İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

critical thinking   (kritik düşünce)

A key goal is to foster critical thinking skills.

Augustine was a strong advocate of critical thinking skills.

EdWeek praised "Alaskan Trek" for stimulating critical thinking.

way of thinking   (düşünmenin yolu)

This sways Grubbs into the others’ way of thinking.

This is also a global way of thinking about the problem.

This way of thinking can lead to hopelessness and despair.

ways of thinking   (düşünme yolları)

Learning styles have been described as "enduring ways of thinking and processing information".

Individuals belonging to those countries also avoid unconventional ways of thinking and behaving.

Cultural conservatives hold fast to traditional ways of thinking even in the face of monumental change.

thinking skills

A key goal is to foster critical thinking skills.

Augustine was a strong advocate of critical thinking skills.

The test material is based on nation-standard textbooks and designed to prompt thinking skills.

without thinking

I would choose [the latter] without thinking twice.

I didn't have much elasticity, but I was so embarrassed by the $150 that I upped it to $200 without thinking.

Instead, an enlightened person would just work to end suffering "tout court", without thinking of the conventional concept of persons.

creative thinking   (Yaratıcı düşünce)

Students are found to be "learning by doing" while playing video games while fostering creative thinking.

In January 2015, Carlin launched a website to explore ideas, stimulate creative thinking, and advance civic engagement.

They agreed on the need to educate specialists aiming at invention and creative thinking, within the framework of solving special tasks for applied purposes.

not thinking   (düşünmemek)

"He is not thinking only of the local situation around Paris.

Davy Crockett (John Wayne), when asked what he is thinking, responds "not thinking.

He emphasised he was not thinking mainly of homosexual relationships, but rather of caring, dependent relationships in general.

strategic thinking

This is not a place for show ponies, it's a time for carefully thought through strategic thinking.

Often cited as an example of slave writing, Perkins's letter is quoted by textbooks to illustrate slaves' personal struggle, heartbreak, and strategic thinking.

Using game theory and in collaboration with Rosemarie Nagel, he also investigated strategic thinking and identified the brain loci of different levels of strategic reasoning (in beauty contest games).

wishful thinking   (hüsn-ü kuruntu)

For example, the Creation Research Society argues that "uniformitarianism is wishful thinking."

The idea is controversial within the scientific community, criticised for being bad anatomical science or simply wishful thinking.

Donald B. Redford, however, sees all reconstructions from biblical sources for the United Monarchy period as examples of "academic wishful thinking".

critical thinking skills   (eleştirel düşünme becerileri)

A key goal is to foster critical thinking skills.

Augustine was a strong advocate of critical thinking skills.

He built confidence and critical thinking skills in all the students lucky enough to work with him.

quick thinking

Fortunately, quick thinking mechanics dunked him head-first into a tank of soda solution.

Only Nubia's quick thinking and the intervention of the Emperor's brother Domitian saves her.

With quick thinking from Erin, she calms the audience, which allows Sideways to teleport Showman to a different location where he defeats him.