more thorough   (より徹底的)

However, see omics for a more thorough discussion.

Others may be more thorough in this process.

He suggests that "" is "a much more thorough collection".

thorough investigation   (徹底的な調査)

We are conducting a thorough investigation to rule that out."

In 1879 Theodore H. Lewis conducted a more thorough investigation.

This request was accepted after a thorough investigation of his ancestry.

thorough knowledge   (徹底した知識)

A trained philologist, Nietzsche had a thorough knowledge of Greek philosophy.

He was a great linguist and had thorough knowledge of Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English.

He acquired a thorough knowledge of the Latin, Greek, French, and English languages, mathematics, and history.

most thorough   (最も徹底的)

Even in its unfinished state, it is the most thorough English medieval law book.

This is the tentative conclusion reached by Evelyn Juers in her 2012 book "The Recluse", the most thorough recent investigation of the story.

Given the multitude of cement parameters the best and most thorough and practical method of designing a cement blend is through laboratory testing.

thorough understanding   (徹底的な理解)

Adnan Khan expressed, "Kabeer's character is of a young Maulvi with a thorough understanding of Islam.

To gain a thorough understanding of the business he worked at all the different jobs in the Saut-du-Tarn factory.

Baháʼís intending to marry are asked to obtain a thorough understanding of the other's character before deciding to marry.