Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

very thin   (muy delgado)

It was prepared by being sliced into very thin chips.

In physical appearance, Dr. No is tall and very thin.

He was very thin when he was in the Young Army.

thin layer   (capa delgada)

Overlying the lava disc is a thin layer of tuff.

A thin layer of water was then added for the fresh ice.

Atop the thin layer is placed an explosive.

thin film   (película delgada)

This allows thin film cells to be flexible, and lower in weight.

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is the predominant thin film technology.

This application can be seen directly in sol-gel thin film synthesis.

thin films   (Peliculas delgadas)

These thin films are usually deposited by CVD.

She researched ways of depositing thin films.

The obtained CuH can easily be converted to conducting thin films of Cu.

long thin   (largo y delgado)

The glands, typical of the Euphorbiaceae, are kidney-shaped with long thin horns.

It often has a long thin pocket down the outside of the right thigh to hold long tools.

The retriever consists of a long thin wire with a helical coil formed at the distal end.

thin air   (aire delgado)

Its apparently solid ground is no rock, but thin air."

Ebenezar summons the actual "Blackstaff" out of thin air.

It is said that he disappeared into thin air one fine day.

too thin

and the Ultimates are spread too thin.

However, they considered it "informative but too thin in substance".

You're too thin.'

lip is thin   (labio es delgado)

The outer lip is thin, sharp and markedly expanded.

The outer lip is thin, sharp and arcuately produced.

The simple outer lip is thin and has an acute margin.

thin layers

With laminated object manufacturing, thin layers are cut to shape and joined together.

The passage of the particle is observed through many thin layers of material put in air or gas.

CVD is extremely useful in the process of atomic layer deposition at depositing extremely thin layers of material.

long and thin   (Largo y delgado)

It is long and thin and dries to a papery texture.

The long and thin black legs are suited for running.

It has a stylish exterior, featuring a pair of long and thin headlights.

relatively thin   (relativamente delgado)

These blades are long and and relatively thin.

Brazing thus allowed relatively thin walled, lightweight tubes to be used without loss of strength.

This is a popular method for adding strong, load-bearing threads to a relatively thin piece of soft sheet metal.

thin line

As a result, they are visible only as a thin line when seen from Earth.

Still, the commercial shrimping industry in Bon Secour is hanging on by a very thin line.

This resulted in a very thin line, with some sectors where stretches were being defended by a single platoon.

thin white

Attached underneath are one or more thin white rhizomorphs.

The margin of the parapods are marked with a thin white line.

In the very late 1980s / early 90s a thin white band of approx.

extremely thin

They have 16 legs and are extremely thin.

The smooth, whitish shell is covered with an extremely thin epidermis which rises in microscopic blisters.

These metals form an extremely thin layer of oxidized metal on the surface which bonds with the underlying metal.

thin metal

Transformer cores are usually made up of thin metal sheets stacked in layers.

The windows are also accented by a thin metal frame, which helps them stand out against the surrounding stone.

Melt spinning is used to manufacture thin metal sheets or ribbons which are near amorphous or non-crystalline.