İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

movie theater   (sinema)

It still serves as an operational movie theater.

The theater was closed as a movie theater by RKO in 1975.

The first movie theater was opened in 1908.

musical theater   (müzikal tiyatro)

One song only was taken from her usual musical theater career.

Horton, who had performed in musical theater, also sang the song.

The four-string banjo is used from time to time in musical theater.

theater company   (tiyatro şirketi)

Geddes established a theater company, The Brookfield Players.

und die singende Schlange" by the German comedy theater company .

Jennifer performed in almost every production the theater company produced.

theater director   (tiyatro yönetmeni)

His favorite theater director is B.V. Karanth.

He served as an actor, film producer and theater director.

Alice Reagan Alice Reagan is an American theater director.

theater productions   (tiyatro yapımları)

Beer invests in and produces theater productions.

He also performed in various theater productions in the Chicago area.

She has also directed and written over 20 educational theater productions.

theater group

Sakall) to come up to Maine and see the theater group.

There he met Peque Gallaga and joined his theater group, Maskara.

He co-founded the Propergander theater group with a few LCC alumni.

local theater

Nuo opera is the most influence local theater.

In Silla there is a very important local theater school.

Shanley began acting in local theater at the age of eight.

community theater   (topluluk tiyatrosu)

At the age of nine she was doing community theater.

The builder for the community theater was Woodland contractor William Henry Curson.

Donny started his acting career in 1986 by taking classes, workshops, community theater.

film and theater   (film ve tiyatro)

On the suggestion of Bruce Weber, he began taking acting classes and took on roles in film and theater.

In 1946, Nirenska married John Justinian de Ledesma, a film and theater actor who used the stage name John Justin.

However, as his film and theater careers seemed to have reached their peaks, he turned his attention to television.

theater and film   (tiyatro ve film)

She has worked on television, theater and film.

He also produces movies and writes for theater and film.

She remained active in theater and film until the late 1960s.

theater critic   (tiyatro eleştirmeni)

In a rave review, theater critic John Simon wrote, "If you like splash, "Moulin Rouge!"

He has, as a cultural journalist and theater critic, previously been active on the website "Nummer".

Edwin Wilson (theater critic) Edwin Wilson was the theater critic for "The Wall Street Journal" from 1972 to 1994.

theater companies

He also designs costumes for dance and theater companies.

His first works were light comedies acted by commercial theater companies.

The play has been performed by regional theater companies around the United States.

theater actor

Daniel Hoevels Daniel Hoevels (born 10 March 1978) is a Swedish-born German theater actor.

He decided to pursue acting as a career at age 17 and set his sights on being a theater actor.

Additionally, Benčina is a theater actor who regularly performs at the Belgrade Drama Theatre.

theater production

Hansen first came across Ed Wood in 1957 at a local theater production.

In 1952 she also appeared in the theater production of "Sonrisas y Melodías".

Their last joint project was a 1963 theater production of August Strindberg's "A Dream Play" in Aachen.

per theater

It took in $11,672,970—$3,752 per theater, its opening day.

1 at the box office opening weekend and averaging $6,792 per theater.

By its third weekend it dropped down to number five and made $8,908,286—$2,897 per theater.

new theater

A new theater replaced the former Ward Theater in 1940.

They have produced more than 20 works of new theater including work from over 500 artists.

On New Year’s Eve 1991, the new theater which had 199-seats opened with a successful play named "Pump Boys and Dinettes".

theater of operations

The USAAF did not use the B-25 in combat in the European theater of operations.

The 5th again received orders to deploy in early February 2003 to the Central Command theater of operations.

In early 1943, "YP-422" was dispatched to the Pacific theater of operations to support the Solomon Islands campaign.

theater located

Pines Theater The Pines Theater is a historic movie theater located in Lufkin, Texas.

Teatro Carlos Gomes is a theater located in , in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rheem Theatre The Rheem Theatre is a motion picture theater located in Moraga, California.

theater troupe   (tiyatro topluluğu)

He led the Ech-Chahama Al Arabya theater troupe between 1915 and 1930.

In addition, she was a member of the Korean theater troupe Mokhwa Repertory Company.

Commedus Interruptus Commedus Interruptus is an American theater troupe operating from the US state of California.

studied theater

He studied theater at Columbia and Yale Universities.

She studied theater at the schools of in Chile and in Spain.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and studied theater at CalStLA.

regional theater   (bölgesel tiyatro)

Cudia began his career in regional theater.

Patterson started her professional career performing in regional theater.

He attended an audition at a regional theater with his wife, who was auditioning.

theater arts

He entered Hofstra College in 1955 with a major in theater arts.

in theater arts from Mount Holyoke College in 1974 and her M.F.A.

Indoor percussion integrates musicality, marching and movement, and theater arts.

live theater

Acclaimed actor Joel Grey, winner of Tony (for live theater), Oscar (e.g.

In 1950, he was the first producer to desegregate live theater in Washington, DC.

The 550-seat theater was built in 1915, as a venue for silent films, and live theater.

theater performances

She was the winner of two Awards for her theater performances.

In 2012, his works were still being presented at children's theater performances.

The society organized music and theater performances, lectures, Lithuanian evenings, etc.

home theater   (ev tiyatrosu)

Super tweeters are sometimes found in high fidelity speaker systems and sometimes even in home theater systems.

This is cause for much confusion, since five (or more)-channel home theater systems are not popularly described as "stereo".

A popular application was use in home theater PC systems due to high performance and low heat output resultant from low Vcore settings.

first theater

He built the first theater in Lima.

They would use this building to establish their first theater, the Cascade.

The 207th MIB is the first theater intelligence brigade dedicated solely to Africa.

theater plays

Apart from television and films, she also does theater plays.

The author of numerous screenplays, theater plays and novels teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

In 2003 and 2007 they were featured artists in two theater plays, "Girl He Aint Worth It" and "The Chicken Shack".

professional theater

In the U.S. professional theater, Lightwright is the industry standard lighting database program.

The Des Moines Performing Arts routinely hosts Broadway shows and other live professional theater.

Buntport Theater Buntport Theater Company is a non-profit, professional theater group based in Denver, Colorado.

puppet theater   (kukla Tiyatrosu)

Her "The Chairs" (2014) was a "puppet theater response" to Eugene Ionesco's play.

After graduating from the Prague School of Arts and Crafts, Trnka created a puppet theater in 1936.

Much of Jakob Brossmann's work in theater has been with puppet theater, which he was exposed to from a young age.