during this period   (この期間に)

Ritchie took over maintenance during this period.

He was in charge of economics during this period.

There were two minor changes during this period.

during this time   (この間)

It was during this time that he wrote his famous .

A housing movement began to form during this time.

They became even closer friends during this time.

around this time   (この頃)

The bakehouse ceased to be used around this time.

Amina began performing in Paris around this time.

Also provided around this time was a crossing loop.

bear this name   (この名前をつけて)

Several other lesser-known people also bear this name:

Several other locations also bear this name.

Some of the people who bear this name are:

bears this name   (この名前がついている)

A museum in the city, the Black Mecca Museum, still bears this name.

The lake has historically also been known as "Schuyler Lake", and the community mentioned earlier still bears this name.

As of 2010, five rural localities in Smolensk Oblast bear this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Tula Oblast bears this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Tver Oblast bears this name: As of 2010, eight rural localities in Vologda Oblast bear this name: As of 2010, one rural locality in Voronezh Oblast bears this name:

held this position   (この位置を保持しました)

She held this position until she retired in 1988.

Creedon held this position from 1995 until 2013.

He held this position for two and a half years.

followed this up   (これをフォローした)

Grant followed this up with "Simple Things" in 2003.

They followed this up with another in 1933.

They followed this up with a national tour beginning in July.

during this era   (この時代に)

The citadel was built during this era.

At one point she appeared on stage in East Berlin during this era.

Competition during this era forced unit prices to drop considerably.

solve this problem   (この問題を解決します)

Recent technologies have helped solve this problem.

There are two common ways to solve this problem.

Thus an outer breakwater was constructed to solve this problem in 1892.

held this post   (このポストを開催しました)

McCreery held this post from July 1945 to March 1946.

He held this post till the end of his life.

He held this post for the rest of his life.

during this season   (この季節に)

"Land and Sea" aired Part 2 during this season.

24 episodes aired during this season.

This hot winds greatly affects human comfort during this season.

participate this year   (今年参加する)

The İzmir champions did not participate this year.

Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde were the defending champions, but did not participate this year.

1997 Nokia Open – Singles Greg Rusedski was the defending champion, but did not participate this year.

answered this question   (この質問に答えました)

In "Lockhart v. Nelson", the Court answered this question.

Out of a total of 316 households that answered this question, 32.6% were households made up of just one person and 4 were adults who lived with their parents.

Out of a total of 943 households that answered this question, 23.5% were households made up of just one person and 19 were adults who lived with their parents.

within this genus   (この属内)

The nine described species within this genus are:

For example, other species within this genus include:

Species within this genus are noted as pests.

throughout this period   (この期間中)

City expansion has continued throughout this period.

It was held by the Conservative Party throughout this period.

The MTT throughout this period introduced a variety of bus services.

hold this position   (この位置を保持)

He is the first non-canonist to hold this position.

She was the first female to hold this position.

He the youngest person to hold this position as well.

using this method   (この方法を使用して)

NASA once commissioned custom watches using this method.

This example shows how to compute formula_2 using this method.

Suicides using this method are documented in the forensic literature.

time this season   (今シーズン)

1 Osaka for the third time this season.

The Sox went to the homestand for the second time this season.

For the first time this season, each contestant performed two songs.

achieve this goal   (この目標を達成する)

To achieve this goal, he needed a strong battery mate.

WHO plans to implement alternatives to DDT to achieve this goal.

They hope to achieve this goal by the Car's 100 birthday in 2016.

held this office   (このオフィスを開催しました)

Golovkin held this office for twenty-five years.

He held this office until his death in 1575.

He held this office until November 2008.

until this point   (この時点まで)

It reads "Work of Praülos until this point".

She is smiling, which was never seen by the show's audiences until this point.

Up until this point facsimile machines were very expensive and hard to operate.

during this competition   (この競技中に)

The following new world and Olympic records were set during this competition.

The following new ISU best scores were set during this competition: Yuzuru Hanyu set a new world record for the short program (110.53).

The junior level synchronized championships were held during this competition; junior and novice level competitions for the other disciplines were held separately.

all this time   (今まで)

In some weird way after all this time, we persevered.

In all this time only one effective rescue was made by the lifeboat.

However, "Crazy Wolf" has been locked away in a psychiatric hospital all this time.

through this area   (このエリアを通って)

The NICE road passes through this area.

(The N&W main line follows the south bank through this area).

Lloyd's does not charge higher rates for passing through this area.

achieve this feat   (この偉業を達成する)

He was only the second Pakistan player to achieve this feat.

In doing so, Murphy became the first Irishman to achieve this feat.

The only other wrestler to achieve this feat as of January 2018 is Ryūden.

during this phase   (この段階で)

The growth rate during this phase was per year, based on an adult 1.3 tonnes.

Rates of RNA transcription and protein synthesis are very low during this phase.

The Community Plan Training (CPT) is provided to Community Boards during this phase.

address this issue   (この問題に対処する)

Diamond is considered the best option to address this issue.

Sohrabi is one of the sole author who has tried to address this issue.

To address this issue, he promised that a higher VAT and higher income tax rates were being considered by his government.

performed this song   (この歌を演奏しました)

Dion performed this song during her Unison Tour.

and Timberlake performed this song at the 51st Grammy Awards.

Also in 2013, Jacquie Lee performed this song in season 5 of The Voice.

this time   (- 今回)

Then Spears rang again – this time ordering her to come to Paris.

In November 1999, a further investigation – this time by the U.S.

Meanwhile, Vindice is hired again as a pander – this time by the Duke himself.

during this process   (このプロセス中に)

The scenario may need to be clarified or re-factored during this process.

The "CTC Prevention Strategies Guide" is a tool used during this process.

No material is removed during this process, even when correcting corrosion damage.

covered this song   (この歌をカバーした)

Luna covered this song on their album "Lunafied".

Singers Steve Barry and Lorraine Piché covered this song in 2002.

The Staple Singers covered this song on their eponymous 1985 album.

along this route   (このルートに沿って)

Variegated vegetation can be seen along this route.

As of 2008, all buses along this route are ADA-compliant, and contain bicycle racks.

The Rice Family Log Home within the park served as an inn along this route for travelers.

only this time   (今回だけ)

", only this time Teal replaces the character of Detective Carn.

Yet again, the Fury finished third place in the South Atlantic Division, only this time with a 6-2 record.

He states now that history is repeating itself, only this time with Amazon, and declares none of the men safe.

until this time   (この時まで)

Ideas of Semitic origins found supporters until this time.

Other than it being woodland in the 1220s, little more is known of the area until this time.

General Viljoen, who until this time had been wearing his rank and beret, removed and hid them.

wrote this song   (この歌を書いた)

I wrote this song to explore unity and inclusion.

Missing her greatly Yuri of Goguryeo wrote this song.

Keith wrote this song with Scotty Emerick.

address this problem   (この問題に対処する)

To address this problem, a complexity theory for AI has been proposed.

IPv6, the successor technology to IPv4, was designed to address this problem.

RFC 2317 devised a methodology to address this problem by using CNAME records.

sell this station   (この駅を売る)

In August 1984, Fritts Broadcasting, Inc., reached an agreement to sell this station to Shamrock Broadcasting, Inc.

In February 1995, Southern Communications Corporation signed a deal to sell this station to Simmons Broadcasting Company.

during this year   (今年中)

Three brothers stayed on teaching during this year.

The senior high school also opened during this year.

So, during this year, the rainfall can be estimated from the above data only.

later this year   (今年後半)

The band plans to go on tour later this year.

She represented her country at the Miss Universe 2018 later this year.

Look for an upcoming album release later this year on Takes The Biscuit.

using this technique   (このテクニックを使用して)

DeMille was unique in using this technique.

An example of a mine using this technique is the Valmara 69.

While the disadvantage of using this technique is the low resolution.

during this decade   (この10年間で)

Septeto Soprano made only one recording during this decade.

Two important initiatives were also begun during this decade.

Both freight and passenger traffic increased during this decade.

before this time   (この時間の前に)

Cars that enter the pits before this time limit has expired are penalised.

(It is unclear what Bavarian religious life consisted of before this time.)

The tower was built before this time although it may have undergone alterations.

holding this position   (この位置を保持)

While holding this position, he studied with Simon Sechter.

While holding this position, he met a young woman, by the name of Fleuriau.

He was named Vicar General of Rome "perpetuo" in 1558, holding this position until his death.

during this tour   (このツアー中に)

Rock band Weathers served as support during this tour.

The Korean War ended during this tour, on 27 July 1953.

He was assigned to the 200th Military Police Command during this tour.

compete this year   (今年競争する)

2000 Faber Grand Prix – Singles Jana Novotná was the defending champion, but did not compete this year.

2002 Dubai Duty Free Women's Open – Singles Martina Hingis was the defending champion, but did not compete this year.

1993 Monte Carlo Open – Doubles Boris Becker and Michael Stich were the defending champions, but Becker did not compete this year.

accomplish this feat   (この偉業を成し遂げる)

(Cassius Dio, Roman History, Book 60:20) It is uncertain how they were able to accomplish this feat.

With the 14-0 record, they became only the 2nd team in college football history to accomplish this feat, behind the 2002 Buckeyes.

Jerry Rice (1990) and Steve Smith Sr. (2005) are the only other players to accomplish this feat since the first Super Bowl season.

receive this award   (この賞を受賞)

He is the first hazoori raagi to receive this award.

Counterintuitively, many 10A students fail to receive this award.

He is the only coach to receive this award twice, which debuted in 1986.

during this stage   (この段階で)

There were no Division B fixtures during this stage.

The conditions during this stage were among the worst in cycling history.

The parent not incubating will hunt for food or look for nesting material during this stage.

took this opportunity   (この機会に)

West Germany took this opportunity to increase its share of the project to 50%.

As it happened Roelfzema had been studying hard and took this opportunity to take exams.

Joab, accustomed to avenging himself, took this opportunity to even the score with Absalom.

within this area   (このエリア内)

Prince Andrew High School is located within this area.

He has published several books and more than 80 papers within this area.

The state's highest point, the aptly named High Point is within this area, at .

earlier this year   (今年初め)

1 ranking earlier this year.

"The scandal may also singe BDO Seidman, a private audit firm that gave [Washington DC CFO Natwar] Gandhi its seal of approval earlier this year.

The memo added that progress had been made towards "the 10% increased performance on enforced returns, which we promised the Home Secretary earlier this year".

used this opportunity   (この機会を利用しました)

Many officers used this opportunity.

Vikramaditya VI used this opportunity to occupy Vengi during this period.

And Lucas used this opportunity to get closer to Oscar and plans to get rid of him.

using this system   (このシステムを使用して)

Eventually, Europe also started using this system, but it was much later.

Engines using this system are mechanically simple, but have poor specific impulse.

To pay using this system, a customer passes the card within 4 cm of a reader at a merchant checkout.

although this did   (これはしましたが)

It seems that she handed over all of these except for Valladolid, although this did not prevent the conflict.

One ingredient that is missing from these recipes is the eponymous kola nut, although this did appear in Reed's recipe.

The Emperor finally succeeded in concentrating his forces at Valenciennes, although this did not include John, and in the interval Philip had counter-marched northward and regrouped.

along this stretch   (このストレッチに沿って)

Also, all of US 23/SR 15 along this stretch was paved.

Signage along this stretch reflected a rerouting of NC 24/NC 87.

The Gray Mare glacial erratic can also be seen along this stretch.

along this road   (この道に沿って)

The Canadian National Railway runs along this road.

There are many "parit" (canal) along this road.

He described the beauty of the Ingiriya area as he travelled along this road.