Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

then moved   (sau đó di chuyển)

The scene was then moved to the post-credits slot.

He then moved to Churchill Brothers in March 2018.

He then moved on to non-league side Cammell Laird.

then went   (sau đó đến)

He then went on to join Újpest FC in January 2006.

Gardner then went back down to the minors in 1886.

Carrie then went on to pursue a career in writing.

then became   (sau đó trở thành)

Ivory Records then became their recording company.

He then became an agent for United States Customs.

He then became a Civil Surgeon at Thane from 1881.

then returned   (sau đó trở về)

The people then returned to their inheritance i.e.

She then returned to teaching high school in 1923.

He then returned to Bulgaria via Bosnia and Raška.

then known   (sau đó được biết đến)

The station was then known as Z-100 on the air.

She had been sunk, but it was not then known by whom.

The hundred of Flendish was then known as Flamingdike.

then joined

She then joined City of Southampton Swimming Club.

He then joined the BBC as a foreign correspondent.

Reyes then joined Alianza Atlético in January 2009.

then took

They then took over the business of their employer.

She then took a job as a lecturer in the Dr. S.K.

Leigh-Mallory then took over command of 11 Group.

then served

He then served in the same capacity with VI Corps.

He then served in that position from 1989 to 1990.

The "Ttongtteok" was then served to the goddess.

what was then   (sau đó là gì)

Maksutov died in what was then Leningrad (a.k.a.

It also caused some damage in what was then British Hong Kong.

The port was established in 1911, in what was then Chehalis County.

then worked   (sau đó làm việc)

He then worked at Randwick Fire Station from 1971.

He then worked at the Middlesex Hospital in London.

He then worked as a plasterer, as did his father.

then called

The rebadged version was then called the JMC Teshun.

The host then called to reveal the second challenge.

The faces are then called the Re"-face and Si"-face.

then began

She then began working in the newspaper industry.

She then began to withdraw back to Sangley Point.

She then began preparations to return to Okinawa.

then played

He then played opposite Mary Pickford in "M'Liss".

They then played a single-elimination tournament.

They then played a double-elimination tournament.

then made

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

The demo then made it to label head James Prince.

She then made some yarn and said it must be boiled.

then later

It was then later used as a line camp for cattle ranching.

He worked first in Kassa (Košice), then later in Budapest.

on BBC Radio 4, then later Channel 4.

then attended   (sau đó tham dự)

He then attended Madison College in Pennsylvania.

He then attended UCLA and majored in animation.

Roy then attended the Yale School of Medicine.

then used

She then used black magic to make the tree wither.

The whole Aston building was then used for boys.

The data is then used in the product design process.

then studied

He then studied law at the University of Virginia.

He then studied law at Downing College, Cambridge.

He then studied at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

then transferred   (sau đó chuyển)

Paula is then transferred to an old people's home.

Caliph Mu`âwiyah then transferred him to Damascus.

She was then transferred to the United States Navy.

then sent   (sau đó gửi)

They are then sent on what Paul calls a "good job."

Ivens was then sent to Stony Mountain Penitentiary.

He was then sent to the Army of the Alps in Nice.

then spent

He then spent some time playing in South Africa.

He then spent a few years in Clovis, New Mexico.

He then spent a period studying and travelling abroad.

until then

They had been stored with crocodile bones until then.

Up until then, all family law cases were held in private.

The station had a ticket office until then.

then left

and then left from the computer and went upstairs.

He then left racing to concentrate on instructing.

This mixture was then left to ferment in the sun.

then won

Tottemo Rock 'n' Roll" then won a newcomer award.

She then won the Irish Open 2007 title in Dublin.

He then won a scholarship to Jesus College, Oxford.

then part

Wood was born in Brome township, then part of Brome County.

3 Squadron Australian Flying Corps (then part of the army).

Čas was born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia.

then signed   (sau đó đã ký)

He then signed for First Division club Ayr United.

In September 2011, he then signed for Notts County.

He then signed with the American side Chicago Fire.

then turned   (sau đó quay)

Bradley then turned his eyes to municipal politics.

Salazar then turned his attention to Rodrigo de Paz.

then again   (sau đó một lần nữa)

But then again, there's no time like the present."

Gene woke and nudged her once, then again.

Another period of mining was then again from 1934 to 1952.

then sold

The information is then sold to insurance brokers.

The house was then sold for 1.2 million dollars.

They then sold it in 1995 for more than $800 million.

then released   (sau đó phát hành)

Khalaf then released a second album"Khayfa Menak".

Baig then released her song "Maa" on Mother’s Day.

The prisoners then released those held in solitary.

then lost   (sau đó mất)

He then lost to Denis Shapovalov in straight sets.

The club then lost to West Ham United in the final.

Australia then lost the deciding doubles match 4–2.

then turns   (sau đó biến)

The road then turns into Norwegian County Road 91.

She then turns and walks back to the train station.

The train then turns to the right into the brake run.

then continued

She then continued on building her YouTube career.

The Union force then continued toward Big Bethel.

He then continued south towards the Peloponnese.

then proceeded   (sau đó tiếp tục)

The case then proceeded to trial over May 6–8, 1873.

They then proceeded to violate the Jews on the streets.

She then proceeded to Port Said remaining there one day.

then goes   (sau đó đi)

Chuck then goes into the water and tags the shark.

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

Peggy then goes to Edward's office to pressure him.

then entered   (sau đó nhập)

He then entered Xavier University, earning a B.S.

The 1st then entered Transylvania at Palanca, Bacău.

He then entered the world of strength athletics.

then appointed   (sau đó bổ nhiệm)

Nehemiah was then appointed the ruler of Jerusalem.

Bamford was then appointed head coach at Bramley.

He was then appointed Director of Army Reserves.

then followed

Walsh then followed Stanwyck and Fay to Hollywood.

then followed by a promotion sometimes announced.

He then followed Fuente to Virginia Tech in 2016.

then decided

He then decided to enlist in United States Navy.

Neil then decided to open the "Wade Book Shop."

Daniel then decided to give Phyllis a chance.

then started

He then started working with Monowar Hossen Tutul.

He then started an international consulting firm.

He then started a relationship with Aishath Rishmy.

then scored

He then scored a goal against Mioveni in a 4-0 win.

He then scored twice in a 5–2 victory at Ipswich Town.

The Knights then scored 21 unanswered points.

then passed   (rồi trôi qua)

He then passed the flame to the first relay skier.

He then passed the Staff Course from 1946 to 1947.

It then passed into the hands of the Altieri family.

then defeated   (sau đó đánh bại)

He was then defeated by Mokoko in the second round.

He then defeated Badillo in the general election.

Lani then defeated Tessa Tualevao in September 2018.

then set

They then set up an employment registry for women.

They are then set to find a trio of art thieves.

They then set fire to the area surrounding the manor.

then held

The final is then held at usually a neutral venue.

It was then held for the next 36 years until 2010.

Davydenko broke, then held and broke again at love.

then taken

He was imprisoned in Siedlce, then taken to Kutno.

Merryman was then taken and confined in Fort McHenry.

Hippolyta is then taken from the island.

then came

He then came back to Cairo, where he died in 1990.

The caution then came out and bunched the field up.

He then came to Mumbai to work and earn money.

then led

The housing bubble then led to the credit crunch.

This then led to an all in brawl between both sides.

He then led police to the man's buried remains.

then received

Hubbs then received his pilot's license in January 1964.

He then received an offer that he simply could not refuse.

She then received her MBA at the Manchester Business School.

then sailed

The two vessels then sailed in company to Canton.

She then sailed for North America on 9 September.

He then sailed from London on 4 July, bound for India.

then asked   (sau đó hỏi)

They were then asked to estimate the amount it moved.

The King then asked the qadi: "What do you say?

He then asked her, "Ms Kay, please think of something."

then placed

The chips were then placed in clear spring water.

This then placed Jones as number 2 in the WBO rankings.

Sudachan then placed her lover on the throne.

then changed

Wiley's bio page was then changed to "Pending B.A.

He then changed the name of his boot company to H.J.

Arcadia Corporation then changed its name to Starpath.

then tells

He then tells his brother he will help him get out.

Dupre then tells Trist where Fury can be found.

He then tells his dog he is going hunting for rabbits.

then named

Carel Reyniersz was then named as Governor-General.

The FBI then named Abdulaziz al-Omari as a hijacker.

Oates then named as her Magister Robin the Dart.

then continues

It then continues forward on the board as a pawn.

The process then continues in a cyclic fashion.

It then continues towards Graham as a two-lane highway.

then given

He was then given a yellow card by the referee.

The character was then given the forename Emily in 1962.

The tune shift with amplitude is then given by formula_3.

then go

The presenters would then go on to hold the animal.

The four best songs then go on to the "gold final".

They then go and fight with someone else's army.

back then   (trở lại sau đó)

They used to sing together as a team back then.

The head coach back then was Yuri Selikhov.

The film stock back then was nitrate and highly flammable.

then takes

Anang then takes his leave to go back to the army.

The river then takes on the outflow of Gull Lake.

He then takes Sally to a rooftop and attacks her.

then ran

Michigan's Minor then ran in a TD from 1-yard out.

He then ran for another 84 yards and another score.

Goebel then ran five yards to the Tech 11-yard line.

then put

It was then put it in a glass case for exhibition.

The data diskette was then put in the second drive.

The blame is then put on Sathya who ends up in jail.

then flows

It then flows southward across the border into New Mexico.

It then flows southwest past the community of Cave Springs.

The fluid then flows into a central pipe where it feeds the wick.

then added   (sau đó thêm vào)

A second phase of renovation, then added: 1.

A thin layer of water was then added for the fresh ice.

The press box was then added to the top of the 600 Club.

then married

He then married actress Meher Afroz Shaon in 2005.

Yueniang is then married to a butcher, Liu Yidao.

He then married Mary Elizabeth Briddock in 1919.

then appeared

The correlation then appeared to decrease with age.

The song then appeared in his movie "Holiday Inn" (1942).

Bardot then appeared in four movies that made her a star.

then only   (vậy chỉ)

Since then only two people have returned (in 1994).

It was retired in 1981 and then only used for spares.

But then only started once in the following three games.

then president

Such movements were led by then president of the CSN, Marcel Pepin.

In the sixties Max Delvalle was first vice president, then president.

The name is chosen to honor the then president of Yale University, the Rev.

then ordered   (sau đó ra lệnh)

The FBI then ordered the end of Pistone's operation.

I then ordered him to march in front of me ...

Vrioni then ordered that Diakos be impaled.

then formed

The Marines then formed a night defensive perimeter.

These two battalions then formed up on the second line.

New bone is then formed by the osteoblasts.

then completed

The construction was then completed by April 1971.

Both players' hands are then completed to 9 cards.

The foundation was then completed from this design.

then back   (sau đó trở lại)

Sheppard moved to California, then back to Britain.

A gun which has a lever that you pull down then back up to load.

He was sent firstly to India, and then back to the UK to recover.

then retired   (sau đó nghỉ hưu)

He then retired from figure skating due to injuries.

He also sold MedX Corporation in 1996 and then retired.

He then retired from business at age eighty.

then passes

It then passes the west end of K-92 near Rock Creek.

The route then passes under Old Gunpowder Road.

Squid then passes away following Abyss' defeat.

then leaves   (sau đó rời đi)

He then leaves, with Barry too stunned to respond.

PA 21 then leaves Morrisville in Jefferson Township.

She then leaves to Oklahoma city on a project.

then head   (sau đó đi đầu)

They then head to church at dawn on Christmas morning.

They then head to the location and set up the equipment.

The girls then head off for a fun night at an amusement park.

even then

The track was evidently in horrible shape even then.

Altyndepe was a major center even then.

And even then its influence continued.

then assigned   (sau đó được giao)

He was then assigned to laboratory work in Ulyanovsk.

He was then assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.

The inhabitants were then assigned families to stay with.

then becomes

She then becomes a member of the reformed Acolytes.

She then becomes von Lichstein's girlfriend.

Leonard also said: "The Internet then becomes a useful tool.

then traveled   (sau đó đi du lịch)

It then traveled to venues in California and Texas.

They then traveled eastward, both by land and by water.

The production then traveled to New Orleans.

then renamed

The battery was then renamed — Battery "New Peck."

the school was then renamed Blackfriars Academy.

It was then renamed as Amazon Instant Video on Demand.

then elected

Leo Gibson was then elected as Latrobe's captain.

She was then elected in 2008 and 2010 as a Democrat.

Sub Board then elected a new editor in chief.

then replaced   (sau đó thay thế)

Brandon Kirsch then replaced him during that time.

The 727C was then replaced by the 737C in 1985.

A second Committee of Safety then replaced it.

then brought

This was then brought to Kierkegaard by Sibbern.

In the station, the trains are then brought to a halt.

Settlers were then brought in from Germany.

band then

The band then hires John Corabi as his replacement.

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

The band then cleared it properly for "Heart Is Full".

then attacked   (sau đó bị tấn công)

The three girls are then attacked by household items.

He then attacked Ulbia on Sardinia, but was repulsed.

However, she is then attacked by Dark Kabuto.

then runs

The road then runs concurrent with Route 94 for .

The horse then runs into bushes and Robin falls off.

Merle shoots Michonne in the leg, she then runs off.

team then   (đội rồi)

Sydney, Vaughn and a CIA team then recover Nadia.

The team then escaped by jumping from a ten-story window.

The team then had losing seasons for the next eight years.

then taught

He attended the common schools, and then taught school.

He then taught in the faculty of theology until his death.

She then taught at the University of Connecticut until 1995.

then headed   (sau đó đứng đầu)

They then headed southeast toward the Israeli outpost.

He then headed the subdivisions of the 19th military division.

In it, he helped establish and then headed the Moscow Brain Institute.

then finished

Ossory then finished unplaced in the Sussex Stakes.

He then finished second again in the Sussex Stakes.

Dansili then finished fourth in the Prix Jean Prat.

then announced

He then announced his support for François Fillon.

That day, Iran then announced two days of public mourning.

Daft Punk then announced a world tour called "Alive 2007".

then enters

This parasite then enters and destroys red blood cells.

Albert then enters to inform Del that Raquel has left him.

Blood then enters the left ventricle to be circulated again.

then proceeds   (sau đó tiến hành)

Anya then proceeds to meet Marcus Fenix in a bar.

It then proceeds to reverse out of the arena.

He then proceeds to fold the portable hole into itself.

then travelled   (sau đó đi du lịch)

He then travelled to New York in early summer.

Old Vic then travelled to France for the Prix du Jockey Club.

They then travelled the to Rishikesh by taxi, a six-hour journey.

then gave

The would-be captors then gave up and sailed away.

Abram then gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything.

Shaw then gave orders for Roach to kill Taylor.

then earned

He then earned a PhD from the same institution in 1973.

Leon Powe and the Bears then earned a No.

He was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy, then earned a A.B.

then did

Only then did the orator raise his client's needs.

He then did move out into a room in their pool house.

The fighters then did a low fly-by as the plane landed.

then take

They would then take it in turns to choose an icon.

The remainder of the ceremony could then take place.

The league will then take a break for the League Cup.

then faced

The red team was then faced with the skills test.

Nunes then faced Nik Lentz on January 19, 2013 at .

They then faced Chelsea in the final at Wembley.