İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

even though   (buna rağmen)

But Bahattar is calm even though she drives crazily.

Nurses are unemployed even though their help is needed.

He claimed that he was even though he was 18.

though not   (olmamasına rağmen)

), though not every size may have been fabricated.

Countersinging is evident, though not well-studied.

Many survive, though not in their original form.

though many   (çok olmasına rağmen)

None of the guests died, though many suffered greatly.

Each house generally has a tube well though many houses may share one too.

Multiple versions of the Actaeon myth survive, though many are fragmentary.

though no   (yine de hayır)

The meetings were video taped; though no tapes have yet surfaced.

His body was cremated, though no such request appears in his will.

The fight ends with Kostylev dead, though no one appears responsible.

though most   (çoğu olmasına rağmen)

They can have legs, though most of them have tails.

It can reach a length of , though most do not exceed .

It can reach a length of TL though most do not exceed .

though he did

Kampantais, even though he did not score, played a good match.

Justin accepted, even though he did not want to become a Nazi.

Darwin was the inventor of several devices, though he did not patent any.

though only   (sadece olsa)

She dressed for three games, though only played in one.

Its title-track, though only reaching No.

Also in 1935, the Scud 3 was rolled out, though only one was built.

though both   (her ikisi de)

The clash was indecisive, though both sides claimed victory.

Neither charted, though both would later become doo wop cult classics.

The two reportedly began a romantic relationship though both publicly denied this.

though still   (yine de)

Gilstrap did issue a new ruling, though still denying the change of venue.

The medium clipper, though still very fast, had comparatively more allowance for cargo.

In Hungary, the surname is written Vujity, though still pronounced as in Serbo-Croatian.

though other   (diğer olmasına rağmen)

A pair of common dice is usual, though other forms of polyhedra can be used.

There appears to have been little discussion, though other names were suggested.

Most mottoes are written in Latin or English, though other languages were used; No.

though   (- rağmen)

He had one highly successful match – though, true to form, Somerset lost the game.

"the basic unit "from which" matter is constructed") – though this would not prevent a stranded preposition (e.g.

Irish-born Kevin Thornton was awarded two Michelin stars in 2001 – though his restaurant, Thornton's, closed in 2016.

though all

Most are terrestrial, though all are capable of climbing.

Five have appeared on the UK register, though all are now de-registered.

There is an official religion, a sort of vague deism, though all other religions are tolerated.

though none   (yine de hiçbiri)

though none had yet been built.

Psalm 1 has been given many settings, though none are now well-known.

Several varieties have been named, though none are now recognised as distinct.

though it did   (öyle olsa da)

After that, menstrual extraction was practiced much less, though it did not disappear.

He worked hard for the Fine Arts Copyright Act 1862, though it did not do all he desired.

On his second season, he duplicated his performance though it didn't translate to wins for Coca-Cola.

though more   (yine de)

From then on the team experienced mixed results, though more wins than losses.

Anal intercourse and sexual relations between women also occurred, though more rarely.

Frogs and toads are found in every region of Canada, though more are found in the south.

though the latter   (ikincisi olsa da)

The same care was accorded to the front and the back, though the latter is hidden.

Westland Row and Harcourt Street railway stations were occupied, though the latter only briefly.

Both Baladhuri and Mad'aini agree upon the number, though the latter states each half were from Basra and Kufa.

though without   (Olmasa da)

She has been releasing records ever since, though without major chart success.

In 1934 the LKL IV's undercarriage was shortened, though without changing the geometry.

"Der fliegende Wandersman" was included in his collected works, though without the appendix.

though not all

A total of 30 men took part, though not all stayed for both years.

So: , , , , , , , etc., though not all superscript letters are possible.

Many, though not all, in the South considered Lincoln as a man of outstanding ability.

though several

They were not able to shoot down any Coalition aircraft though several sites were destroyed as retaliation.

Like most Kahimi Karie albums, the songs are predominantly sung in English, though several are written in French.

U.S. Route 41 passes through the eastern part of Knollwood, though several sections fall within the boundaries of Lake Bluff.

though they did

He also led Radnički to be title challengers, even though they did finish on 2nd place.

They never tell anyone about the accident even though they did not intend to harm the boy.

The TV show "Glee" used fans to create promotional materials, though they did not compensate fans.

though it does

It is located inside Bilyayivka Raion, though it does not belong to the raion.

Gan is written with Chinese characters, though it does not have a strong written tradition.

It's designed to be a stand up motorcycle, though it does have a seat and lights for road use.

though sometimes   (bazen de olsa)

He writes on paper, though sometimes edits using a computer.

Usually shrimp is sold whole, though sometimes only the meat of shrimp is marketed.

Each head usually has 5-36 ray flowers (though sometimes no rays) plus 7–48 disc flowers.

though he never   (o asla)

Davies was homosexual, though he never wrote publicly about his own sexuality.

In Bénichou's work, "spiritual authority" is a key concept, though he never defines it concisely.

Banda played his football for Zambia Army (now Green Buffaloes) though he never had a great playing career.

though much   (yine de)

The "előpárlat" is not used, even though much of the taste is contained in this cut.

Even though much of her hull was removed there are still large bits of her hull on the site.

Both allow users to run DOS programs in CGA mode, though much more slowly than on an IBM PC.

though later

He is caught by the police, though later released.

But Russian soldiers captured him at some stage during the conflict though later released him.

Familygrams were originally limited to 15 words, though later as many as 50 words were permitted.

though a few

There are though a few exceptions to this.

Most indicative verbs take the high accent, though a few take the low accent.

Most songs featured just Caldwell's voice and electric guitar, though a few tracks included minimal drums.

though less   (daha az olsa da)

The Sweden Democrats made gains, though less than anticipated.

In summer, days are very hot, though less so than in the central Sahara.

The terms "Cypriote" and "Cyprian" are also used, though less frequently.

though he does   (o yapsa da)

He mentions that he has done something awful, though he does not explain further.

In Braavos, Sam also encounters Arya Stark, though he does not realise her identity.

He likes leading troops into battle even though he does not have much authority over them.

though often   (sık sık)

The two genres, though often conflated, are not the same.

These instruments had varying numbers of strings, though often including some form of drone.

In the case of motion picture film, the format may also include audio parameters (though often not).

though neither   (yine de hiçbiri)

He sentenced both to death, though neither was executed.

Kitty sent the will to Rakesh on Khanna's instructions, though neither knew about the other.

In the final round, Gans showed dominance in the in-fighting, though neither fighter took a clear lead.

though she did

Marvin was often seen flirting with Holly, though she did not appear to reciprocate the feelings.

In 2005, she maintained a blog on the NHL website, though she did not post for most of the season.

Jane says she feels as though she did her best and is disappointed in her “shitty wife” reputation.

though never

The wing though never deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He claims that even schism, though never ideal, has often produced positive results.

Reid exhibited with the RHA periodically until 1968, though never became an academic member.

though others

Some were for the public good, though others were for himself.

Bottiglia instead calls it a miniature classic, though others are more forgiving of its size.

Two candles on the altar were customary, though others were placed around it and on the rood screen.

though such

The term only appeared in 1671, though such a gathering of units pre-dates this.

Some of the early screenshots of the game include obscenity, though such obscenity does not appear in the release version.

Hank Azaria provided the voice of Frank Grimes, even though such a role would normally have been performed by a guest star.

though he continued

Schuchman retired in 1998, though he continued to teach until 2000.

His official retirement was in 1972, though he continued working for some years later.

He remained in that role until 1975, though he continued teaching history at WIU until 1983.

though not necessarily   (zorunlu olmasa da)

It too was a success, though not necessarily for its artistic merit at first.

Each indentation represents one generation down, though not necessarily the next generation.

The only strict requirement for a persistent class is a no-argument constructor, though not necessarily .

though he later

At first the typeset notes were signed by hand by Treasurer Greenwood, though he later used stamps.

As well as being an author, Creasey was a committed Liberal party member though he later became an independent.

Baháʼu'lláh originally named the book "The Book of Fatimah" (), though he later referred to it in its modern appellation.

though not always

Cerberus was usually three-headed, though not always.

They are typically, though not always, found in more rural areas.

Debit cards can often, though not always, be used in the entire EU for EFTPOS.

though now

Canon Prof. Preston (1948-1963), though now it houses postgraduate students.

Happy Accidents (band) Happy Accidents is a British pop punk trio formed in Southampton in 2013, though now based in London.

The church has a free-standing bell frame, which once contained three bells, though now has only one, dating from the 15th Century.

even though many

SK moved on to the playoffs even though many people had the team written off since it had a stand-in.

It quickly gained significant Poland-wide popularity; even though many people still did not own TV sets.

On 3 November 2008, he said that severe part of the bear market is over, even though many short-term risks exist.

though when   (olsa ne zaman)

He was soon given another chance though when he was selected to contest Central Hull at a by-election in 1919.

Prior to 2013, the order was decided at random (though when the host nation performs is still decided at random, to ensure fairness).

The main breeding habitat of Shetland wrens is boulder beaches, though when population levels increase some birds will nest further inland.

though the first

It was Zola's third novel, though the first to earn wide fame.

are widely played, though the first three of these traditional games of Sindh are not played extensively these days.

Traces of inhabitants in the Levico area can be dated back to the Iron Age, though the first organised settlement springs up during the Roman era.

though each

The broad goals are interrelated though each has its own targets to achieve.

Each panel has its own preview window, though each preview window can be reached from any other panel.

The question remains whether both can have zero entropy at "T" = 0 even though each is perfectly ordered.

though he still   (yine de o)

On April 21, 2017 he was released, though he still expected to report to Sukamiskin Penitentiary.

In 1960, Maxwell's batting average dropped to .237, though he still hit 24 home runs and batted in 84 runs.

Kimberly helps Sydney with her relationship with Michael though he still believes she is insane and wants to kill him.

though usually   (genellikle olsa)

It occurs at depths of from though usually no deeper than .

He nominally represented this for 13 years, though usually abroad.

His name is a legitimate name in India, though usually spelled 'Chatterjee'.

though   (- rağmen)

— though none had yet been built.

Most pro-feminist books were written by women, and anti-feminist tracts by men — though there were exceptions.

Howells gives the moral writings of Leo Tolstoy an important role in the book — though not with naive acceptance.

though the exact

However, certain components are almost always present, though the exact size and order may vary.

Shooting was the only legal means of execution, though the exact procedure has never been codified.

Many season passes state the type of content that players will get even though the exact content may be unknown at the time.

though very

Other Arabic diacritics are also sometimes used though very rarely in loan words from Arabic.

The unusual station building at Ballaghaderreen, of rough stone, remains though very derelict.

Even though very rude and stubborn at the beginning, Radha opens up to Aditya as the movie progresses.

though the film   (film olsa)

Even though the film was hyped as usual, it did not fare well in box office.

Even though the film was shown widely, the pace of progress was still glacial.

Yang stated that though the film portrays the 31 recruits as death-row inmates, most were petty criminals.

even though no

On 14 November 2016 FIFA announced that England and Scotland would both face penalties even though no one had made a complaint.

Women and those who are young may show abnormalities on their test even though no signs of coronary ischemia or CAD are present.

Note that in the example below, an arbitrary codice_33 is given to the included font file, even though no mimetype exists for fonts.

though he remained

He left the KMT in 1948, though he remained friends with party members, namely Chen Hsin-an.

A negative view of Herodotus was passed on to Renaissance Europe, though he remained well read.

though the team   (gerçi takım)

He is successful, though the team assists him with a "Gilroy," a chemical aid, for this con.

The Pioneers name returned for the 1979 season, though the team actually wore "Red Sox" uniforms.

Even though the team ended up in the relegation Pool, the team made sure of salvation early on the season.

though few

though few of the instrument parts were similar to the album version.

New kyogen are written regularly, though few new plays enter the repertoire.

They are similar to credit unions in organisation, though few enforce a common bond.

though she does

Simon confesses he loves Clary, though she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Lloyd falls in love with Daisy early in the story, though she doesn't reciprocate it until later.

One of the possible meanings of this is that Estella, even though she doesn't acknowledge the fact, loves Pip.

felt as though   (sanki hissettim)

We, on our part, felt as though one of our own family were leaving.

I felt as though the whole landscape of what passes for my imagination had been changed ...

In November 1997, students on campus still felt as though their voices were not being heard.

though did

MacGyver spent two years at MIT studying physics, though did not graduate.

Critic William Ruhlman agreed though did not consider the album as strong.

British Facism was non-interventionist, though did embrace the British Empire.

looked as though

At first, it looked as though neighboring Virginia would remain in the Union.

The "Los Angeles Times" said it "looked as though people lost interest half way through".

It looked as though England would claim victory over Brazil, but newcomer Diego equalised in the dying seconds.

though the majority   (gerçi çoğunluk)

South of Eglinton the area retains its working class character, though the majority of residents are owners (almost 60%).

More than half of EMU's undergraduate students do not come from Mennonite backgrounds, though the majority are Christian.

The station is little more than a halt, and is not always advertised, though the majority of trains were calling there in 2011.

though the term   (terim olsa)

When the penis is thrust into someone's mouth, it may be called "irrumatio", though the term is rarely used.

Traditional interlaced SD video has no real frame rate, (though the term "frame" is applied to video, it has a different meaning).

They are collectively referred to as "red–green color blindness", though the term is an over-simplification and is somewhat misleading.

though the original

However, no plans have emerged as to if or when a station might be built here, even though the original extension was designed to allow this.

The dilution changes black into various shades of platinum, silver and flat grey, though the original black-brown character of the color is usually preserved.

The hotel underwent three renovations in its history, in 1910, in 1991-1992 and finally in 2014-2018, though the original design of the building was largely left unaltered.

though the number   (sayı olsa)

The institution flourished, though the number of students averaged but twenty.

The total number of syndicated episodes is 126, though the number aired varies by broadcaster.

135 species of Microgastrinae have been confirmed from Canada, though the number may be as high as 275.

though initially

He pursued her relentlessly, even though initially she considered him not to be her type.

Jax resolves to fight for Carly, and though initially torn, Carly chooses a life with Jax.

The system also developed good outflow, though initially the surface circulation was too elongated for it to be considered a tropical cyclone.

feel as though   (sanki hissediyorum)

I feel as though I can work better."

Some users seem to feel as though the enforcement is inconsistent.

Some people characterize the pain they feel as though an elephant is sitting on their chest.

though even   (olsa bile)

BBC newsreaders still form an exception in this respect, though even there Welsh and Scottish accents seem to be accepted.

Eventually, public opinion persuaded the Queen to return to London, though even then she preferred to live elsewhere whenever possible.

In 1862, the British considered mediation between North and South, though even such an offer would have risked war with the United States.

even though most   (çoğu olmasına rağmen)

AFP is still in use in macOS, even though most other AppleTalk protocols have been deprecated.

They are accessible, even though most of them are located deep in the rural area of the Regency.

He was later suspended for the first five games of the 1997 season, even though most wanted him banned from the postseason.

though the population

Even though the population of Randers grew in these years, it was also the time, when the town was outpaced by Aarhus and Aalborg.

An Ottoman village list of about 1870 indicated 117 houses and a population of 395, though the population count included men, only.

An Ottoman village list of about 1870 showed that Atlit had 9 houses and a population of 33, though the population count included men only.

though it still   (yine de hala)

13 in the U.S., though it still went platinum there.

The school is also looking to start a baseball program, even though it still only has a Little League-sized field.

Fricative is characteristic of Mudan village; elsewhere is Southern Paiwan it tends to be a trill , though it still varies .

though perhaps

Sibylla remained at Ascalon, though perhaps not against her will.

The size of the Persian fleet is also disputed, though perhaps less so.

The Fifth Symphony is a more regular work, though perhaps not a more conventional one.

though the name

He gave his new palace the name 'Beaulieu', though the name change did not outlast the century.

Even though the name is not valid, it is still widely used in cultivation to refer to this "D. binata" form.

He is known to have been son-in-law of Pepin I, King of Aquitaine, though the name of his wife has not been found.

though occasionally

It does not normally snow, though occasionally the hilltops get a dusting.

Leaf surfaces are generally smooth, though occasionally covered with fine hair.

Most of Hugo's music is for three voices, though occasionally he added a fourth.

time though   (olsa da)

Finally, the dance-offs, ran for eight weeks, this time though live.

This time though, Greensburg defeated Altoona, 6-4 in front of about 2,500 fans.

This time though the children are cheering for Alvie and calling for him to catch up.

though due

There are four cells on each of the left, rear, and the right walls, though due to rock fault there are none at the ends of the rear aisle.

In addition, a nor'easter in December may have had tropical characteristics, though due to the uncertainty, it was not classified as a tropical system.

Some writers use "British" for the language and its descendants, though due to the risk of confusion, others avoid it or use it only in a restricted sense.

though nothing

Wyatt, though nothing was known against him ... was a figure markedly lacking in glamour."

He returned to Dehra Dun by the night train and joined the office the next day as though nothing had happened.

Timur later captured a few more places, though nothing more is stated, presumably he left the Siyah-poshas alone.

though the actual

ET, though the actual start and end times varied by station.

RILP occurrence rates are estimated at 0.3% to 1.3%, though the actual rate is likely higher.

Duluth's bridge was inspired by the one in France, though the actual construction is quite different.

though the band

Their back catalogue was re-released, though the band became inactive soon afterwards.

It featured a harder-rocking approach than before, though the band's songs were also growing more complex.

The band's name is taken from the Misfits' long-unreleased first album, though the band's sound owes very little to the Misfits.