İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became the first   (ilk oldu)

Elissa later became the first "Big Brother M.V.P."

Crowninshield became the first American yachtsman.

They became the first popular chain of restaurants.

around the world   (dünya çapında)

The procedural format is popular around the world.

The Arab diaspora is established around the world.

She performs in musical concerts around the world.

below the poverty   (yoksulluğun altında)

About 29% of the population were below the poverty line.

11.0% of the residents have an income below the poverty rate.

22.6% percent of the population was living below the poverty line.

until the end   (sonuna kadar)

The family was not reunited until the end of 1948.

The school remained open until the end of the year.

He served only one year, until the end of his term.

finished the season   (sezonu bitirdi)

The Trojans finished the season with a 7–3 record.

Rice finished the season 3–9 and 3–5 in CUSA play.

He eventually finished the season ranked world no.

during the war   (savaş sırasında)

It was lost during the war and has not been found.

Five were retired during the war, leaving only No.

Thirty-six million prints were made during the war.

during the first   (ilk sırasında)

The pilot was filmed during the first quarter of 2018.

It sold more than 52,000 copies during the first week.

He visits again during the first half of 2008.

across the country   (ülke genelinde)

They were transported to camps across the country.

A language divide began to grow across the country.

Other stations across the country did much the same.

during the early   (erken dönemde)

The station was upgraded during the early 1990s.

Clay was also used during the early Parthian period.

Sturn came to Windsor, Ontario during the early 1930s.

becoming the first   (ilk olmak)

becoming the first English man to play in a Scottish FA Cup final.

He won, becoming the first president of the Vallikunnom panchayat.

degree in 1951, becoming the first female history doctor in Norway.

during the summer   (yaz boyunca)

Tourism is also important during the summer months.

Yellow fever plagued the crew during the summer.

They used snow tunnels during the summer months.

gave the film   (filmi verdi)

A review from "Pisara" gave the film 3.5 out of 5.

Digiguide.TV gave the film three out of five stars.

Cinemascore audience polls gave the film a B grade.

all the way   (sonuna kadar)

History of the mine goes all the way back to 1870.

The line was extended all the way to Tokyo in 1991.

I fought very well all the way to the 12th round.

during the reign   (Saltanat döneminde)

It is set in 1569 during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Hetepheres died during the reign of her son Khufu.

The craft was improved during the reign of Napoleon I.

between the ages   (çağlar arasında)

Enrollees had to be between the ages of 17 and 35.

Education is compulsory between the ages of 7 and 16.

The demographic was between the ages of 18–49.

during the late   (geç saatlerde)

It was filmed and edited during the late 1980s.

during the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age.

The military junta began to change during the late 1970s.

towards the end   (sona doğru)

He signed for Morton towards the end of July 2012.

The splits became most evident towards the end.

I'm moving towards the end of "Fantastic Four".

throughout the year   (yıl boyunca)

Temperatures do not vary much throughout the year.

It presents many public shows throughout the year.

Traditional parties take place throughout the year.

tells the story   (hikayeyi anlatır)

The serial tells the story of Taaba’an and Zuhair.

Natsume" tells the story in Natsume's point of view.

It tells the story of the pianist Leon Fleisher.

off the coast   (kıyıdan uzakta)

The island is located off the coast of Jävrebodarna.

The island sits off the coast of Mozambique in Africa.

It lives in shallow waters off the coast of New Guinea.

during the period   (periyod boyunca)

It was 548,195 copies during the period of 2003-2004.

He had this house constructed during the period 1860-62.

It was recorded during the period 2011-2012 in DURU studio.

during the season

"Players in grey left the club during the season."

Ohio State was outscored 57–42 during the season.

He scored a total of 44 points during the season.

won the title   (ünvanı kazandı)

Ethel won the title in 1906, 1911, 1912, and 1913.

Yanmar Diesel won the title for 2 years in a row.

Rijo Shukyu-Dan won the title for 2 years in a row.

left the band   (gruptan ayrıldı)

O'Donovan and Pan both left the band in June 1980.

In 1982, David Nelson and Buddy Cage left the band.

Gramm left the band in 1990 but returned in 1992.

won the gold   (altını kazandı)

Kari won the gold medal at the 2011 Pacific Games.

France won the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics.

She won the gold medal in her TRI-1 classification.

throughout the world   (Dünya çapında)

Today there are aikido dojo throughout the world.

The company has 270 outlets throughout the world.

Varieties of ASL are found throughout the world.

played the role   (rol oynadı)

In the film, she played the role of Nettie Fowler.

In the film Chinmoy Roy played the role of Tenida.

He played the role of rescue pilot Col. Madan KC.

among the most   (En çok)

It was also among the most successful films ever made.

It is among the most modern opera houses in the world.

Herring are among the most spectacular schooling fish.

among the first   (ilkler arasında)

In 1949, he was among the first Fulbright Fellows.

He was among the first to donate mementos to the Hall.

MacLaren was among the first captains to study tactics.

won the first

The sculpture “Dying Pushkin” won the first prize.

They won the first match 9–1 against Afghanistan.

Lawlor won the first Battle Riot in MLW in 2018.

performed the song   (şarkıyı seslendirdi)

At the event, Electric Fields performed the song.

Ciara has performed the song on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go performed the song.

led the team   (ekibi yönetti)

He led the team to the 2006 EuroLeague Final Four.

He led the team in touchdown receptions with nine.

She also led the team in steals with a total of 24.

left the club   (kulüpten ayrıldı)

He left the club at the end of the 2018/19 season.

He left the club at the end of the 2011–12 season.

He left the club at the end of the 2009–10 season.

during the day

The Binturong is active during the day and at night.

It hides during the day and emerges at night to feed.

It generally rests or ruminates during the day.

before the end   (sondan önce)

The AAF folded before the end of its first season.

Hughes returned to California before the end of 1860.

He was released before the end of the contract.

throughout the country   (ülke çapında)

Ports throughout the country were severely damaged.

The other courts are located throughout the country.

This pastoral was distributed throughout the country.

took the lead   (liderliği aldı)

Perera took the lead, having pitted on lap eleven.

With the extra point, Nevada took the lead, 7–6.

They never took the lead, and UConn won 63–48.

around the country   (Ülkenin etrafında)

Ray played gigs and festivals around the country.

Bread products are consumed all around the country.

It held a number of hearings around the country.

won the championship   (şampiyonluğu kazandı)

Tokyo Imperial University LB won the championship.

In 1975 Toluca won the championship one more time.

His side won 2-0; City again won the championship.

won the bronze   (bronz madalya kazandı)

She won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

They won the bronze medal defeating Slovenia 26:31.

They won the bronze medal by defeating Germany 4–0.

gave the album   (albümü verdi)

Robert Christgau gave the album a negative review.

CMJ gave the album an extremely positive review."

's UK competitor, Metal Hammer gave the album 8/10.

during the winter   (kış boyunca)

Ice fishing is also permitted during the winter months.

The park did not sit idle during the winter.

The church is currently closed during the winter months.

won the silver   (gümüşü kazandı)

They won the silver medal at the 1983 NHK Trophy.

She won the silver medal at the 2012 Paralympics.

marked the first   (ilkini işaretledi)

The game marked the first bowl game for each school.

This marked the first time a live DJ has been heard on HFS2.

The game marked the first sellout at Northwestern since 1984.

become the first   (ilk olmak)

Ramdulari went on to win and become the first woman MP of Patna.

The junior class will become the first senior class in 2018/2019.

the Celts become the first nation to be discernible in the region.

along the way   (yol boyunca)

That led to some pleasant discoveries along the way.

PA 21 serves Waynesburg and Masontown along the way.

They survived on raw vegetables along the way.

along the coast   (kıyı boyunca)

Most of the population lives along the coast.

Many villages were built near rivers or along the coast.

Lug can be dug all the way along the coast to Woodstown.

during the second   (ikinci sırasında)

The accusation was dropped during the second hearing.

Magician Ed Alonzo joined Spears during the second act.

It killed 150,000 Americans during the second pandemic.

during the last   (son anda)

The traffic has decreased during the last twenty years.

The local topography was shaped during the last Ice Age.

No time code is sent during the last quarter of an hour.

despite the fact   (gerçeğe rağmen)

despite the fact that the club had been relegated.

This was despite the fact that Senjuji dominated the region.

Homer even makes plans to marry Wally, despite the fact that she has fallen for Steve.

through the use   (kullanım boyunca)

Depth can be portrayed through the use of texture.

This can be done through the use of adequate glazing.

A match penalty is indicated through the use of a red card.

during the time

The story line begins during the time of British Raj.

The navy became significant during the time of the k.u.k.

They are preserved as they were during the time of Niyazi.

within the city   (şehrin içinde)

Iwaki-Taira Velodrome is located within the city.

It is entirely within the city of Marathon, Florida.

near the end   (sona yakın)

There is a hostage drama near the end of the film.

The positions reverse again near the end of the song.

He begins at the beginning and ends very near the end.

following the death   (ölümü takiben)

The seat was vacated following the death of U.S.

The by-election was called following the death of Cllr.

until the early   (erken zamana kadar)

The temple remained until the early 4th century.

It was used to hold prisoners until the early 1980s.

In Lyon, the circles survived until the early 1930s.

near the town   (kasabaya yakın)

There are five major national parks near the town.

In 2002 Legoland built a theme park near the town.

It is located near the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

among the top   (üstler arasında)

The series was among the top horror shows of 2018.

Gustafson was ranked among the top 3 for 1468 days.

Alice Walton was also among the top five contributors.

reached the top   (zirveye ulaştı)

It reached the top five on the "Pepsi Chart Show".

The song reached the top of the charts in Israel.

The single "Midnight Blue" reached the top five.

across the world   (Dünya çapında)

Olin has more than 20,000 alumni across the world.

Cosplay is popular at conventions across the world.

The accordion is widely spread across the world.

until the late   (geç saatlere kadar)

Population was minimal until the late 19th century.

The site remained in operation until the late 1970s.

The Q102 moniker remained until the late 1990s.

became the second

John Henry Wise became the second instructor in 1926.

In 2014 Malgorzata E. Cavar became the second moderator.

Romer Labs thus became the second division of Erber Group.

around the same   (aynı)

The pressure bottomed out at around the same time.

Leslie Crowther also visited around the same time.

", another track recorded around the same time."

near the village   (köyün yakınında)

They buried their dead ancestors near the village.

The dam is located near the village of Mmadinare.

It is southwest of Oyo, near the village of Ollombo.

before the start   (başlamadan önce)

They switched back before the start of the season.

Richter retired before the start of the next season.

The rider is given a flag before the start of the race.

reached the final   (finale ulaştı)

Henderson reached the final of the 2007 British Open.

He reached the final, winning the silver medal.

Chad reached the final after beating hosts Gabon 3-2.

won the award   (ödülü kazandı)

In 2006, Nibus 400 won the award “Best of Serbia”.

No player has won the award in consecutive years.

In the end, Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh won the award.

won the match

Kubot stormed back and won the match in five sets.

Bordeaux won the match 3–0 on a hotly debated try.

Guerrero and Tajiri won the match and the titles.

held the position   (pozisyonu korudu)

He held the position until his retirement in 2006.

He held the position of chief consulting surgeon.

He held the position for ten years and one month.

spent the next   (sonrakini harcadı)

She spent the next few seasons focusing on singles.

She spent the next year on duty in the Atlantic.

She spent the next few years being trained as a spy.

joined the cast   (oyuncu kadrosuna katıldı)

Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast.

In February 2019, Sophia La Porta joined the cast.

On February 6, 2015, Aisha Hinds joined the cast.

through the town   (kasabadan)

After passing through the town, it enters the R.M.

The Captain Cook Highway passes through the town.

The Ancient Miao River () flows through the town.

across the street   (sokağın karşısı)

The boys drilled in Wooster Park across the street.

Lincoln was taken across the street to Petersen House.

The shop was across the street from the bank.

all the other   (diğerleri)

If we did that, we'd get all the other side issues.

Almost all the other stretches have been pulled up.

It will become all one thing, or all the other."

around the city   (Şehrin etrafında)

The area around the city is uninhabited and lean.

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

It is one of the fastest ways to get around the city.

only the second   (sadece ikincisi)

He is only the second Italian to hold the post.

He is only the second film director to be so honoured.

He was only the second announcer ever hired by the team.

became the new

The AFDL then became the new national armed forces.

Teichrob retired and Carolyn Jones became the new MLA.

In 2009, he became the new manager of Camross.

through the city   (şehir boyunca)

This highway passes through the city of Tiruppur.

The Pan-American Highway passes through the city.

Also, the B69 runs through the city of Vechta.

became the most   (en çok oldu)

It became the most produced airplane in history.

He became the most powerful magnate of Transylvania.

The Mašíns became the most disputed exceptions.

during the course   (kurs sırasında)

Some have died during the course of the series.

Transfer activity continued during the course of the season.

He died during the course of the trial.

across the river   (nehrin karşısında)

In 1874, the "Hope" bridge was built across the river.

His men swam across the river and destroyed the enemy.

The Federals retreated across the river during the night.

released the album

They released the album "Trouble Pilgrim" in 2006.

The band released the album's artwork on July 25.

She then released the album on December 14, 2013.

along the river   (nehir boyunca)

Flooding along the river has been a major problem.

The area along the river was forested at that time.

Fishing and camping are popular along the river.

during the night   (gece boyunca)

In 1932, during the night of the Summer Solstice.

The wrecked ship surrendered during the night.

Most were arrested by security forces during the night.

include the following

Writing and hymns by Powell include the following:

These include the following ones: Ngatas, Wangata.

Three of their investments include the following:

during the same

In the UK, it topped Expansys' chart during the same period.

The club won Georgian Super Cup during the same year as well.

The other early favourite corgi during the same time was Jane.

joined the band

In July 1994, bassist Garry Lowe joined the band.

In 2012, Imelda May bassist Al Gare joined the band.

In 2019, Kendal Lantz joined the band on drums.

won the game   (oyunu kazandı)

The Blue Bombers won the game by a score of 28–27.

The National League won the game by a score of 6–0.

The Chiefs won the game with a final score of 37–6.

exactly the same   (tam olarak aynı)

Leaver achieved exactly the same stats in 1923–24.

The reissue is exactly the same as the original.

While closely related, they are not exactly the same.

using the same   (aynısını kullanarak)

Chimps also fish for ants using the same tactic.

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

Pistorius has been using the same Össur blades since 2004.

during the year

The company was reorganised again during the year.

There were no criminal prosecutions during the year.

The special was aired several times during the year.

within the genus   (cins içinde)

Species within the genus "Imbricariopsis" include:

Species within the genus "Bathyxylophila" include:

It is monotypic within the genus "Lampronycteris".

off the bench   (sıra dışı)

VanVleet contributed 11 points off the bench.

He played five games that season, coming off the bench.

Keita also played off the bench last season.

when the first   (ilk ne zaman)

1982 was when the first letterpress covers were made.

Sources vary as to when the first oyster bar was created.

In 1738 when the first eight students enlisted themselves.

made the first

He made the first of five tours to Australia in 1952.

That was the year that they made the first Chatham Blanket.

He was made the first Lari MP with no elections being held.

not the only   (sadece değil)

a. Fructose is not the only sugar found in fruits.

Sanatoriums were not the only treatment facilities.

Schiemer's martyrdom was not the only in Rattenberg.

borders the following   (aşağıdakileri sınırlar)

Cortenova borders the following municipalities:

Pero borders the following municipalities: Rho, Milan.

Mele borders the following municipalities: Genoa, Masone.

during the final   (final sırasında)

A continuity error occurs during the final scene.

She received multiple awards during the final.

Kahoko is unable to see Lili during the final selection.

around the time   (zamanla)

All full moons rise around the time of sunset.

The play opens around the time Burke and Wills die in the desert.

Bernasconi retired as publisher around the time of the acquisition.

left the group

Also that year fiddler Colin Grant left the group.

Gökhan Mert Koral left the group in early 2003.

Rosencrantz left the group at the end of 2016.