cup, the World Men's Curling Championship at the time.

later that month

Two of these chassis were delivered later that month.

Acevedo was rescued later that month, weighing only .

An official music video was released later that month.

enzyme that catalyzes   (触媒する酵素)

Dismutase A dismutase is an enzyme that catalyzes a dismutation reaction.

SOBER1 SOBER1 is an enzyme that catalyzes the biochemical reaction of deacetylation.

P450scc is a mitochondrial enzyme that catalyzes conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone.

earlier that year

He had just lost his mother earlier that year.

Another important game for Kapengwe came earlier that year in June.

Copenhagen earlier that year, winning the Superliga would propel F.C.

events that happened   (起こった出来事)

2016 in Laos The following lists events that happened during 2016 in Laos.

1501 in India The following lists events that happened during 1501 in India.

Each day's edition of the show features events that happened on that date in history.

held that position

He held that position for the 1966 and 1967 seasons.

He held that position through the 1995 season.

He held that position until his execution.

years that followed

It had only European officers in the years that followed.

In the years that followed the temples suffered from looting.

In the years that followed he was in and out of prison repeatedly.

later that same

She returned to Ravensbrück later that same month.

He married Ann Louise Greep later that same year.

On one episode, later that same season, "Uh Oh!"

series that aired   (放映されたシリーズ)

is a New Zealand weight and diet reality series that aired on TV3.

Shorr Shorr is an Indian television drama series that aired on Sahara One.

Real Monsters", an animated series that aired on MTV's sister channel, Nickelodeon.

team that finished   (終わったチーム)

3) lost to a Washington team that finished the season ranked No.

In the 1962 Davis Cup, Llamas was a member of the team that finished as the runner-up.

As two-way end, he was a captain on the 1943 USC team that finished with an 8–2 record.

team that played   (プレイしたチーム)

Young was part of the Canada team that played at the 1985 FIFA World Youth Championship.

In September 1994, Kinkladze was part of the Georgian team that played Moldova in Tbilisi.

He also was selected for a New Zealand XIII team that played the touring Great Britain side.

later that night

Searching and rescuing continued later that night.

Appaswamy and Ramu try to rob it later that night.

Lacaze was arrested and charged later that night.

around that time   (その頃)

Six regional branches were named around that time.

As a result, he was always restless around that time.

Cueca tournaments are popular around that time of year.

so that all

The room is arranged so that all the women are sitting in a circle.

One Joker lies turned up cross under the closed deck so that all players can see it.

A related function makes an image of an object rotate, so that all sides can be examined.

fact that many   (多くのこと)

This was due in large part to the fact that many of the rural areas began to report first.

This is reflected in the fact that many proposed sites are not within the Atlantic at all.

Exploration is also important, which is complemented by the fact that many areas have no dangers.

squad that won   (勝ったチーム)

He was in the squad that won promotion to Pro D2 in 2010.

He was part of the squad that won the 2008 Copa Libertadores.

He was part of the squad that won the 2004 African Cup of Nations.

households that consist   (構成する世帯)

There were 449 households that consist of only one person and 60 households with five or more people.

There were 410 households that consist of only one person and 73 households with five or more people.

There were 247 households that consist of only one person and 44 households with five or more people.

so that when   (そのように)

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

The bronze tiles are tuned so that when danced upon it is possible to play "Hot Codlins".

Mercury included the cohesive principle, so that when it left in smoke the wood fell apart.

so that each

Population soared so that each year more than 1,000 new students entered the schools.

The upper ends are cut open at different length so that each tube has different notes.

Human units persist between missions, so that each loss is a loss for the rest of the game.

during that year

The new moon would fall on that day during that year of the cycle.

Oliver left during that year.

Ferguson became the sole teacher of the School of the Air during that year.

ensure that all   (すべてを確保する)

One is to ensure that all locations are written before they are read.

It is easy for the base station to ensure that all PLCM codes are unique when this is done.

The Act provides resources to states and communities to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

games that season

He only played 4 further league games that season.

Détári had played in all six cup games that season.

He went 5-5 with a 4.59 ERA in 40 games that season.

announced that all

The government announced that all road would become public.

On February 16, 2017, MC Sports announced that all 66 Stores would be closing.

In 1995, Manness announced that all but four workers in the program would be laid off.

so that no

This required adding a third tank so that no tank would go below half full.

He attempted to kill Julia, or to drive her mad so that no one would believe her accusations.

A schedule is needed so that no processor has to send or receive two messages in the same step.

all that remains

At Jimboomba, all that remains is the track.

The cloister of the monastery is all that remains nowadays.

A plaque is virtually all that remains of the radar station.

tournament that took   (かかったトーナメント)

2014 Australian Open The 2014 Australian Open was a tennis tournament that took place at Melbourne Park between 13–26 January 2014.

1989 Asian Open The 1989 555 Asian Open was a professional ranking snooker tournament that took place in August 1989 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Harrison signed for the "Prizefighter" tournament, an eight-man, one-night knockout tournament that took place at ExCeL London on 2 October 2009.

until that time

No ruler had dared illustrating his own portrait on coinage until that time.

His 2,929,719 votes were the highest ever for any president until that time.

This was a major change because until that time the individual riders took that decision.

followed that up

He followed that up with a soundtrack for Crystal Voyager.

He followed that up with additional wins in the 29 in 2007.

He followed that up with another seven versions of Boerneef poems.

fact that most   (事実)

He was able to interpret due to the fact that most Menominee chiefs also spoke Chippewa.

Casualties were limited by the fact that most of the crew were ashore at the time of the accident.

The simplicity of Warlord comes from the fact that most everything is tested with a single d20 roll.

show that aired   (放映されたことを示す)

The Chamber (game show) The Chamber is an American game show that aired on Fox.

The Joke's on Us The Joke's on Us is a Canadian game show that aired from 1983 to 1984.

The "VH1's Big in 2002 Awards" was an award show that aired on VH1 in the United States.

until that point   (その時点まで)

For five years until that point she had been bedridden.

Subaru sales had been declining up until that point in North American market.

Up until that point the official Christian presence in the region was Greek Orthodox.

series that premiered

"Deadly Possessions" is a series that premiered on April 2, 2016, on the Travel Channel.

Badman (web series) Badman is a British comedy drama web series that premiered on YouTube in October 2015.

The Fix (2019 TV series) The Fix is an American legal drama series that premiered on March 18, 2019 on ABC.

so that only   (それだけ)

Parental chloroplasts can be sorted so that only one type is present in each offspring.

Entrance was subject to a fee, so that only wealthy zanzibaris could use them regularly.

Both constraints fix the overall scale of the indices so that only their [[ratios]] can vary.

events that led

It follows their lives and the events that led them to one another.

In Paul, the events that led to Alboin's downfall unfold in Verona.

The events that led to the change in Sastry's views form the remaining part of the story.

side that won

He was part of the Hibernian side that won the 1991 Scottish League Cup.

He was a member of the side that won the County Championship in 1890-2, 1894 and 1895.

In 1979 he played for the Central Districts side that won the Inter-Districts competition.

earlier that day

They had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier that day.

The story was first announced on Bonds's own web site earlier that day.

He made his ESPN debut on the midnight edition of "SportsCenter" earlier that day.

events that took

All redistricting events that took place in Arkansas between 1973 and 2013 are shown.

All redistricting events that took place in Rhode Island between 1973 and 2013 are shown.

Later that violin became a witness to the tragic events that took place during the Holocaust.

events that occurred   (発生したイベント)

The exact events that occurred on that day are disputed.

Bogart makes reference to events that occurred in May–June 1942.

She reminisces about the events that occurred in the original trilogy.

certifying that tax

For the school budget year 2013-14, 311 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above their index.

For the school budget 2014-15, 316 Pennsylvania public school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above its Act 1 Index limit.

For 2012–2013, 274 school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above their index; 223 school districts adopted a preliminary budget leaving open the option of exceeded the Index limit.

regiment that served   (役立った連隊)

2/7th Field Regiment (Australia) The 2/7th Field Regiment was an Australian Army field artillery regiment that served during the Second World War.

4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry The 4th Missouri Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

A plaque on the east side of the pedestal records each of the Regular, Service and Territorial battalions of the regiment that served in the First World War.

company that provides   (提供する会社)

Les Routiers Les Routiers is a company that provides travel guide books for eating out and hotels.

Sendle Sendle is an Australian-based company that provides courier services locally within the country.

On the other hand, it promotes Iflix, a Malaysian-based company that provides similar service as Netflix.

team that competed   (競争したチーム)

Martín was part of the national team that competed at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Santiago was part of the national team that competed at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

He was also with the eights team that competed at the Pan American Games in 1959.

organization that provides

Can Academy, an organization that provides at-risk youths with education and training.

At the age of fourteen, Michael founded The Mugadi Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education in the Global South.

World Help World Help is a Christian humanitarian aid organization that provides help to people in impoverished communities around the world.

stated that all

In a press release dated that day, Vela stated that all crewmembers were safe.

Iranian military officials stated that all Iranian Phantoms were undamaged during the attack.

The agreement stated that all participating countries will be represented on an equal footing.

career that spanned   (スパンしたキャリア)

Nelson Piquet won three titles in a career that spanned 14 seasons.

In a career that spanned five decades, her final appearances were in 1923.

Martin enjoyed much success with St. Rynagh's in a club career that spanned three decades.

so that people

They emphasize the importance of small groups so that people can connect.

The idea of this structure is to minimize judgement so that people can learn.

She said it was named so that people might think "That's one of her secrets".

fact that all   (すべてのこと)

It refers to the fact that all conditioned things (sankhara) are in a constant state of flux.

One assumption made by this book is the fact that all minorities try to “cover” their identities.

Another proof is based on the fact that all complex numbers can be expressed in polar coordinates.

households that answered

Out of a total of 316 households that answered this question, 32.6% were households made up of just one person and 4 were adults who lived with their parents.

Out of a total of 943 households that answered this question, 23.5% were households made up of just one person and 19 were adults who lived with their parents.

Out of a total of 926 households that answered this question, 26.7% were households made up of just one person and 17 were adults who lived with their parents.

zone that runs

Guam is the closest land mass to the Mariana Trench, the deep subduction zone that runs east of the Marianas.

stated that

In an interview Jones stated that “I just plain didn’t care to put that much energy into promoting.

He has stated that “we founded GFBiochemicals with the ambition of finding sustainable alternatives to oil-based products”.

Finally, He inquired on how Yi was settling into the United States, and Yi stated that “I don’t enjoy settling down in North America.

teams that won

Six of the teams that won 14 games did so in a 16-game season.

The teams that won in 1/4 final, battled with other 1/4 final winner in a Best-Of-5 series.

The teams that won in 1/2 final, battled with other 1/2 final winner in a Best-Of-5 series.

during that season

He was, however, replaced by Mills during that season.

They were to play only Scandinavian opponents during that season's run.

He was the seventh person to play second base for the team during that season.

fact that both   (両方)

Lorraine now has to cope with the fact that both of her children are missing.

At first, Helaine's annoyance was shown at the fact that both Pixel and Score possessed no non-magical abilities.

This was breaking a taboo, given the fact that both parties "avoided taking a stand on prohibition issues" at the time.

held that year

This was the only EOY MI prelim contest held that year.

Each date is linked to the article about the awards held that year.

Of the four by-elections held that year, Devi's was the only Congress victory.

team that represents   (代表するチーム)

The 'C' team are the national football team that represents England at non-league level.

The Italian national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Italy in international cricket matches.

England captain England captain and similar terms normally refer to the head player in a sports team that represents England.

found that only   (それだけが見つかりました)

A study in Los Angeles found that only 6% of cases of MDR-TB were clustered.

In 1939 a Roper poll found that only thirty-nine percent of Americans felt that Jews should be treated like other people.

The same poll also found that only 25% of academics had COBOL programming on their curriculum even though 60% thought they should teach it.

team that included   (含まれたチーム)

They also beat a Marylebone Cricket Club team that included Grace by nine wickets.

She was part of an Ivorian team that included Cheick Sallah Cissé who also won a medal and Mamina Koné.

Working as part of a creative team that included Valenti and Becher, Schiff rebranded this product as Ginsu.

games that year

He went 4–9 with a 4.54 ERA in 23 games that year.

He appeared in 45 games that year, including 42 at second base.

He played in five games that year before tearing knee ligaments again.

stated that no

Alex Ross stated that no composer had ever made a braver stand against totalitarianism.

The Muslim Association of Sweden had already stated that no imams will marry same-sex couples.

After Hamlin told Mullen that he had no right to be there, Mullen stated that no one could put him out.

found that when   (見つけたとき)

The banks found that when attempting joint projects the majority were often held back by a stubborn minority.

Baum also found that when the country is more divided or in a worse economic state then the rally effect is larger.

Macrae, Bodenhausen, Milne, and Jetten found that when people were asked not to think about the stereotypes of a certain group (e.g.

fact that no   (いいえという事実)

One of the most important is the fact that no perfectly isentropic fluid exists.

Due to the fact that no other candidates filed, the primary was opened to all voters.

Despite the fact that no original source for this has been verified, the story continues to be told.

ensure that no   (ないことを確認してください)

The solution is normally tested to ensure that no more iron(II) is left.

As a precaution, work was done wearing gloves to ensure that no fingerprints would be left.

To ensure that no romantic complications develop, the couple are never to meet face-to-face.

company that produces   (生産する会社)

Velcro Velcro is a privately held company that produces fasteners and other products.

Another employer is S.C Star Transmission Cugir S.A., a Daimler company that produces gearbox parts.

He is the founder of the Infant Learning Company, a company that produces learning products for infants.

stated that although   (と述べたが)

The police stated that although they were no longer keeping him in custody, they were not dropping the charges against him.

The Buddha stated that although Jambuka had been austere in his former practices, it was not worth one-sixteenth of his new practices.

Singer Bertrand Poncet has stated that although the band is French, their sound is American, which is why they write lyrics in English.

found that most   (最も見つけた)

They found that most customers were adults who used the product to feel more playful.

Through experience, many workers found that most states do not have specific laws to prevent weight bias.

He found that most astrology-believers did not claim it was a scientific explanation with predictive power.

found that many

First, it was found that many sound changes are conditioned by a specific "context".

They found that many of the members who had joined the church in the mid-1800s had fallen away.

He found that many students lacked a means of learning conversational English and started English, baby!

system that allows

The robot possesses a hose trigger system that allows it to aim and put out fires.

Visual indexing is the system that allows people to track multiple objects at one time.

Walking Catfish have a respiratory system that allows them to live out of water for several days.

road that runs   (走る道)

There's a little road that runs round the back of the ground.

Connel lies on the A85 trunk road that runs between Oban and Perth.

It is easily visible from the SS6 road that runs from Canelli to Asti.

events that built

Wrestlers portrayed villains or heroes as they followed a series of events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

district that serves

Lima City School District Lima City Schools or Lima City School District refers to a school district that serves students in Lima, Ohio and surrounding communities.

Delphos City School District Delphos Local School District, also referred to as Delphos Jefferson, is a school district that serves students in Allen and Van Wert counties in the state of Ohio.

Lavallette School District The Lavallette School District is a community public school district that serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade from Lavallette, in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States.

team that reached   (到達したチーム)

In 1950 he played on the Cougar team that reached the College World Series.

He averaged 12.3 points and 5.3 rebounds per game on a team that reached the NIT.

He was a key part of the Rovers youth team that reached the FA Youth Cup semi-finals in 2003.

later that evening

The ceremony aired later that evening on USA Network.

The ceremony aired later that evening on the USA Network.

He died later that evening.

group that included

He won four Super Bowls with a group that included Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, and Dwight Hicks.

The Abbey was founded in 1904 by a group that included Yeats with the aim of promoting indigenous literary talent.

In the early 1920s, he was a member of the Holtorf-Truppe, a stock theater group that included future director Veit Harlan.

such that each

A timelike homotopy between two timelike curves is a homotopy such that each intermediate curve is timelike.

The necklace should be divided between several partners, such that each partner receives the same amount of every color.

He used an inexpensive 8 mm film splicer to reorder the frames such that each of the 47 arrangements was repeated ten times.

noted that many

She noted that many projects started by previous coalition aren't finished yet.

He took out a full sales statistics and noted that many models were marginal to sales or outdated.

It should also be noted that many of the reform ideas that stray from the traditional format require greater funding.

released that year

Bergen died in jail while Espinosa was later released that year.

The devotional classic "Jai Santoshi Ma" was also released that year.

Also released that year was "The Ambassador" that starred Robert Mitchum.

later that season

He made his NHL debut later that season.

He made four further substitute appearances later that season.

She would later be awarded the "Coach of the Year" award later that season.

event that took   (かかったイベント)

This would mark the last major event that took place during the era of New France.

It also earned third place in the football-only GANEFO event that took place in 1965.

The badge was to commemorate the event that took place, and to honour the participants of the mass rally.

fire that destroyed   (破壊した火)

But this was not the foremost cause of the fire that destroyed the city.

In 1896 it suffered a major fire that destroyed most of the buildings in the city.

On May 22, 1906, Fairbanks was ravaged by a fire that destroyed most of the buildings.

held that post

He held that post from August 1561 until May 1562.

Clement held that post until his death in 1901.

He held that post until 1796 when he died in Copenhagen.

company that specializes   (専門会社)

Moneris Solutions Moneris is Canada’s largest financial technology company that specializes in payment processing.

Buffalo Games Buffalo Games is an American company that specializes in board games and puzzles, headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

In 1998, Beebe founded House of Speed, LLC, a company that specializes in training athletes in the essentials of top performance, speed and character.

organization that promotes

TAFISA, a world organization that promotes ethnosport.

It is an organization that promotes Austrian culture and German language in Croatia.

Sithara Arts & Sports club is a social service organization that promotes cultural development.

hold that position

She was the youngest woman to hold that position.

He was the first Saudi official to hold that position.

He was the first person of colour to hold that position.

announced that former

On April 5, 2019, it was announced that former Money Inc. manager Jimmy Hart would induct The Honky Tonk Man.

Ahead of the series it was announced that former cast member Holly Hagan would be making a return to the show.

In June 2011, it was announced that former "Loving" actress Jessica Collins had been cast in the role of Avery.

districts that adopted

Of the 250 school districts that adopted a preliminary budget, 231 adopted real estate tax rates that exceeded their index.

appearances that season

Dobbie scored 12 goals in 21 appearances that season.

However, he was to make only five appearances that season.

He made 26 league appearances that season.

argued that such

Roosevelt argued that such apparently haphazard methodology was necessary.

Other commentators have argued that such expenditures may not be legally required as claimed.

However, it has also been argued that such close monitoring breaches the human right to privacy.

highway that runs

The route is mostly a four-lane highway that runs through wooded areas in Central Jersey.

BR-232 is a highway that runs east-west, starting in Recife - Pernambuco and goes up to west ending in Parnamirim.

The Trans-Kalimantan Highway Southern Route is a semi-circular highway that runs along the coastlines of Kalimantan.

so that both

This species is very similar to "Barbitistes serricauda", so that both species are difficult to distinguish from each other.

If the bull put spread is done so that both the sold and bought put expire on the same day, it is a vertical credit put spread.

If the bull call spread is done so that both the sold and bought calls expire on the same day, it is a vertical debit call spread.

stated that when   (そのとき)

He also stated that when he quit, WWE lost their top talent, as he was at the very top of the payroll.

It was further stated that when Herbert ordered his Marines to board "Nicosian", he gave the order "take no prisoners".

They further stated that when they attempted to rouse him from his sleep at 09:30 the following morning, they could not wake him.

contract that includes   (を含む契約)

On May 10, 2018, the Falcons signed Senat to a four-year, $3.42 million contract that includes a signing bonus of $817,960.

On May 16, 2018, the Detroit Lions signed Walker to a four-year, $3.51 million contract that includes a signing bonus of $881,988.

On May 13, 2003, the Miami Dolphins signed Knight to a two-year, $2.38 million contract that includes a signing bonus of $300,000.

during that era

Moon has described Olympia during that era as "a tough place to be seen as cool.

Accordingly, the subgenre was ideal for silent movies and was prevalent during that era.

This structure is characteristic for the most of the buildings constructed during that era.

river that flows

Øverlandselva Øverlandselva is a river that flows through Bærum, Norway.

River Alt The River Alt is an urban river that flows across Merseyside in England.

Tahan River The Tahan River () is a river that flows through Taman Negara in Malaysia.

series that ran

They had several other series that ran for shorter periods during this time.

The same format was used for "", an online-only spinoff of the US series that ran in 2016.

In 1960-61, "My Sister Eileen" was adapted as a television series that ran for 26 episodes.

race that took   (かかったレース)

There were 500 laps on this race that took almost three and a half hours to resolve.

1970 Targa Florio The 1970 Targa Florio was an endurance race that took place on May 3, 1970.

2018 Eschborn–Frankfurt The 2018 Eschborn-Frankfurt was a road cycling one-day race that took place on 1 May 2018 in Germany.