İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

third place   (üçüncü sıra)

After reaching the final, he finished third place.

Tsukakoshi was 0.216 seconds adrift in third place.

She finished in third place in both competitions.

third round   (üçüncü tur)

The scoring average for the third round was 74.36.

In the third round Partizan got Steaua București.

Zingano defeated Tate by TKO in the third round.

third season   (üçüncü sezon)

The year is 2003 by the third season's conclusion.

The third season was released on February 17, 2009.

The third season premiered on September 27, 2019.

third album   (üçüncü albüm)

That summer, Deep Treble recorded its third album.

He released his third album, "Huge Hits", in 2001.

2007 saw the release of their third album "42:19".

finished third   (üçüncü bitti)

He finished third on points driving a Peugeot 406.

After reaching the final, he finished third place.

The team finished third in the eight-team league.

third time   (üçüncü zaman)

William Allen married for the third time in 1827.

The hotel was renovated for a third time in 2015.

Domenico Mombelli married for a third time in 1819.

second and third

The second and third were both owned by the Aga Khan.

He also renamed the second and third movements.

There are cornices below the second and third stories.

third studio   (üçüncü stüdyo)

The song appears on his third studio album "Lasers".

The first Single of Dream Rovers' third studio album.

His third studio album "Windows" was released in 2012.

third studio album

The song appears on his third studio album "Lasers".

The first Single of Dream Rovers' third studio album.

His third studio album "Windows" was released in 2012.

third single   (üçüncü single)

The band's third single "Do You Feel What I Feel?"

"Jump Down" was chosen as the album's third single.

The third single, "Until the End", peaked at No.

third quarter   (üçüncü çeyrek)

Michigan held a 10-point lead in the third quarter.

The Argos completed the scoring in the third quarter.

Florida opened the third quarter with a three and out.

third and final   (üçüncü ve son)

He won his third and final PGA Tour event in 1977.

It is the third and final installment in the "".

The third and final game was played in Toronto.

third consecutive   (ardışık üçüncü)

UCLA had won their third consecutive national crown.

Europe won the Ryder Cup for third consecutive time.

It was his third consecutive Vasaloppet win.

third party   (üçüncü parti)

Some of the issues were due to third party devices.

No third party candidates won these elections.

"Exile III" was also ported to Linux by a third party.

third largest   (üçüncü en büyük)

TNK-BP became Russia's third largest oil company.

Oro is the third largest ethnic group in the state.

Its drainage basin is the third largest in Panay.

third and fourth   (üçüncü ve dördüncü)

The third and fourth measures are the C chord.

The third and fourth bells were cast in 2000.

Chess is compulsory for second, third and fourth graders.

third son   (üçüncü oğul)

The third son, Clem, played 49 Tests for Australia.

Some writers ascribe to him a third son, Abimi.

He was the third son of Wu Ying-hua and Ma Yueh-liang.

third year

This was the third year they were the top recipient.

The third year running was seven miles (11 km).

This was UMass's third year as an independent.

third tier   (üçüncü seviye)

Vedița took the place of Atletic in the third tier.

The "Stock Car Jr." third tier was created in 2006.

There is not a well defined US-based third tier.

third term   (üçüncü dönem)

Walker sought a third term in the 2018 elections.

In 2008, Fernández was as elected for a third term.

He was sworn into his third term on January 3, 2017.

finishing third   (üçüncü bitirme)

Hyman also medalled in the 200 m, finishing third.

Dorsey was also a Heisman finalist, finishing third.

She showed some promise by finishing third.

third floor   (üçüncü kat)

On the third floor were the storeroom and laundry.

On the third floor are booths television services.

In 1980 the middle school moved to the third floor.

third generation   (üçüncü nesil)

Cynthia Gómez is a third generation Mexican American.

Solomon The third generation's main character.

These horns are considered the third generation P series.

placed third   (üçüncü sırada)

He placed third at the Pyongyang Marathon in 2013.

He placed third in a field of four candidates.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology placed third.

third edition   (üçüncü baskı)

The third edition, ICSD-3, was released in 2014.

This went into a third edition in the following year.

Then a third edition in 1894, and then another in 1897.

third base   (üçüncü üs)

After the season, he was moved back to third base.

Bogaerts lined out to third base to end the inning.

Bell then balked, moving Gehrig to third base.

third division   (üçüncü bölüm)

Liga is the third division of football in Germany.

União, spending two years in the third division.

Gubbio relegated back to the third division in 2012.

third wife

The identity of Alexander's third wife is unknown.

His third wife was Mafalda Gomes de Amorim Bessa.

He married his third wife Brenda in January 1985.

became the third

He became the third non-Oman player for the club.

She became the third WPRA competitor to wear Back No.

Mark became the third, and only male, two-time champion.

third series

This was the A's third series title in four years.

A third series started on 4 September 2006 on ITV.

The programme was not renewed for a third series.

third baseman

Ruth lined a single past third baseman Les Bell.

His major position is first baseman and third baseman.

He was a second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop.

third highest   (üçüncü en yüksek)

It was the third highest rated show of the week.

The film was also third highest grossing of the year.

Kangchenjunga, the world's third highest peak.

third most   (üçüncü en)

Prvić is the third most densely populated island in Croatia.

It is the third most watched channel in the Bhojpuri market.

It is also the third most densely populated post-Soviet state.

third person   (Üçüncü kişi)

An insane and crazy Vampaneze who speaks in third person.

", and was the third person voted out on 28 November 2008.

There are no third person pronouns.

third game

The third game in the trilogy, "", was released in May 2015.

Orioles' management decided to go ahead with the third game.

In the third game, Djokovic broke again.

third straight   (üçüncü düz)

It was UCF's third straight home-opener victory.

This marked Greensburg's third straight loss.

The game was Michigan's third straight loss at Wisconsin.

third parties   (üçüncü şahıslar)

SAM also offers line maintenance to third parties.

I do not speak to the public through third parties."

Equifax advertises and sells some data to third parties.

third book

The third book concerns the selection of a trade.

In 2014 the third book of the series was published.

It is the third book in the Honor Harrington series.

third day   (Üçüncü gün)

American forces put the airfield to use on the third day.

On the third day at sea he was discovered.

The third day, the third picked some jessamine and vanished.

finished in third

She finished in third place in both competitions.

In the 2005–06 season they finished in third place.

Rioter finished in third place and El Diablo fourth.

third level

It has played at the third level of South Korean football.

In 1996, Manzano signed with Talavera CF from the third level.

The two last placed teams are relegated to the third level NM1.

third child   (üçüncü çocuk)

Trevino grew up the third child in a family of four.

In 2015, their third child, Grace Alexandra was born.

She was their third child and second daughter.

third week

It reclaimed the #1 spot in its third week opening.

In its third week, the song climbed to number 13.

It fell 38 positions to number 48 in its third week.

third film   (üçüncü film)

He serves as the main antagonist of the third film.

It is the third film in the "Air Buddies" franchise.

This is third film of N. T. Rama Rao as Lord Krishna.

third behind   (üçüncü arkada)

In Group H, they finished third behind Chelsea F.C.

He finished third behind Petrus and Craven.

She finished third behind the French colts Djel and Yours.

ranked third   (üçüncü sırada)

It ranked third, overall, with $233 billion in revenue.

She also ranked third at the 1993 UK Athletics Championships.

By December 1991 he was ranked third nationally in his class.

third overall   (genel olarak üçüncü)

The San Diego Chargers had the third overall pick.

It was their third overall album for Buddah.

It is her second major novel in Spanish, and third overall.

third stage

It is the third stage of economic integration.

The third stage brought the line to the Albert–Bapaume road.

The third stage began at the Al Dayeen resort with 87 riders.

only the third   (sadece üçüncü)

This was only the third five-set match of his career.

However, only the third take was used.

He was only the third of all time after Fritz Pollard and Shell.

came third

Dienstbier came third according to one of polls.

Again she came third and again she lost her deposit.

Surrey came third in the competition that year.

third episode

The third episode of the series had a 'waste' theme.

William Hartnell did not appear in the third episode.

His name and gender are unknown until the third episode.

first and third

The first and third movements are in C minor.

The first and third correspond to the A and B Coxeter planes.

The rear of the building has the basement, first and third floors.

during the third

However, the theme song was changed during the third season.

The device was released globally during the third quarter of 2012.

These meetings occur in October during the third week of the month.

third period   (üçüncü periyot)

The third period was characterized by modernization.

He scored gametying goal in the third period vs. No.

The Bruins continued the pressure into the third period.

third goal

He assisted in the third goal of a 3–1 victory.

Mifsud scored the third goal with a placed first timer.

James scored Molde's third goal in the game.

third century   (üçüncü yüzyıl)

Lucius Ranius Optatus was consul in the early third century AD.

The village had been a local capital since the third century AD.

The earliest extant copy is Papyrus Bodmer X, dating to the third century.

third best

QWEERIST named "Curious" the third best single of 2018.

Michael Gallucci from Diffuser named it the third best Weezer song.

He was rated the third best miler behind Frankel and Canford Cliffs.

third novel   (üçüncü roman)

It is the third novel in the Engines of Light Trilogy.

It is the third novel in "The Priests" series.

"Angie Brown", written in 1949, was Horace's third novel.

third position

China took third position after beating South Korea.

Jimmie Johnson finished in the third position.

Kelly was behind these two in third position.

third class

The two trailers were first class or third class and weighed .

Abbots of third class monasteries were to be styled "hegumen".

He also held the third class of the order of the Dooranee Empire.

released their third

The band released their third album Vēl patiesāk in 2010.

In mid 2004 they released their third album "Trance 'N Roll".

In the summer of 2008 A Brand released their third album Judas.

third part

In 2008 the third part of the project was launched.

The third part leaps forward into the 1960s.

The winning couple would go on the third part of the show.

third team   (üçüncü takım)

His senior season, he was a third team All-American.

Also, the host country could send a third team.

He was a third team 2017–18 All-ACC selection as a sophomore.

third match

In his third match for his new team, away to C.D.

The third match was between Edge and Eddie Guerrero.

Second match The third match was somewhat disappointing.

third volume   (üçüncü cilt)

The third volume was completed by Stephen Assemani.

The third volume, "Dictator", was published in 2015.

The third volume was cancelled with #15 in April, 2015.

third and last   (üçüncü ve son)

The club was the third and last that hat 12 clubs.

She is her parents' third and last child.

The third and last single from "Yes!"

finish third

Sorocaba defeated Cerro Porteño to finish third.

South Korea beat England 3–2 to finish third.

Perfect Drift closed late to finish third.

third set

The third set represents the "others" class.

Both players held, requiring a third set.

She committed 31 unforced errors in the second and third set.

third solo

"Music For My Friends" is the third solo album by Skyzoo.

In 2017, her third solo studio album, "Tähistus", was released.

In 2007, Ana Veydó released her third solo album, "Mataguayabo".

third installment   (üçüncü taksit)

It is the third installment of the "S.W.A.T."

The series is the third installment of "Now and Forever".

The series is the third installment in the "Khichdi" franchise.

won his third

He won his third and final PGA Tour event in 1977.

Rózsa won his third Academy Award for his score.

In 1988, Burghart won his third national title.

third rail   (üçüncü ray)

The power was supplied at 600 V DC to a third rail.

All systems are third rail unless stated otherwise.

third daughter

Bao Sanniang was the third daughter of Bao Yuanwai.

His third daughter was born in September 2019.

She was the third daughter of Emperor Kinmei.

came in third

He also came in third place at the 2003 competition.

He came in third place, gaining 15.3 percent of the vote.

She won 35 times, placed 18 times, and came in third 9 times.

third phase   (üçüncü aşama)

Finally, the third phase, ascent flight occurs.

The third phase would the celebration of the year 2000 itself.

The third phase is initiated during the beginning of the Late Jurassic.

third successive   (arka arkaya üçüncü)

It was Crowley's third successive All-Ireland medal.

India became the winner for the third successive time.

He then went to Royal Ascot for the third successive year.

third qualifying

A total of 20 teams were involved in the third qualifying round draw.

In the third qualifying round Győr played with the French Montpellier HSC.

The draw for the third qualifying round was held on 23 July 2018, 12:00 CEST.

third track   (üçüncü yol)

The third track, "Remain," has yet to be released.

It is featured as the third track on the album.

The third track is a salsa version produced by DJ Nelson.

third title   (üçüncü başlık)

obtained their third title after beating 2–1 Real C.D.

Its third title in the regional tournament.

The third title in the series is "The Northern Girl" (1980).

second or third

She was placed second or third in the other five.

Some of these forests are second or third growth (i.e.

Females mate only every second or third year.

third qualifying round   (üçüncü eleme turu)

A total of 20 teams were involved in the third qualifying round draw.

In the third qualifying round Győr played with the French Montpellier HSC.

The draw for the third qualifying round was held on 23 July 2018, 12:00 CEST.

won their third

UCLA had won their third consecutive national crown.

Red Star won their third double in this season.

In 2002 ADR won their third British F3 title with Robbie Kerr.

third consecutive year   (üst üste üçüncü yıl)

For the third consecutive year, he was Somerset's leading wicket-taker.

Maryland (5–6) failed to achieve a winning season for the third consecutive year.

In 2013 the Broncos went 13–3 again and won the AFC West for the third consecutive year.

third down   (üçüncü aşağı)

On third down Staubach was rushed, but was never hit.

On third down, Hicks was sacked by E.J.

What happened on third down has become Dallas Cowboys trivia for years.

third world

A third world war is not merely possible but increasingly likely .

This was Williams' third world title, having won the championship in 2000 and 2003.

She learns that a group of munitions manufacturers are plotting to start a third world war.

third grade

"I was on a football team when I was in third grade.

It runs from third grade to the tenth grade.

She first considered becoming a nun while she was in third grade.

third major   (üçüncü anadal)

The third major chain is the Brugsen association of cooperatives.

It was a third major title for the club and a first for Paternostro.

This is AT&T's third major sports venue where it holds the naming rights.

reached the third

In 1958, Morrison reached the third round of Wimbledon.

She also reached the third round in doubles with Likhovtseva.

In result of the participation, the band reached the third place.

third attempt   (üçüncü deneme)

Samaai solidified his position on his third attempt with an 8.05m.

He conquered the town on his third attempt, after entering it by trickery.

A third attempt in qualifying for the Indy 500, in 1984 also resulted in a DNQ.

third group

The third group of people are the least well-off.

In addition, there was also a third group with the same name.

Mixtures of the two types of clay can be seen as a third group.

took third

China took third position after beating South Korea.

Iskra-Stal took third place, earning 4 points in the group.

In May 1949, he took third place in Bad Pyrmont (13th GER-ch).

third appearance

This marked her third appearance at Vive Latino.

The third appearance of Gale occurred in "Scream 3".

This was his third appearance of the season.

placing third   (üçüncü sırada yer almak)

By placing third in his group, he could not reach the grand final.

He returned in 2010 and 2013, placing third and fourth respectively.

He won the 2005 and 2006 Targa West rallies, placing third in the 2007 event.

third seed   (üçüncü tohum)

Each team from the second seed will play a team from the third seed.

The third seed, Marion Bartoli, overcame home qualifier and World No.

The Mystics were the third seed, finishing one game behind Atlanta in the regular season.

won the third

Shahram Rezai of Iran won the third prize of US$5,000.

They won the third place match against Spain.

Davenport easily won the third election.

released his third

He released his third album, "Huge Hits", in 2001.

In 2010, he released his third EP, "Honest Love".

In 2009, Ziggy released his third album "Family Time".

third movement

The "Funeral March", the third movement of his Sonata No.

The third movement, Adagio non troppo, is in E-flat major.

The shape and mood of the third movement is rather dreamy.

becoming the third

It ended up becoming the third best-selling album in 2001, selling 4.42 million copies.

The 550th TFTS traded in its F-4s in August 1977 becoming the third F-15 training squadron.

Ryo Matachi followed by becoming the third athlete to complete Stage 3 with a time of 5:04.67.

third placed

The third placed mayoral candidate received a mere 1,000 votes.

The third placed team in each group retains Senior Status for 2019.

The third placed Samitar went on to win the Irish 1000 Guineas and the Garden City Stakes.

third consecutive season

For the third consecutive season, the Packers were off to a 1–2 start.

season The 2018–19 season is Norwich City's third consecutive season in the Championship.

In his junior year, Brinkley was the team's long snapper for the third consecutive season.