thirteen years   (十三年)

This firm continued for a period of thirteen years.

And [t]here we are for nearly thirteen years already."

She began photographing when she was thirteen years old.

age of thirteen   (13歳)

Klein started playing the saxophon at the age of thirteen.

He succeeded his father (João IV) in 1656 at the age of thirteen.

Horneff began acting professionally in 1992 at the age of thirteen.

thirteen episodes   (13エピソード)

So far there have been thirteen episodes produced:

The final set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in 1972.

A second set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in Fall 2009.

thirteen children   (13人の子供)

Akukuljuk became a mother to thirteen children.

He had thirteen children with his three wives.

Qin was married three times, and had thirteen children.

number thirteen   (番号13)

In the United Kingdom, it reached number thirteen.

"Chorus" also charted well in Germany, where it peaked at number thirteen.

"Caribbean Blue", its lead single, charted at number thirteen in the United Kingdom.

total of thirteen   (合計13)

Sixteen swimmers took part, representing a total of thirteen different nations.

The home was intended to house a total of thirteen mentally disabled men and women.

They worked together on comic book, movie, and game projects for a total of thirteen years.

thirteen times

is a magazine published thirteen times a year by Future.

He was British flat racing Champion Owner thirteen times.

Tùng has been nominated thirteen times and has won three awards.

thirteen years old

She began photographing when she was thirteen years old.

Lewis began work when thirteen years old.

She began in photography when she was thirteen years old, working in her uncle’s business.

thirteen weeks

4 on the ARIA Albums Chart and spent thirteen weeks in the Top 50.

It stayed at the top ten for thirteen weeks and charted for twenty-four weeks.

1 for thirteen weeks.

only thirteen   (わずか13)

Of the 120 copies known to survive, only thirteen are held in private collections.

In 1848 only thirteen photography studios existed in Paris; by 1860, there were over 400.

The school was one of three in Leeds and of only thirteen in Yorkshire to be so recognised.

age thirteen

She was born with spastic legs and only learned how to walk at age thirteen.

Though he learned the game of chess relatively late, at age thirteen, Petrovs made rapid progress.

At age thirteen, her first published poem, "Lily of the Valley," appeared in the magazine "Zorya" in Lviv.

thirteen games

Francois played in all thirteen games in 2006, starting in seven.

Lomax started thirteen games the following year while Hart started the other three.

He went on to score seven goals in thirteen games as Deportivo Madryn finished ninth.

thirteen days

The wreckage of the aircraft was found thirteen days later.

They were cyclical, so that the same god recurred every thirteen days.

The two had a rematch thirteen days later, which was also won by Kudo.

thirteen months

They had three children one of whom died thirteen months after his birth.

In 1938 she was sentenced in the People's Court to thirteen months in prison.

Returning from this tour he spent thirteen months writing the novel Three Monkeys.

first thirteen

He won his first thirteen fights putting himself in line for a British lightweight title fight.

The AV Club found that of the first thirteen films in the series, "Witchcraft X" was possibly the worst.

Aside from the loss of the first thirteen books, the remaining eighteen are in many places corrupt and lacunose.

all thirteen

Francois played in all thirteen games in 2006, starting in seven.

The act called for all thirteen ships to be ready for sea by March 1776.

To date, no one has been charged with any of the crimes; all thirteen cases remain unsolved.

thirteen seasons

It also extended the club's longest ever premiership drought to thirteen seasons.

In thirteen seasons at Wests he never played in a premiership-winning team at club level.

He spent thirteen seasons in the Football League and two in the North American Soccer League.

thirteen other   (他の13)

As of June 2008, foreign rights had been sold to thirteen other countries.

Along with thirteen other resistance members, they headed to Mersa Matruh, Egypt.

Sullivan competed in Cycle 11 against thirteen other contestants, ultimately winning the competition.

thirteen townships

As of 2018, the county includes two towns and thirteen townships: Towns: Townships: Others: The county is known for its production of jade.

next thirteen

He worked for Contra Costa County as a materials and research engineer, where he would work for the next thirteen years.

"Pennsylvania" thereafter would continue to make regular crossings between Philadelphia and Liverpool for the next thirteen years.

Won just three of her next thirteen matches until the French Open in June, where she recorded a third round appearance but fell to Elena Dementieva.