Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

when they won   (khi họ thắng)

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

He was with the Bruins when they won the Stanley Cup in 1929.

This affected the "Sky Blues" when they won the FA Cup in 1986–87.

when they defeated   (khi họ đánh bại)

They would rebound the next week when they defeated Chicago 41–28.

In 1974 he played for Auckland when they defeated Great Britain 11-2.

title when they defeated Glynn-Barntown on a scoreline of 0-11 to 0-10 at Wexford Park.

because they did   (bởi vì họ đã làm)

I want them to see themselves, because they did disrespect me also.

Strings later left Rockland because they didn't release her solo album.

Merchants were the lowest caste because they did not produce any products.

when they lost   (khi họ mất)

Their lowest point came in 1988, when they lost 106 games.

The club then however suffered a set-back when they lost to Pune F.C.

They lasted until 1972, when they lost another playoff to Towa Real Estate.

what they saw   (những gì họ đã thấy)

All three airport employees failed to identify what they saw.

The rescue team's members were very distressed by what they saw.

John Locke and others attacked what they saw as the absurdity of Filmer's views.

when they moved   (khi họ di chuyển)

when they moved to Estadio Olímpico Hermanos Ghersi Páez.

Emory was in his early seventies when they moved to Moab.

The team stayed there until 1982, when they moved to New Jersey.

although they did   (mặc dù họ đã làm)

He is the son of David Benedictus, although they did not meet until Maugham was seventeen.

Samoa impressed, although they did not win a game they had close games against the big three.

They then moved on Panormus (modern Palermo), but had to withdraw, although they did capture Hippana.

what they want

People take things and make it what they want it to be.

They can do what they want if the City Hall gave them the right.

The press can write what they want."

when they came   (khi họ đến)

But, ...when they came to look for the little brown woman, she had gone.

The ships' officers had been captured when they came ashore near Bucks Harbor.

These traditions were brought from many different countries when they came to the Caribbean.

when they beat   (khi họ đánh)

Iraq were the champions when they beat Syria on penalties.

They extended the streak to four games when they beat the Giants 6-5 the next day.

Cardiff City achieved this in 1927 when they beat Arsenal in the final at Wembley.

when they first   (khi họ lần đầu tiên)

This division was recorded by Europeans when they first arrived in the area.

The larva are about 3 mm long when they first hatch and will grow to 50 or 90 mm.

It took several hours to heat up Rivermont with wood fires when they first arrived.

when they played   (khi họ chơi)

Zou was left off the team when they played in the 2015 World Championships.

4 Alabama still had a chance to win the national championship when they played No.

During the OCB tournament, Rouge didn't take pills to enhance her performance when they played Dan.

what they called

The Palestinians refused to conduct what they called arbitrary arrests.

Despite that, however, they endorsed Ryan in what they called "a tough choice.

The Romans were strong believers in what they called their "civilizing mission".

when they finished   (khi họ hoàn thành)

Kenya's best season came in 2012–13 when they finished fifth in the Series.

The team's best season record occurred in 1940 when they finished 101–47 (.682).

Beckett played finals football again with Penrith when they finished 5th in 2000.

when they became   (khi họ trở thành)

This continued until 2010, when they became main-sponsor of the Yamaha factory teams YZF-R1's.

when they became 2019 FIFA Club World Cup holders; however, the English FA granted Liverpool F.C.

awarded "scholarships" to qualifying IMPS when they became old enough to apply for SAM membership.

when they arrived   (khi họ đến)

It is not known when they arrived in Hong Kong.

He writes that Hambledon was already batting when they arrived.

Hundreds died because there was no shelter for them when they arrived.

when they reached   (khi họ đạt được)

Success with Whiteman was followed by disaster when they reached New York.

Captain Greaves and some of his crew were murdered when they reached land.

The boys learned a trade and had to leave when they reached the age of fifteen.

though they did

He also led Radnički to be title challengers, even though they did finish on 2nd place.

They never tell anyone about the accident even though they did not intend to harm the boy.

The TV show "Glee" used fans to create promotional materials, though they did not compensate fans.

when they met   (khi họ gặp nhau)

Miami was No.1 and Notre Dame No.4 when they met in South Bend, Ind.

Richard was still married to his first wife, Lizzie Halley, when they met.

However, when they met in person in 1825, they quarrelled; the details are unknown.

until they reach

Dislocations glide along a slip plane until they reach an obstacle.

Every judge can run for reelection until they reach the mandatory retirement age of 75.

As they progress, the difficulties will increase until they reach an emotional outcome.

when they returned   (khi họ trở về)

However, they were severely censured for this when they returned to Athens.

They were, however, severely censured for this when they returned to Athens.

Upon noticing the piano when they returned home, the sisters had tears of joy.

what they did

"Why they did what they did – is no great secret.

In my mind what hurts the most is what they didn't say.

Why did they do what they did?

what they considered

Breeders entered what they considered to be sub-par King Charles Spaniels.

Their intention was to expose what they considered embezzlement of the meat collected during whale hunts.

Although the LSWR was extremely unhappy at what they considered excessive demands, they had no choice but to comply.

until they reached

They went on until they reached the river.

They played the flute until they reached the Temple Mount.

BIGs were worn until they reached isolation facilities on board "Hornet".

what they wanted

Maybe this is all just what they wanted me to say.

Proponents of the new courthouse cheated to get what they wanted.

I'd try to find a meeting point of what I do and what they wanted."

when they began   (khi họ bắt đầu)

It is unknown when they began to associate.

They have been active since 2008 when they began releasing music and touring.

The mill made only yarn until 1893 when they began to produce fabrics as well.

when they took   (khi họ lấy)

They held staff hostage when they took over the J-Cellhouse.

The British captured "General Nash" when they took St Eustatius on 14 February 1781.

News paper correspondents reported that they had a preview of "hell" when they took the trip.

when they went   (khi họ đi)

Everyone was afraid when they went to see Kasi.

However, he realized that he was in love with her when they went to visit Xi Ze.

The Moras left Uruguay during an insurgency in 1877, when they went to Catalonia.

because they believed   (bởi vì họ tin)

They closed most rural schools because they believed that teachers were TPLF sympathizers.

He prevented the Germans for setting a house on fire, because they believed it to be used to shelter partisans.

Nevertheless, they continued to resist, in part because they believed the Soviets would execute any who surrendered.

because they felt   (bởi vì họ cảm thấy)

Mirabelle was given a long skirt because they felt a short skirt would appear too shameless.

They had recently increased their budgets because they felt the movies were more profitable that way.

Coca-Cola wanted the business in their asset list because they felt it would save both consumers and Coca-Cola money.

when they did   (khi họ đã làm)

He met Orozco when they did mural work in New York.

Personifications came later, and when they did they reflected the existing custom.

Brooks was released by the Raiders when they did not pick up his option after the 2006 season.

because they wanted   (bởi vì họ muốn)

The reason why they stopped there was because they wanted iron.

Best Buy only took limited [stock] because they wanted to play it safe.

The reason they moved to Beltway was because they wanted bigger houses for their families.

what they call   (những gì họ gọi)

They did this to challenge what they call outsiders.

People who know the story will find a lot of what they call errors.

Orthodox likewise believe that baptism removes what they call the ancestral sin of Adam.

what they see

One problem is the disparity between their life and what they see on television.

In the "Dallas Observer", Luke Y. Thompson wrote:"A lot of people are likely to be surprised by what they see.

Bobbie Johnson of "The Guardian" said that many Web surfers have "scoffed at what they see as a cynical attempt to cash in."

when they saw   (khi họ nhìn thấy)

Many people along the way wept when they saw his coffin.

Hope returned to the stranded fishermen when they saw planes flying from the west.

The infidels when they saw the head of Rusal upon the point of a spear took to flight and great bloodshed ensued.

when they reach   (khi họ đạt được)

Others whistle when they reach a certain velocity in flight.

Then when they reach the present they can stop the crossings.

On average, according to Cott (1961), female sexual maturity occurs when they reach in length.

when they both   (khi cả hai)

King when they both played at a music festival in Tokyo.

Their lives are complicated further when they both get involved with the same man.

Priya bonds with Susan Kennedy when they both realise they are looking a new house.

when they see   (khi họ nhìn thấy)

[...] What do children do when they see naked people?

Babbit gets a ladder when they see a bird .

Miyoko and Professor Mangetsu cry when they see the truth.

when they come   (khi họ đến)

People wonder when they come first time here.

The police wake them when they come the next morning to arrest them.

The show's potential will rise or fall in those edgy encounters when they come, and they certainly should.

what they thought

From there, they saw what they thought was the castle on fire.

They asked Joma to stop what they thought was deceptive advertising.

English farmers too attempted to imitate what they thought were genuine Virgilian agricultural techniques.

what they perceived

The Chilean leaders of the 1970s attempted to abolish what they perceived to be emblems of cultural imperialism.

In 2006, rappers Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube criticized Winfrey for what they perceived as an anti-hip hop bias.

Nasution and Simatupang were not happy to see what they perceived to be interference of military affairs by civilians.

what they believed

Archaeologists unearthed what they believed to be evidence of such a dining room in 2009.

At this meeting, the seven signed over what they believed was the authority of the Government of Dáil Éireann to the Army Council.

As Rosser withdrew west, the 1st Massachusetts, with aid from the 4th New York, charged against what they believed to be a retreat.

when they get   (khi họ nhận được)

Women usually change their family names when they get married.

The goons smile when they get to know that Mansukh is a marriage bureau.

Soon Akshay kills Maya's men when they get to know of his true identity.

when they left   (khi họ rời đi)

They carried it to Goa when they left Bassein in 1739 (page 82).

It was also used by Wimbledon FC when they left Plough Lane until 2003.

Xenia's mother was already pregnant with her when they left Russian soil.

when they find   (khi họ tìm thấy)

The team begins to revolt when they find out that Tracy has been fired.

Natives of Oregon, the two girls are playing by a stream near their home one day, when they find an unusual frog.

Along with actor Dillon, the four begin shooting but are startled when they find a body that had fallen from the sky.

because they thought   (bởi vì họ nghĩ)

Originally, Warner Bros. had refused to release "I Love Mekons" because they thought it was not good enough.

"People were throwing wings at one another, and other people walked out because they thought it was horrible."

They decided to use the Latin alphabet because they thought that it would serve their purpose better than Cyrillic.

when they arrive   (khi họ đến nơi)

They do not identify themselves when they arrive.

Immediately when they arrive in 1357, they are attacked by knights.

They travel across the east coast, and when they arrive in Miami, Murr is the loser.

because they believe   (bởi vì họ tin)

Complaints come from prisoners because they believe that their privacy is breached by guards of the opposite sex.

SPEAK combines campaigning and prayer because they believe that they make a powerful combination to bring social transformation.

Gaudiya Vaishnavas generally also abstain from caffeine, because they believe it clouds the mind and over-stimulates the senses.

what they believe

Based on this, Christadelphians teach what they believe as true Bible teaching.

The use of rigid rules assists them with defining what they believe in and how they behave.

They promote a Spain formed by a single political nation, alluding to what they believe was the old Spanish Empire.

when they started   (khi họ bắt đầu)

The movement served under the Huks until around 1943, when they started operating independently.

At some point, Alyana compares between both Cardo and Marco when they started their relationship to her.

Biographer James Murphy said, "By most contemporary accounts, they were not a very good live band when they started.

when they entered   (khi họ bước vào)

The Mobile Stud Unit was formed, by chance, when they entered a busking competition in 1993.

Contrary to popular belief, the Immortal six were not Freemasons when they entered Jefferson College.

The crew were also warned they would not be in a full-lift (heads-down) attitude when they entered P67.

when they found   (khi họ tìm thấy)

Rebuilt in 1990 by some villagers when they found the shivlinga

Dire predictions turned to reality when they found themselves stranded, an estimated 30 miles from Nome.

Krapf noted that the Kwavi were nomadic, settling for months at a time when they found pasture and water.

when they heard   (khi họ nghe)

The Romans were shocked when they heard the Persians had invaded.

Locals tended to boycott it when they heard McGlinchey had arrived.

So when they heard that TT was in the police, they were in panic as well.

when they joined   (khi họ tham gia)

Kazakhstan were affiliated with the AFC from 1994 until 2002, when they joined UEFA.

Clay was a member of the Great Lakes League until 2003 when they joined the Toledo City League.

He was the first general manager of the San Diego Padres when they joined Major League Baseball, serving from late 1968 until 1972.

when they made   (khi họ làm)

They reported that the temperature was about -40C at base camp when they made their ascent.

Dehlman continued to play with the Brown Stockings when they made the move to the new league.

Peace was reached between the two clans when they made a deal for Nobunaga to marry Nōhime, Dōsan's daughter.

so they decided

They decided not to name their clan, so they decided to come up with a logo.

She was very clever at her university so they decided to give her scholarship in Cambridge.

The storyline was still incomplete when its broadcast date neared, so they decided to wait on it for later in the season.

when they return   (khi họ trở về)

They assist her to her house, but when they return they're cut off by a parade.

This cultural disconnect can cause awkwardness when they return to their passport country.

Joanna suspects Michael is having an affair and confronts him about it when they return home.

when they go   (khi họ đi)

The women are very fair [white] and when they go out they veil the face.

Hind loses them when they go into the headquarters of Santos-Dumont Sisters, Incorporated.

He meets Michelle (Rebecca Mozo) and experiences partial transformations when they go out together.

when they got   (khi họ có)

They would get a shock when they got home and played it".

Also, several camera men were taken out when they got too close to the action.

Our boys were bound to look out for themselves, and when they got near Tucson were very cautious.

before they reached

It wouldn't be long before they reached Big Elk Creek, and needed to cross it.

Jesuit priests were made prisoners in 1630 or attacked before they reached Tsaparang.

They reached the first German line but had lost cohesion before they reached the second.

when they tried   (khi họ cố gắng)

Conflicts arose when they tried to charge the Soviets for power, gas, or water.

They had caused trouble in Xinjiang, but were defeated when they tried to attack Qitai.

However, the rest of the troops were defeated when they tried to assault the San Cristóbal fortress from behind.

when they meet   (khi họ gặp nhau)

Until now the two clubs always compete with high tension when they meet.

A Chinese boy and a Thai girl have a romance when they meet in a seedy boarding house in Sydney.

The General ambiguously concludes that he will discuss the circumstances in detail when they meet later.

what they think   (họ nghĩ gì)

People tell you what they think you want to hear."

Anne asks each girl what they think about the competition and how they are doing.

Participants attend to whatever they find interesting in each other, rather than attend to what they think the other wants.

before they became

Country music artists including Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson appeared there before they became famous.

The land that was occupied by these people before they became slaves was then also sold off for additional revenue.

R45 (EP) R45 is Death Piggy's 3rd and final record before they became absorbed by their side-project GWAR, released in 1985.

when they become   (khi họ trở thành)

Fermions can exhibit bosonic behavior when they become loosely bound in pairs.

Unsecure areas are shaded red and when they become secured, they are shaded green.

These blocks are usually harvested from nearby rivers or lakes when they become frozen in winter.

when they received   (khi họ nhận được)

This livery was also applied to some other buses when they received major overhauls.

The holders of the title, who still reside in Spain, became part of the Spanish nobility in 1766 when they received a grandeza.

The BNP has taken part in European Parliament elections since 1999, when they received 1.13% of the total vote (102,647 votes).

until they moved

The Francises remained in the house until they moved to Liberia.

The family lived there for about 12 years, until they moved to Indiana.

Parkanaur remained in the Burges family until they moved to England in 1955.

before they moved

Both her parents grew up in Russia before they moved to Crimea.

They split their time between the two cities for several years before they moved to New Mexico in 2004.

There used also to be a manor house opposite the church, in which the Disney family lived before they moved to Sommerton Castle.

before they reach

One child in four will die before they reach five years old."

Caries do not have to develop significantly before they reach the pulp chamber.

Hughes wrote that the goal was to reach alcoholics "before they reach rock bottom."

when they sold   (khi họ bán)

The family stayed there until 1848, when they sold their house there and moved to the farm.

Their best year was 1858, when they sold two million bricks for improvements proposed in 1859.

The Meyers owned the stations until 1997, when they sold their stations to Sunrise Television.

when they learned   (khi họ học)

Some left the march when they learned that Bentley had not been murdered.

"A decade ago, most people thought I was crazy when they learned of my efforts to save the old part of Jakarta.

They had reached Cilicia, when they learned of Alexander's death, and decided to stay there until they received further news.

when they signed   (khi họ ký)

They changed their name when they signed with Sony and then relocated to Melbourne.

They did it independent and when they signed with a major, they did it the way that they wanted to do it".

The band's breakthrough in the mainstream was when they signed up for a record distribution under Sony BMG Records Philippines.

when they discover   (khi họ khám phá)

and Jasper—but will that change when they discover J.H.

But their search is shortened when they discover Hiro died the previous year.

They both flee the scene in terror when they discover the author trapped inside a large jar of water.

when they visited   (khi họ đến thăm)

when they visited Tennessee as delegates of the Christian Commission.

A New Zealand Māori team first toured overseas in 1908 when they visited Australia.

More rustic than the castle, the lodge was often the home of Charles and Diana when they visited.

when they performed   (khi họ biểu diễn)

She was a soloist with Norrbotten NEO when they performed Arnold Schönberg's "Pierrot Lunaire".

The band's largest audience was at Sonisphere in England in 2011, when they performed for a crowd of 18,000.

The first performance was in 2004 when they performed their single "For you and me" in the morning show of Rob Stenders.

what they say

Therefore, have patience, O Prophet, at what they say.

Despite what they say about each other, they are good friends.

They should be aware of what they say, and refrain from eating too much."

before they left

The invaders took a great deal of loot and captives before they left the island.

But before they left the Rogers property, they encountered four masked men carrying firearms.

Two days before they left, William, Clara and Allegra were all baptised at the church of St Giles in the Fields.

season they finished

In the 2005–06 season they finished in third place.

In their first season they finished third.

Then, in the 2012–13 season they finished on 7th place, the best performance in 10 years.

when they captured   (khi họ bắt)

On 20 July "Shannon" was in company with and when they captured "Comet".

The Germans cut the pipeline from the oilfields when they captured Rostov on 23 July.

Then on 21 August, "Shannon" was in company with "Surinam" and when they captured "Espoir".

when they discovered   (khi họ phát hiện ra)

After forcing entry, they withdrew when they discovered a booby trap.

The two had been friends for five years when they discovered a mutual interest in music.

Other mechanisms for producing a crater were considered and rejected by Allen and Stewart when they discovered the crater.

when they hear   (khi họ nghe)

Mario and Thorne go downstairs when they hear the noise.

He does not want create panic when they hear the Christmas granny is sick.

She also said she wanted to feel when they hear a song, they should think they knew her secret.

what they described

The CPGB was active too, releasing a manifesto denouncing what they described as Glading's victimisation.

The podcast's six-episode first season featured what they described as "women who were too bad for your textbooks."

In 1853 George Taylor Denison II, and several other alderman, resigned mid-term to protest what they described as Bowes corruption.

because they feared   (bởi vì họ sợ)

This was mainly because they feared a return to Yugoslav rule.

But they refused — in part because they feared that if they did not enforce the laws, their charter might be revoked.

Otherwise they avoided battle in 252 and 251 BC, according to Polybius because they feared the war elephants which the Carthaginians had shipped to Sicily.

so they did

One day, the princesses asked to go on a picnic, and so they did.

After World War II, their relations were hostile, so they did not cooperate.

Moreover, an earthquake occurred while excavating, so they did not excavated hardly.

when they try   (khi họ cố gắng)

Immigrants to the US have great difficulties when they try to leave violent relationships.

He also rips the head off of a Faith Militant with his bare hands when they try to take Cersei into their custody.

In July 2013, Carter said he backed a plan for websites to be told to block certain search terms and warn people when they try to view illegal content.

when they released   (khi họ phát hành)

They appeared again in 1996 when they released a follow up 7", Issue 2.

This changed in March 1984, when they released the single "People Are People".

The group rose to prominence in late 2010 when they released the single "Cat Daddy".

when they attempted   (khi họ cố gắng)

He and five others were arrested by the German police in September 1929 when they attempted to cross the Germany–Poland border.

They further stated that when they attempted to rouse him from his sleep at 09:30 the following morning, they could not wake him.

In 1978 one woman in Colorado died and another was seriously injured when they attempted to procure an abortion by taking pennyroyal oil.

what they consider   (những gì họ xem xét)

The term is used to describe what they consider to be the common beliefs among American youth.

In a 2011 "Entertainment Weekly" feature, the two named what they consider the best 15 episodes of "South Park", along with the 53 worst.

The games are viewed to be particularly offensive because they include the date of the 150th anniversary of what they consider a genocide.

year they released

In the following year they released their EP, "3G" (2018) with Priority Records.

The following year they released the album "Arabian Nights", and with it the single "The Best Disco in Town".

Later that year they released their second album "Revolutions per Minute" which was greeted with warm success .

when they decided   (khi họ quyết định)

On September 12, 2007, Boston was officially released by Tampa Bay when they decided to sign Mark Jones.

According to folklore the band nearly jeopardised their first official gig when they decided to get drunk and start tackling Mutton Birds frontman Don McGlashan.

Kuhn and Loeb had created a successful merchandising business in Cincinnati, Ohio, when they decided to move east, to New York, to take advantage of the country's burgeoning economic expansion.

season they won

In the first season they won the Cup.

In the 2012-2013 season they won the tier 2 championship defeating JL Ilsley.

At their first JGP event of the season they won the gold medal in Bratislava, Slovakia.

because they want   (bởi vì họ muốn)

They're doing it because they want to please the family."

A vital characteristic of a successful sharing economy is people are in it because they want to be.

According to the social-exchange theory, people help because they want to gain goods from the one being helped.

when they faced   (khi họ đối mặt)

On 6 October, he captained the team from left wing-back when they faced Blackrock in the final.

In the semi-finals, East Bengal again took on an Indian Super League when they faced off against Goa.

Debrecen's first successful UEFA Cup career was ended in the third round when they faced with the Belgian Club Brugge.