Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

field theory   (teoría de campo)

He made a series of conjectures on class field theory.

This approach is the essence of crystal field theory (CFT).

Liouville field theory is associated to the A Cartan matrix.

music theory   (teoría musical)

Nobutoki taught him music theory in the German tradition.

He was professor of music theory, composition and orchestration.

It will combine music practice with music theory, leading to M.A.

number theory   (teoría de los números)

He has also worked on computational number theory.

Factorials have many applications in number theory.

In 1947 Dyson published two papers in number theory.

set theory   (teoría de conjuntos)

Axiomatic set theory was at that point not yet formulated.

The first development of set theory was a naïve set theory.

theory and practice   (teoría y práctica)

Population regulation in theory and practice.

Biological control in theory and practice.

Democracy has taken a number of forms, both in theory and practice.

conspiracy theory   (teoría de la conspiración)

A conspiracy theory is not simply a conspiracy.

Hirasawa has spoken out in favor of the Big Pharma conspiracy theory.

An article published by Bloomberg L.P. also debunked the conspiracy theory.

game theory   (teoría de juego)

It uses game theory to formalize political theory.

It appears in unlikely fields such as game theory.

This particular view of game theory has been criticized.

graph theory   (Teoría de grafos)

A simpler statement of the theorem uses graph theory.

It draws heavily on graph theory and mathematical logic.

Algebraic graph theory has close links with group theory.

quantum field theory   (teoría del campo cuántico)

In quantum field theory n-dimensional integrals of the form appear often.

With James Glimm, he founded the subject called constructive quantum field theory.

The correlation functions of a quantum field theory describe the scattering of particles.

string theory   (teoria de las cuerdas)

Recently pure spinors have attracted attention in string theory.

Indeed, string theory implies that the landscape is very big and diverse.

Mathematical aspects of string theory (San Diego, Calif., 1986), 629—646, Adv.

probability theory   (teoría de probabilidad)

This idea is formalized in probability theory by conditioning.

It combines classical predicate logic and probability theory (Bayesian inference).

In probability theory, the result implies compactness of a tight family of measures.

political theory   (teoría política)

It uses game theory to formalize political theory.

Ephorist political theory was, at its core, a liberal one.

("For Mormon theocratic political theory, see" Theodemocracy).

group theory   (teoría de grupo)

It is, by elementary group theory, injective.

Algebraic graph theory has close links with group theory.

It is part of the mathematical field known as group theory.

economic theory   (teoría económica)

He pioneered the economic theory of index numbers.

Such a situation runs counter to neo-classical economic theory.

Smith laid the foundations of classical free market economic theory.

quantum theory   (Teoría cuántica)

This reflects the nature of measurement in quantum theory.

the quantum theory section, below).

This corresponds to the entangling of particles in quantum theory.

information theory   (Teoría de la información)

It is now a large field of study, part of information theory.

The concept of entropy plays a central role in information theory.

The 1950s also saw developmental activity based upon information theory.

theory of evolution   (teoría de la evolución)

Poots is a young earth creationist and rejects the theory of evolution.

Naturalistic writers were influenced by the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin.

This undoubtedly is the logical final stage in the geopolitical theory of evolution."

general theory   (teoría general)

A general theory of cookies may be formulated this way.

Informally, category theory is a general theory of functions.

Thus, "a general theory of economic theories" (1983, p. xxvi).

representation theory   (teoría de la representación)

Eventually the adelic approach became basic in automorphic representation theory.

Beside the structure theory there is also the wide field of representation theory.

These techniques are now basic in abstract harmonic analysis and representation theory.

theory suggests   (la teoría sugiere)

Another theory suggests that Vratnica is some sort of gateway.

The theory suggests that such riders would appear as half-man, half-animal.

Role theory suggests that role senders provide cues to elicit desired behaviors.

control theory   (teoría de control)

Cognitive load also plays a role in ironic control theory.

This was a landmark paper on control theory and mathematics of feedback.

Being fairly new, modern control theory has many areas yet to be explored.

critical theory   (la teoría crítica)

It has been called critical theory in practice.

He is known for his expertise on critical theory and philosophy of technology.

Engaged theory is one approach within the broader tradition of critical theory.

theory of relativity   (teoría de la relatividad)

Einstein adopted Minkowski's formalism in his 1915 general theory of relativity.

This work of Riemann later became fundamental for Einstein's theory of relativity.

The universality of physical laws is the underlying principle of the theory of relativity.

systems theory   (teoría de sistemas)

Van Schuppen's research interest are in the areas of systems theory and probability.

Chapman is a leader in the fields of hierarchy theory, systems theory, and complexity.

SDEs can be viewed as a generalization of the dynamical systems theory to models with noise.

evolutionary theory   (teoría evolutiva)

Boas initially broke with evolutionary theory over the issue of kinship.

He claimed to provide a new evolutionary theory to replace neo-Darwinism.

Her research focussed on using "Drosophila melanogaster" to understand evolutionary theory.

category theory   (teoría de la categoría)

Informally, category theory is a general theory of functions.

Automorphism groups appear very naturally in category theory.

In 1958 Riguet went to Zurich, working with IBM , studying category theory.

social theory   (teoría social)

Starr's works have focused on politics, public policy, and social theory.

In social theory, abstraction is used as both an ideational and material process.

Reichelt has published widely on Marx, on Adorno's social theory and on economic theory.

complexity theory   (teoría de la complejidad)

To address this problem, a complexity theory for AI has been proposed.

Co-NP In computational complexity theory, co-NP is a complexity class.

The Valiant–Vazirani theorem is a theorem in computational complexity theory.

literary theory   (teoría literaria)

From 1970, he has taught literary theory at the University.

Few examples of their use survive outside texts on literary theory.

This fallacy would later be repudiated by theorists from the reader-response school of literary theory.

feminist theory   (teoría feminista)

is beneficial to feminist theory, especially in comparison to other religions.

Queer theory has been greatly influenced by feminist theory and women's studies.

The "male gaze" is feminist theory that was first developed by Laura Mulvey in 1975.

theory states   (estados teóricos)

The theory states that a person's cultural worldviews (religion, values, etc.)

A theory states the cervical and uterine contractions during orgasm draw semen into the uterus.

This theory states that a foundation is shallow if its depth is less than or equal to its width.

new theory   (nueva teoría)

The new theory was proposed by Werner Heisenberg.

In this last book he puts forward a radical new theory.

Significantly, he suggested this new theory was renormalizable.

perturbation theory   (teoría de la perturbación)

See k·p perturbation theory for an example.

The disadvantage is that perturbation theory is very advanced mathematics.

This allowed him to rewrite perturbation theory precisely in the form of diagrams.

theory of mind   (teoria de la mente)

In other words, is the computational theory of mind correct?

Premack and Woodruff's 1978 article "Does the chimpanzee have a theory of mind?"

In humans, these cells are involved in social conduct, emotions, judgment, and theory of mind.

legal theory   (teoría legal)

This legal theory is termed the "unfairness doctrine."

Historical practice sometimes diverged from legal theory.

legal theory) and from public and private international law.

scientific theory   (teoria cientifica)

For Popper, such statements form the empirical basis of scientific theory.

In fact, Popper found that a scientific theory is better if its truth is more "im"probable.

In particular, a scientific theory that is falsified remains scientific and can still be used in science.

mathematical theory   (teoría matemática)

A mathematical theory of quantum cohomology.

The resulting mathematical theory is called computable analysis.

Crick taught himself the mathematical theory of X-ray crystallography.

theory of value   (teoría del valor)

At the core of Scott's vision was "an energy theory of value".

They contained his theory of value, which was admired at the time.

However, it developed an alternative theory of value and distribution.

learning theory   (teoría del aprendizaje)

Thorndike contributed arithmetic books based on learning theory.

He received his Ph.D. in learning theory from Yale University in 1959.

He was a pioneer in computational complexity theory and computational learning theory.

gauge theory   (teoría de calibre)

of a gauge theory.

He also proposed the SU(2) gauge theory of high temperature superconductors (1996).

For example, the BRST methods are often applied to gauge theory and quantized general relativity.

model theory   (teoría modelo)

These classes are a main subject of study in model theory.

Maltsev's first publications were on logic and model theory.

In mathematical logic, this is often done in terms of model theory.

s theory   (teoría de s)

Many similarities to Anaximenes's theories are apparent in Plato’s theory.

The “CFP” theory was the basis of Brian Josephson’s theory of his Effect (1962).

Instead, Croly turned to Alexander Hamilton’s theory of big national government.

s theory   (la teoria)

Many similarities to Anaximenes's theories are apparent in Plato’s theory.

The “CFP” theory was the basis of Brian Josephson’s theory of his Effect (1962).

Instead, Croly turned to Alexander Hamilton’s theory of big national government.

another theory   (otra teoría)

Yet another theory puts him into the Popponids family.

Taking the native dating as broadly accurate, another theory has emerged.

According to another theory, it may connect Ōita directly to the Kumamoto tectonic line.

type theory   (teoría de tipos)

In type theory, a different kind of statement is known as the axiom of choice.

This work was a precursor of a modern formulation in terms of constructive type theory.

The definition does work however in type theory and in New Foundations and related systems.

decision theory   (teoría de la decisión)

This anarchic view of decision making contrasts with traditional decision theory.

Rabinowicz's areas of expertise include ethics, normativity, decision theory and utilitarianism.

He is known for his expertise on epistemology, decision theory, mathematical logic and philosophy of mathematics.

alternative theory   (teoría alternativa)

However, it developed an alternative theory of value and distribution.

An alternative theory says that the land was leased from the archdeacon.

An alternative theory is that it refers to another smaller and rounder hill.

developed a theory   (desarrollado una teoría)

Aristotle developed a theory of progressive ensoulment.

He developed a theory of the "taxon cycle".

Tarkovsky developed a theory of cinema that he called "sculpting in time".

choice theory   (teoría de elección)

Social choice theory is about voting.

Those familiar with both are likely to prefer choice theory, the more modern formulation.

Glasser mostly ignores the issues of negative role models and stereotypes in choice theory.

theory is based   (la teoría se basa)

This theory is based on the Aramaic writing of the name "Gamla" (with an Aleph at the end).

This theory is based on the "Gaudavaho", a text composed by Yashovarman's court poet Vakpati.

His theory is based directly on the "phenomenal field" personality theory of Combs and Snygg (1949).

theory holds   (la teoría sostiene)

One theory holds that he was the same person as the more famous .

One theory holds that higher educated women are more likely to become career women.

An alternate stronger theory holds that he was actually buried in the , located in .

developed the theory   (desarrolló la teoría)

He developed the theory of cognitive development.

Azar developed the theory of protracted social conflict.

He developed the theory of color vision.

theory behind   (teoría detrás)

He experimented with optical illusions and with the theory behind performance magic.

An understanding of the technology involved, and the theory behind it became necessary.

The theory behind these refuges is to slow the evolution of resistance to the pesticide.

film theory   (teoría del cine)

He also wrote "Sculpting in Time", a book on film theory.

In the late 1960s, the concept of genre became a significant part of film theory.

Approaches include film theory, ethnography, political economy, and textual analysis.

chaos theory   (teoría del caos)

An early proponent of chaos theory was Henri Poincaré.

However, in chaos theory, the term is defined more precisely.

Researchers have continued to apply chaos theory to psychology.

computational complexity theory   (teoría de la complejidad computacional)

Co-NP In computational complexity theory, co-NP is a complexity class.

The Valiant–Vazirani theorem is a theorem in computational complexity theory.

He was a pioneer in computational complexity theory and computational learning theory.

queer theory   (extraña teoria)

She repudiates queer theory as anti-lesbian, anti-feminist, and anti-women.

Lesbian feminists and radical feminists have been the most prominent critics of queer theory and queer politics.

He has been considered one of Sweden's foremost queer theorists and was influential in introducing queer theory to Sweden.

measure theory   (teoría de la medida)

This paradoxical result is explained by measure theory as follows.

However "null set" is a distinct notion within the context of measure theory.

Tightness of measures In mathematics, tightness is a concept in measure theory.

psychoanalytic theory   (teoría psicoanalítica)

The psychoanalyst Juliet Mitchell argues that Millett, like many other feminists, misreads Freud and misunderstands the implications of psychoanalytic theory for feminism.

A controversy emerged regarding deletion of the concept of neurosis, a mainstream of psychoanalytic theory and therapy but seen as vague and unscientific by the DSM task force.

In psychoanalytic theory, there has been the idea of an inner or representational world (proposed by Freud) as well as the internalization of relationships (Fairbairn, Winnicott).

theory and composition   (teoría y composición)

As for Sanya, he chooses to pursue his interest in music theory and composition.

From 1992 until his death he taught theory and composition at the Tirana Conservatory.

From 1951 to 1966, he taught music theory and composition at the Music Academy Warsaw.

functional theory   (teoría funcional)

This is where density functional theory comes in.

The data for the animation was obtained from density functional theory molecular dynamics computer simulations.

The density functional theory (DFT) has been widely used since the 1970s for band structure calculations of variety of solids.

theory does   (la teoría hace)

Bem's theory does not seem to fit female homosexuality.

Quantum theory does this very successfully."

The theory does not regularly arise in the English-language media in Wales.

attachment theory   (teoría de apego)

It is an important aspect of general attachment theory.

However, when Bowlby developed his attachment theory, cognitive psychology was still at its beginning.

The idea of an "environment of evolutionary adaptedness" was first explored as a part of attachment theory by John Bowlby.

wave theory   (teoría de las olas)

But Young was then the only public defender of the wave theory.

Much of the behaviour of light can be modelled using classical wave theory.

The conceptual gap between the wave theory and selectionism had widened again.

relations theory   (teoría de las relaciones)

Within international relations theory he is known for this theory of subaltern realism.

Salter's research focuses on Critical security studies and International relations theory.

Salter teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on international relations theory and geopolitics.

homotopy theory   (teoría de la homotopía)

A theme in Barwick's work is the homotopy theory of higher categories.

Hopkins' work concentrates on algebraic topology, especially stable homotopy theory.

Much of his recent work has concerned equivariant algebraic "K"-theory and equivariant homotopy theory.

classical theory   (teoría clásica)

Value theory was important in classical theory.

The classical theory is given below.

The classical theory of concepts says that concepts have a definitional structure.

accepted theory   (teoría aceptada)

Although the River Continuum Concept is a broadly accepted theory, it is limited in its applicability.

Hume opposed the widely accepted theory of Causation that 'all events have a specific course or reason.'

The most widely accepted theory is that the modern game of golf originated in Scotland in the High Middle Ages.

theory of quantum   (teoría de la cuántica)

A mathematical theory of quantum cohomology.

Linear operators are ubiquitous in the theory of quantum mechanics.

A theory of quantum gravity is needed in order to reconcile these differences.

theory proposes   (la teoría propone)

The theory proposes that a number of passages—1 Cor.

Another theory proposes the blocking of the signal downstream.

The older, “bottom-up” theory proposes that they are built atom-by-atom.

density functional theory   (teoría funcional de la densidad)

This is where density functional theory comes in.

The data for the animation was obtained from density functional theory molecular dynamics computer simulations.

The density functional theory (DFT) has been widely used since the 1970s for band structure calculations of variety of solids.

theory based   (basado en la teoría)

Role ethics is an ethical theory based on family roles.

Anarchist ethics is an ethical theory based on the studies of anarchist thinkers.

Critical ethnography Critical ethnography applies a critical theory based approach to ethnography.

theory is not   (la teoría no es)

However, this theory is not universally accepted.

A conspiracy theory is not simply a conspiracy.

Likewise, an axiomatic set theory is not necessarily consistent: not necessarily free of paradoxes.

history and theory   (historia y teoria)

In 1972, he was appointed professor of music history and theory at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague .

It places, or attempts to place, the work in relationship to art history and theory, the art world and the times.

While in her twenties Miles studied voice with a private teacher and classical music history and theory at Carleton University in Ottawa.

communication theory   (teoría de la comunicación)

In sociology he laid the ground for communication theory.

This success is a result of advances in communication theory and low power dissipation design process.

Shannon's work on cryptography was even more closely related to his later publications on communication theory.

germ theory   (teoria de germenes)

At the time, the germ theory of disease was very new and far from universally accepted.

Using a method valid in immunology before the discovery of germ theory, his work saved many lives.

Another important landmark in medicine and biology were the successful efforts to prove the germ theory of disease.

theory developed   (teoría desarrollada)

The term was presented in a theory developed by Edward Azar.

Protracted social conflicts is a theory developed by Edward Azar.

Mises (1912) applied the marginal utility theory developed by Carl Menger to money.

knot theory   (teoría de nudos)

knot theory.

In 1963, he solved an open problem in knot theory by proving that there are non-invertible knots.

In the 1990s and 2000s, his research dealt with knot theory (and its algebras) and quantum groups.

art theory   (teoría del arte)

Cultural interpretation (an art theory of some kind) is therefore constitutive of an object's arthood."

It is clear that ‘modernist’ Western art theory rejects these conventions, especially in their trivialized form.

In the 1980s, under the rubric of Collins & Milazzo, he co-curated art exhibitions and co-wrote works on art and art theory.

own theory   (teoría propia)

Rogers' elaboration of his own theory is extensive.

Since Lewis did not fully answer that question, Tillyard offers his own theory of poetry.

That is why Diamond lands on his own theory of geographical causes for developmental differences.

coding theory   (teoría de codificación)

For example, coding theory makes use of matrices over finite fields.

The area has further connections to coding theory and geometric combinatorics.

There are applications of β-expansions in coding theory and models of quasicrystals (; ).