Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

found themselves   (se encontraron)

Many passengers found themselves unable to move.

Its crew of nine found themselves adrift on two rafts.

They found themselves in the king's capital.

find themselves   (Encontrarse ellos mismos)

Mel and Jay find themselves in a shopping centre.

They soon find themselves out on the balcony.

Its characters that are lost trying to find themselves.

established themselves   (se establecieron)

Bundesliga, and quickly established themselves at this level.

They established themselves in Jackson County in the city of Ashland.

Insurgents led by Maqoma established themselves in the forested Waterkloof.

among themselves

among themselves, the Giants, Pirates, Reds, and Braves.

Students divide the tasks among themselves in each group.

If this was rejected they would consult among themselves.

call themselves   (llamarse a sí mismos)

Most Franconians do not call themselves Bavarians.

The fans call themselves the "Blue White Devils".

Many of them call themselves "we" instead of "I".

called themselves

The Nighthawk's pilots called themselves "Bandits".

The group called themselves simply "Christians".

Only 11% called themselves completely not spiritual.

identify themselves   (identificarse)

About 100,000 people identify themselves as Eloyi.

They do not identify themselves when they arrive.

The two do not identify themselves in interviews.

defend themselves   (defenderse a sí mismos)

He also teaches the Eloi how to defend themselves.

He even taught school-age kids how to defend themselves in fights.

"More gendarmes turned up and our people tried to defend themselves.

consider themselves   (consideran a sí mismos)

Sorbung speakers consider themselves to be ethnic Tangkhul.

Bavarians consider themselves to be egalitarian and informal.

Only 6.1% of the respondents consider themselves only Canarian.

calling themselves   (llamándose a sí mismos)

The team also ran ad campaigns calling themselves "the Dips."

Shortly after the merger, a team calling themselves Ayr Thistle F.C.

Along with Pohl, the four started calling themselves the "Quadrumvirate".

protect themselves   (protegerse)

That Jews are hated and need to protect themselves?

Players can also use their board to protect themselves from attack.

veto cell killing) to protect themselves from the host's immune system.

distinguished themselves   (se distinguieron)

Other Brown alumni have distinguished themselves in the computer sciences.

Community members have distinguished themselves on and beyond the website.

Military aviators from Columbus distinguished themselves during World War I.

identified themselves   (se identificaron)

In 2008 6.8 percent of the population identified themselves as "preto".

Approximately 72 people identified themselves as black and Native American.

In the 2006 census, 2.5 percent of the population identified themselves as black.

between themselves

a naming service to discover agents between themselves).

Her family cut their hair to sever a connection between themselves and her spirit.

The Jogos Nhai do not fight between themselves, and live in small clans bound by blood.

refer to themselves   (referirse a sí mismos)

Past students of GSSO refer to themselves as "ogssians".

Fans of Spirit Animal refer to themselves as "Spanimals".

Members of the temple refer to themselves as "Dharma Bums".

considered themselves

These Slavophones considered themselves Bulgarian.

Poll and his wife considered themselves "Liahona" Mormons.

The Societies considered themselves more than just alms givers.

themselves against   (ellos mismos contra)

In turn, these Tutsis formed a militia to defend themselves against attacks.

Edwards ordered cannon distributed to allow towns to defend themselves against attack.

They educate artists on industry pitfalls and how to protect themselves against predatory practices.

declared themselves

Of that number, 87.3% declared themselves Mapuche.

A few, such as Turkey, have declared themselves secular.

Despite their separatism, they declared themselves as Serbs.

express themselves   (expresarse)

Who suggested that the teens find another way to express themselves.

They express themselves as superior because they lack feelings of adequacy.

Art is seen as an essential method in which children can express themselves.

see themselves   (verse a sí mismos)

I want them to see themselves, because they did disrespect me also.

As Olwen Hufton argues, these women began to see themselves as the "defenders of faith".

Some contemporary Muslim Albanians in Albania see themselves as being the "purest" Albanians.

establish themselves   (establecerse)

No plants had been able to establish themselves there.

The following batsmen were unable to establish themselves at the crease.

amongst themselves

By late 1943 the resistance groups began to fight amongst themselves.

The Chairmen of the several districts elect from amongst themselves a chairman.

The group grew heated upon hearing this proposal and began to argue amongst themselves.

support themselves   (apoyarse a sí mismos)

The Indians were to support themselves by farming.

With little to give, these immigrants have few skills to support themselves.

The able-bodied slaves were cut loose and left to support themselves and their families.

themselves up

By day 1, they are able to take their first steps and right themselves up easily.

--Suicide bombers begin to blow themselves up at American iconic sites like the Alamo.

A worm who is out of health will die by blowing themselves up and leaving a grave marker.

themselves through

Users publicize the projects themselves through Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms.

The nuns support themselves through alms and manufacturing items such as clothing and printed texts.

Throughout the Troubles, Belfast artists continued to express themselves through poetry, art and music.

present themselves   (presentarse a sí mismos)

Therefore there are no new ideas to present themselves to Him.

In most cases, symptoms present themselves at an advanced stage of disease.

Every two years there is also a pageant where many clubs present themselves.

distance themselves   (distanciarse)

This lasted until 1911, when Espiritistas began to distance themselves from class issues.

Many artificial intelligence researchers seek to distance themselves from military applications of AI.

Both officially distance themselves because of its attacks on civilians and its supposed profiteering.

describe themselves   (describirse a sí mismos)

Rusyns also sometimes describe themselves as Ruthenians.

4.57% of the population describe themselves as non-religious.

Adherents describe themselves only as "Muammmin" ("believers").

distinguish themselves

They distinguish themselves by their costumes and dialect.

In the battle Oeagrus, Aeacus, and Erectheus all distinguish themselves.

They were less problematic than the A2/2 class, but did not distinguish themselves.

allied themselves   (se aliaron)

The Ammonites soon allied themselves with Eglon of Moab in attacking Israel.

A group of pagan Aetas from Sierra Madre also allied themselves with the "cofradía".

Southern Democrats gradually rebuilt their party and allied themselves with Northern Progressives.

make themselves   (hacerse)

Three friends find a way to make themselves rich overnight.

Some of them took advantage of the general chaos to make themselves wealthy.

Eventually, Zelie and her posse discover this cabin as well and make themselves at home.

upon themselves

Organizations from across the area took it upon themselves to relieve this lack.

They took it upon themselves to document societies, such as Tibet's, from their perspective.

During the night they test the nanotubes upon themselves and awake with superhuman abilities.

saw themselves

The creation of the Confederacy was accomplished by men who saw themselves as fundamentally conservative.

The Ridwan family saw themselves as the leaders of the wider region and the patrons of other ruling families.

Also, the internalizing of the label "illegal" made it so that these individuals saw themselves as less human.

renamed themselves

They renamed themselves Sexteto Típico Oriental.

The club renamed themselves back to Mladost in 1992.

The Mend renamed themselves as Race the Horizon.

put themselves

He said that the Arevaci, Belli and Titti would put themselves in his hands.

They selflessly put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others.

described themselves

The Rapids' management described themselves as "deeply saddened" by his decision.

In a 1988 interview, the group described themselves as "Australia's only genuine death rock experience".

62.2% of these residents described themselves as "Coloured", 28.2% as "Black African", and 8.7% as "White".

distanced themselves   (se distanciaron)

Other anti-divorce campaigners distanced themselves from the comments.

Maclean's distanced themselves from her even though she posted one article.

Sangh Parivar representatives have distanced themselves from Abhinav Bharat (AB).

name for themselves

Their name for themselves was "Kuupangaxwichem.

They are just trying to make a name for themselves for no reason other than self-gratification."

Since 2009, the BVI have made a name for themselves as a host of international basketball events.

band themselves

The album was also produced by the band themselves.

The album's lengthy liner notes are written by the band themselves.

Two of the songs were recorded by the band themselves at Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag.

not themselves

The aldermen also prepared a list of twelve prominent Londoners, who were not themselves aldermen.

Second, HTML instructions do not themselves cause infringing images to appear on the user's computer screen.

90% of children indicated that they were not themselves the victims of violence, while 10% reported that they were.

fend for themselves   (valerse por sí mismos)

Tony runs off with it, leaving Johnny and Pete to fend for themselves.

Her father traveled abroad often and left his daughters to fend for themselves.

Only when sufficiently mature to fend for themselves were they released back into the wild.

named themselves

He pieced together a band to play on the album, and they named themselves Penguin.

The ten men named themselves the Trinity College tiddlywinks, or the "Trinity Tiddlers".

The Vampire Lovers named themselves after the 1970 Hammer Horror movie, of the same name.

referred to themselves

They referred to themselves as the "Spice Girls of Tennis".

Some users of the community referred to themselves as "Totseans".

Prior to 1975, students referred to themselves as the "Barnard honeybears".

presented themselves

Invariably, these pieces presented themselves as singles.

They presented themselves as an electoral alliance three years later.

In 2007–2008 Santi Asoke monks presented themselves in brown robes again.

lend themselves   (prestarse a ellos mismos)

Lift tables lend themselves to being easily adapted to a specific use.

Many decks lend themselves especially well to the practice of meditation.

Definite quadratic forms lend themselves readily to optimization problems.

organized themselves

They have organized themselves in the Restored Reformed Church.

Independent Dutch citizens organized themselves into publishing their own illegal papers.

The divines organized themselves into three standing committees, though each committee was open to any member of the Assembly.

disguise themselves   (disfrazarse)

Melander's crew disguise themselves as delivery men.

They disguise themselves as women and ride into the university asking to enroll as students.

Many women found they had to disguise themselves as men in order to participate in the wider world.

themselves without

The peaceful Namekians found themselves without a home for months.

Many of those who found themselves without work were small-scale maize growers.").

From the tone of the performance, it appears that this is a hope that the pair can be themselves without pressure from others.

free themselves   (liberarse)

The attempt of prisoners of war to free themselves from the camp failed.

The pair manage to free themselves and try to escape when the ship is attacked by another.

Using a magnifying glass, dropped by Pogaku Subbarao, they free themselves and attack Vasanth Daada.

finding themselves

With this statement, all of the Æsir look to one another, finding themselves in a dilemma.

His newer works mostly represent children finding themselves alone in landscapes of war or desolation.

However, the club played poorly in the early season, finding themselves 10 games under .500 at the end of June.

people themselves

The people themselves would do likewise.

Another major factor is the people themselves, who ignore the rules of the road.

Cossack uprisings, like the Cossack people themselves, have been portrayed variously in the Polish, Russian and Ukrainian historiographers.

themselves during

The Romans commonly built tombs for themselves during their lifetime.

Military aviators from Columbus distinguished themselves during World War I.

However, it was not a word used by the Chinese themselves during the period.

members themselves

The funds of the society were contributed personally by the members themselves.

It is lyrically influenced by the personalities of the group members themselves.

All printing, binding, and collating of materials was done by the members themselves.

themselves when   (ellos mismos cuando)

They do not identify themselves when they arrive.

Toads and frogs reveal themselves when it rains.

Hearing this, fools ask themselves when they can learn all that, and turn to leave.

reveal themselves   (revelarse)

Toads and frogs reveal themselves when it rains.

Then footsteps approach and Shark and Timas Brauss reveal themselves.

Club" opined that ""Bloom"s beauty and gifts reveal themselves gradually over time."

establishing themselves

Mestizos moved in establishing themselves and intermarrying with the locals.

They made a name for themselves after working in Los Angeles, establishing themselves as remixers.

Quickly establishing themselves in their corner of Ohio, it wasn't long before Come Wind was playing in other states as well.

themselves more

The Societies considered themselves more than just alms givers.

In this condition, the rats chose the option to just reward themselves more.

Though known as a boy band, they considered themselves more of a vocal group.

manifest themselves

Dream rebound is when suppressed thoughts manifest themselves in one's dreams.

At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking and displacing or disrupting the ground.

The synergies also manifest themselves in the various specialised networks operating at the University (e.g.

save themselves

The miners had no time to escape the danger or save themselves.

Some Slovene Jews managed to save themselves by joining the partisans.

Bätge and 24 members of the crew managed to save themselves in a life boat.

prove themselves   (demostrar su valía)

Give them opportunity and they can prove themselves".

Finalists must prove themselves in yet another week of shows, this time performing sets ranging in length from 12–15 minutes.

Despite their bickering, the Fantastic Four consistently prove themselves to be "a cohesive and formidable team in times of crisis."

aligned themselves   (alineados)

The Ansar al Dine faction aligned themselves with the AQIM.

Kiyoshi and No Limit then aligned themselves with Sheik Abdul Bashir.

KUL worked together with the Kommunistisk Arbeiderforbund (KA) and aligned themselves with the student organisation.

attach themselves   (adjuntarse)

tail bone), where the hind legs attach themselves."

The locus also includes the genes for the proteins that attach themselves to the surface of F bacteria and initiate conjugation.

Reproduction is sexual, the gametes of both sexes being expelled into the water, then the free larvae attach themselves to rocks.

identifying themselves

Others started identifying themselves as Malays so that they could join the military or get jobs given to local Malays.

Columbia is a racially diverse school, with approximately 52% of all students identifying themselves as persons of color.

Most people assume their "mestizo" identity while at the same time identifying themselves with one or more indigenous cultures.

themselves within

These larvae do not require stimulation, but rather hatch themselves within 2-3 days and crawl into their host's mouth.

Non-feminist archaeologists are less compelled to position themselves within their work, or reflect on how their position affects their work.

Instead, Dectra operated as a track system; aircraft would navigate by keeping themselves within the signal defined by a particular Decca lane.

set themselves

Linebackers stand behind the defensive linemen or set themselves up on the line of scrimmage.

At the present moment, WGLOs are pressured to integrate people of color, but they do so under conditions that they set themselves.

Baroque painters worked deliberately to set themselves apart from the painters of the Renaissance and the Mannerism period after it.

defend themselves against   (defenderse de)

In turn, these Tutsis formed a militia to defend themselves against attacks.

Edwards ordered cannon distributed to allow towns to defend themselves against attack.

Early experiments suggested that the viceroys use Batesian mimicry to defend themselves against predators.

themselves before

When God created Adam, he ordered the angels to prostrate themselves before him.

Also they can be relatively social but are also known to live by themselves before mating.

They were obligated to humble themselves before a Muslim, to walk to the left side, and greet him first.

made themselves

Some [MPs] have made themselves available as tools for ruling family members."

During the contest of Westminster the wits made themselves merry over his frailties.

Henzell and Smith on 15 June 1831 engaged a shipwright to repair her and made themselves responsible for the coasts.

introduce themselves   (Que ellos se presenten)

Many parasitic bees use mimicry to introduce themselves into the nests of their hosts.

Correspondingly, Romanians occasionally introduce themselves with their family names first, e.g.

They introduce themselves as Emma Garcia (a third wife of David Garcia Sr.) and David "Anthony" Garcia III.

declare themselves   (declararse)

Clubs desiring to pay players were now free to declare themselves professional.

According to a 2009 study, the 46% of Spaniards aged 18–24 declare themselves atheist or agnostic.

In modern Norway, many of the largest urban centres' municipal governments have chosen to declare themselves neutral.

devote themselves   (dedicarse)

She inspired many women to devote themselves to research.

To the cultivation of their fields they devote themselves entirely."

Wild and Caroline can now devote themselves completely to their love.

help themselves

Private speech is when a person talks to themselves in order to help themselves problem solve.

When the opportunity arises, the two friends help themselves to the needed funds from the bank's safe.

Some babies refuse to eat solids when offered with a spoon, but happily help themselves to finger food.

align themselves   (alinearse)

The fish align themselves in a grid with this characteristic jump length.

Social Boards align themselves with themes that are important to society.

Religion is also a feature, where players can align themselves with different gods.

give themselves

Husband and wife give themselves totally to each other in a union that lasts until death.

Only after being assured they would be placed under house arrest in the home of a Privy Council member, did the pair give themselves up.

Celibacy is designed to "consecrate themselves with undivided heart to the Lord and to "the affairs of the Lord, they give themselves entirely to God and to men.

position themselves

The hag will then position themselves over the sleeping victim, sucking their breath.

They feed on these buds and position themselves so that their heads takes their place as a form of camouflage.

During this period, both Edrich and Compton found it difficult to position themselves quickly enough to play Lindwall.

devoted themselves

Seven of his family members devoted themselves to God and religious life.

During this period devoted themselves to instrumental covers of rock songs in English.

According to Bard, "Jews have devoted themselves to politics with almost religious fervor."

kill themselves

This can lead to bears trying to kill themselves.

The Dutch let the nobility at Pemecutan kill themselves, and proceeded with the looting.

Apollo turned both the mother and son into swans when they jumped into a lake and tried to kill themselves.

prepare themselves

He then tells Kate and Paul to prepare themselves for the worst.

Many were educated to prepare themselves for life in the royal court.

The sisters accept and go off to prepare themselves ("Je serai charmante".)

organize themselves

The two organize themselves for an informal meeting with Pauline.

Anarchists organize themselves to squat and reclaim public spaces.

A group of young activists were trying to help farmers organize themselves in the province of Bulacan.

versions of themselves

In Springfield, everyone turns into plant versions of themselves.

Each episode is hosted by Jeff Probst with actors portraying fictional versions of themselves or others.

With the aid of versions of themselves from other realities, the Mauler Twins are able to construct the machine.

arm themselves   (armarse)

They escape, and arm themselves with power tools.

Everything is well until a band of Reploids arm themselves and launch an assault on the island.

They go into the room with vat of acid, hoping to arm themselves with knives, but a servant comes in.

define themselves   (definirse)

10.8% define themselves as atheist and a further 16.7% as non-believers.

How they define themselves.

They define themselves as "the fighting and warlike faction of real valencianism".

armed themselves   (armarse)

Seeing a small detachment, Marandians armed themselves, and attacked it.

The landlords armed themselves and armed their people at their own expense.

As the Toa armed themselves with weapons from the Suva's arsenal, they wondered what to do next.

committed themselves

Aschermittwoch-Gesellschaft, which was founded in 1914 and currently has around 650 members, has committed themselves to this tradition.

However, after the assassination of monarchist Calvo Sotelo by Republican Assault Guards in July 1936, the Carlists committed themselves unreservedly to Mola's conspiracy.

On this basis religious leaders have committed themselves to work together in order to prevent conflict, promote peaceful coexistence and encourage their communities to do the same.

themselves off

Some monitors will also switch themselves off after a time period on standby.

Filip and Fredrik auctioned themselves off as receptionists, which raised 221,100 SEK.

The band told Geffen that if they did not receive the backend support they would pull themselves off the tour.

speak for themselves   (hablar por si mismos)

We think that these facts speak for themselves".

Let the dead rocks and dying grasses/ speak for themselves, or be dumb."

Simply put, it is time to let the words and writings of Washington's faith speak for themselves.

themselves and others

The rest of the procession began killing themselves and others.

SCVO works to support people to take voluntary action to help themselves and others, and to bring about social change.

The SES is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster.

themselves are not

These terms by themselves are not very precise, and many subtle intermediate cases exist.

However, the Umpires themselves are not all involved in the corporate aspect of Urban Umpires.

Additionally, "Jinyunpelta" shows a unique combination of traits that in themselves are not unique.

view themselves

Finally, dismissive-avoidant adults aim for independence as they view themselves as valuable and autonomous.

Melkites view themselves as the first Christian community, dating the Melkite Church back to the time of the Apostles.

In this stage adolescents are also able to view themselves in the future and can picture the ideal life they would like to pursue.

feed themselves

At first they grew food to feed themselves.

They farmed crops to feed themselves.

Some are predators or pollinators, whether to feed themselves or to provision their nests.

themselves back   (ellos mismos de vuelta)

The club renamed themselves back to Mladost in 1992.

Archbishop Connell was "apologetic" when Mervyn and his father found themselves back in his house for a second time.

The crew, including Tuvok, who has left the bridge and become similarly lost, all find themselves back at the holodeck.

barricaded themselves

Only six families who barricaded themselves in a single house with sporting weapons escaped unscathed.

Ambrose and his congregation barricaded themselves inside the church, and the imperial order was rescinded.

On Tuesday, 4 Dhu al-Hijjah (22 June 1632), Nami and the rebels evacuated Mecca and barricaded themselves at the fortress of Turbah.

differentiate themselves

This way, they can differentiate themselves once again and regain their superiority.

The band includes quotation marks in their name to differentiate themselves from other bands with a similar name.

Airlines usually prefer to purchase items visible to their passengers to differentiate themselves from local competitors.

sustain themselves   (sostenerse)

On March 15 a flying fish landed in the ship and the men fished to sustain themselves.

To sustain themselves during the Depression, both Smith and Dehner took on commercial jobs.

It is also found in cultures that sustain themselves harmoniously with nature and neighbor.

proved themselves

His sire never ran on grass, but his descendants proved themselves on the turf.

However, many junior and mid-level officer graduates proved themselves invaluable in battle.

His stock won over all distances on the flat, and have proved themselves jumpers of no mean order.

regard themselves

All segments regard themselves as Dir.

However, the Keliko regard themselves as Keliko rather than as Ma'di.

They regard themselves as culturally and especially linguistically distinct from their surrounding neighbours.