Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

make them more   (hazlos más)

They also discussed “stupefying” men to make them more compliant.

After viewing Harley's initial designs, Sanger urged him to make them more grand.

A minimum aquarium length of 60 cm will make them more comfortable when swimming.

helped them win   (les ayudó a ganar)

He helped them win the 1993–94 Scottish Cup.

He helped them win the Série B division, and consequently gain promotion to Série A.

He signed for Fortuna Köln shortly afterwards, and helped them win promotion to the 3.

making them more   (haciéndolos más)

He removed the flex from crampons, making them more rigid for front-pointing.

This generally allows better insulation making them more suitable for use in cold water.

They reduce their “core” metabolic repertoire, making them more dependant on their host and environment.

bring them back   (Tráelos de vuelta)

She tells Sita to place the heads back on the bodies and she will bring them back to life.

The Quraysh sent emissaries to bring them back to Arabia, but the King of Axum refused their demands.

Dudley followed in an attempt to bring them back, leaving Major James Shelby in command at the battery.

saw them finish

Five defeats from seven saw them finish the season in sixth place and miss out on a play-off spot.

With also help from the crocs bench saw them finish the season in fifth place with a record of 17-13.

Their form continued to improve during the season, which saw them finish in 5th place, but they were 18 points behind leaders Arsenal.

helping them win

He then played for St Johnstone for 10 seasons, helping them win the Scottish Cup in 2014.

He joined Natal in 1946-47, helping them win three of the next five Currie Cup competitions.

He also represented the Chandigarh state team at the under-19 level, helping them win the B.C.

pick them up

Fages journeyed south to Loreto to pick them up.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, Suna and Ipek went there to pick them up.

Once on the ground, Chapman provided directions to another helicopter to pick them up.

making them difficult

Spiders as hosts are able hunters making them difficult prey to parasitize.

In general they are shy and secretive birds, making them difficult to observe.

let them go

Without any concrete proof the police have to let them go.

There are people who have done a bad job, and I let them go.

Legazpi let them go to demonstrate his confidence in Lakandula.

saw them win

However 1932–33 saw them win their second Leinster Senior League title.

During his time at Bayi, he saw them win two league titles, his first title in 1981 and his second in the 1986 league season.

Early gigs saw them win a "Battle of The Bands" competition at the Emergenza festival at the West One Four venue in West Kensington during May 2004.

brought them back   (los trajo de vuelta)

The break only got three minutes clear before the peloton gradually brought them back.

Many were not rescued until Henry Bouquet brought them back from Ohio to Pennsylvania in 1764.

Hunter-gatherers likely collected cactus fruits in the wild and brought them back to their camps.

kill them all

Sydney overhears Kimberly say she will kill them all.

Sethe grabbed her children, ran out and tried to kill them all.

They are ambushed by a number of thugs, but manage to kill them all.

made them more

The MacDonalds' alliance to the Stuart cause made them more unpopular with the government.

The higher competence of the Caledonian basement rocks made them more resistant to erosion.

The harshness of Japanese occupation forces made them more resented than the Dutch colonial rulers.

making them quite

However, they have their feet placed far back on the body, making them quite ungainly on land.

Oftentimes, ice caps gradually merge into ice sheets; making them quite hard to track and document.

makes them more

Breathing from your diaphragm relaxes the rider and makes them more athletically capable.

Counterfeits that reach the philatelic community are fairly scarce, and that alone makes them more valuable.

Sufficiently small diamonds can form in the cold of space because their lower surface energy makes them more stable than graphite.

turned them down   (los rechazó)

They offered me more and a lot of money, but I turned them down.

But Theron turned them down.

But he turned them down to go on a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

let them know

One day I got a six-pack of beer, called the pastor, and let them know I quit.

We were like 'No, it's not about that' and we tried to let them know what it was really about.

He said, "But Steve [Hillenburg] had no interest in that and let them know that in no uncertain terms."

set them apart

The band pursued a mind blowing speed and technical brand of Thrash that soon set them apart from the pack.

It is a rather unique species from a notably old group of fishes, possessing several traits than set them apart from their close relatives.

From their essentially political position, they developed extreme doctrines that set them apart from both mainstream Sunni and Shia Muslims.