İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

previously thought   (önceden düşünülenden)

First, they learned that the herd moves much more than previously thought.

"M. brevicaudata" was previously thought to have been a member of "Monodelphis glirina".

It was previously thought to grow in north Queensland but the most recent survey did not find it.

school of thought   (düşünce okulu)

Jainism and Buddhism are continuation of the Sramana school of thought.

During the late 19th century, the marginalist school of thought emerged.

The school puts an emphasis on following of the Athari school of thought.

originally thought   (aslen düşünülmüş)

It was originally thought to be a substantial oil field site.

Picking the entries won't be as easy as it's originally thought.

They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain.

initially thought   (başlangıçta düşünce)

It was initially thought to be and .

Colonel Everton Conger initially thought Booth had shot himself.

It was initially thought of as another way of transporting tourists.

once thought   (Bir zamanlar düşündü)

It was once thought to be endemic to New Zealand.

It is unlikely that he visited Venice as once thought.

It was once thought to be an ancient wall from the Moorish period.

generally thought

SAT Math is generally thought of as easier than CSAT Math.

The name is generally thought to be an early form of Street.

This is an empirical model and generally thought to be an oversimplification.

now thought

Bone mass is now thought to peak between the ages of 18-25.

An Edinburgh housewife is now thought to be the present 'Queen'.

It is now thought to represent a relict taxon from the Tethys Sea.

never thought   (hiç düşünmemek)

"I never thought she'd say yes, but asked anyway.

"I never thought I'd see the day that would happen.

I never thought I would be known only as your mother.

schools of thought

In human geography, there are several schools of thought.

Brahmajala Sutta records sixty-two such schools of thought.

This may have been the result of competing schools of thought.

what he thought   (ne düşündü)

Initially Novozhilov saw what he thought to be a meteor.

In January 1986, he shot what he thought was a jaguar attacking him.

Vincent Browne asked McGlinchey what he thought would happen to him eventually.

because he thought   (çünkü düşündü)

He steered Bing away from Jane because he thought she was only being nice.

He also believed in heavy taxation because he thought it increases effort.

He claims to have ended the show because he thought "It's a good time to finish."

not thought   (düşünülmemiş)

TBX3 is not thought to directly affect "KITLG" expression.

The school itself was not thought to be the source of the outbreak.

Until the fall of the wall, however, was not thought of an execution.

often thought   (sık sık düşündüm)

A full moon is often thought of as an event of a full night's duration.

He often thought about going to New York and selling books on the street.

Memory is often thought of as consisting of both a long-term and short-term store.

first thought   (ilk düşünce)

Horn said that her first thought was: "Here we go again."

I can't remember who first thought of it.

My first thought when I was told this was 'Isn't this a kicker?'

political thought

Confucius's political thought is based upon his ethical thought.

Last, Ephorist political thought had a dim view of the international political environment.

His political thought aimed to safeguard the rights and freedoms of ordinary men and women.

people thought   (insanlar düşündü)

There was a time when people thought J*Davey’s music was too dark.

Since I like it, it didn't really matter what other people thought."

At this time, people thought that dolmens had been built by the Celts.

always thought   (hep düşünürdüm)

Solabakkanavar and his team always thought the about it.

I always thought I had a chance, but I honestly can’t believe it.

I always thought of it as a literary work, as a historical novel".

thought experiment   (Düşünce deneyi)

Bohr was shaken by this thought experiment.

Skinner's utopia is both a thought experiment and a rhetorical piece.

The EPR–Bohm thought experiment can be explained using electron–positron pairs.

thought to date

The coffin is thought to date to the 18th dynasty.

The cross is thought to date to the 12th century.

The floor is thought to date from the early 16th century.

long thought   (uzun düşünce)

Tubulin was long thought to be specific to eukaryotes.

Traditionally historians have long thought he died of syphilis.

thought to represent   (temsil ettiği düşünüldü)

The serpent is thought to represent Xiuhcoatl.

He is thought to represent the "Priest King" of Knossos.

It is now thought to represent a relict taxon from the Tethys Sea.

commonly thought

It is commonly thought to be a denarius with the head of Tiberius.

Their name is commonly thought to stand for "Time Machine Network".

An animal that is commonly thought to be dazzle-patterned is the zebra.

what they thought

From there, they saw what they thought was the castle on fire.

They asked Joma to stop what they thought was deceptive advertising.

English farmers too attempted to imitate what they thought were genuine Virgilian agricultural techniques.

just thought   (sadece düşündüm)

"I just thought, it belongs there," Callies stated.

I just thought this was the sweetest thing I ever saw."

And I just thought, 'How can I help them?'"

freedom of thought   (düşünce özgürlüğü)

Notable cases: Article 9 provides a right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

It has been argued to be both an extension of, and the principle underlying, the right to freedom of thought.

In his religious and philosophical writings he defended the faithful Christian's right for freedom of thought.

because they thought   (çünkü düşündüler)

Originally, Warner Bros. had refused to release "I Love Mekons" because they thought it was not good enough.

"People were throwing wings at one another, and other people walked out because they thought it was horrible."

They decided to use the Latin alphabet because they thought that it would serve their purpose better than Cyrillic.

mistakenly thought   (yanlışlıkla düşündüm)

This is the format that LGE mistakenly thought it was using.

He mistakenly thought he had contracted her elder sister Marie.

It was thus mistakenly thought to be a new work by Kant himself.

thought process   (düşünme süreci)

Individual differences may also play a role in regards to the ironic thought process.

"The thought process was that this was more cost-effective than hiring new people," the spokesman said.

In philosophical terminology, "abstraction" is the thought process wherein ideas are distanced from objects.

economic thought

For a history of economics, see the article History of economic thought.

He credits his father for introducing him to the Austrian School of economic thought.

His research there focused on public finance, economic modeling, and the history of economic thought.

thought processes

Victim mentality depends on clear thought processes and attribution.

It is a solution concept based on how players think about other players' thought processes.

Such training also stimulates the thought processes and improves the self-concept of these patients.

many thought   (birçok düşünce)

Research shows that breastfeeding is not the factor that many thought it was.

When the name was changed to Inprise, many thought Borland had gone out of business.

This would be misleading as many thought that the Chinese name would be 遮打, a transliteration.

thought up

This new slogan was thought up by King Tom's friend, Timothy Smith.

The name was thought up by the founding member Jakub Dosoudil, while on vacation in Mexico.

Kawazu thought up Ventus's narrative after seeing the narrative and gameplay concepts for "The Bouncer".

thought to play   (oynamayı düşündüm)

This ability for dendritic growth is thought to play a role in learning and memory formation.

Inflammation is thought to play a role as well as damage to the venous valves from the thrombus itself.

In lung cancer, the transcription factor NFκB is thought to play a role in resistance to chemotherapy, via inflammatory pathways.

widely thought   (yaygın olarak düşünülmüş)

They are widely thought most vulnerable to Grover's algorithm.

Akin's comments were widely thought to be the main reason he lost the senatorial election.

The manuscript was widely thought to be in Old Welsh until the 18th century when it was identified as Cornish.

thought to derive   (türettiği düşünülüyor)

Their form is thought to derive from archaic reed-built shrines.

The name is thought to derive from Middle Dutch, "Mother's Creek", and "kille".

Jaws are thought to derive from the pharyngeal arches that support the gills in fish.

thought the game

Sputnik thought the game was successful all-round.

"PC Gamer" thought the game has a clunky interface.

"PC Guru" thought the game was fun despite its graphics.

name is thought

The name is thought to mean "Homestead of Werin".

The name is thought to mean ""gift spring"".

The name is thought to derive from Middle Dutch, "Mother's Creek", and "kille".

religious thought

His mother was a big influence on his religious thought.

They touch on the philosophy, psychology, history, and anthropology of religious thought.

This false notion he traces to a long-ago "clash of Islam with Persian religious thought."

thought to occur

Mating is thought to occur fall through winter.

This is sometimes thought to occur especially when memories are similar.

About thirty species are thought to occur in the region of West Africa and Macaronesia.

sometimes thought

This is sometimes thought to occur especially when memories are similar.

Strathmiglo is sometimes thought to have belonged to the Mormaers of Fife in early times.

The city referred to here is not Segovia itself as sometimes thought, but rather the town of Coca located some 50 km away.

what was thought

In early 1900, he developed what was thought to be a bad cold.

A year later, McHaffle suddenly fell ill of what was thought to be influenza and died in Montana on October 1, 1918.

In September 2017, the EPA spent what was thought to be $25,000 to build a soundproof booth for Pruitt to use in his office.

well thought   (iyi düşünülmüş)

It only comes into being after it is planned and is well thought of".

The graphics are well thought of, although they could have been better.

The Houston Post called the book "lucid, well-written and well thought out."

still thought   (hala düşünülmüş)

Magne had not seen Demuysere, and still thought he was chasing him.

Although Columbus still thought he had reached Asia, this landmass would turn out to be a new continent, South America.

The addition was controversial at the time, but the superintendent Ryan Snoddy affirmed in 2017 that he still thought it was the best decision.

thought provoking   (kışkırtan düşünce)

The puzzles were said to be fresh and thought provoking.

This brilliant novel is as thought provoking as it is entertaining."

"Adventure Gamers" appreciated the game's thought provoking dark themes.

human thought

All hope of recovering human thought and personality is then gone given current and foreseeable medical technology.

Maruyama referred to this musicological concept to capture a socio-historically substratum underlying human thought.

Volume 6 was published in 1937 and included an article by Holley, “The 'Most Great Peace; a new phase of human thought”.

usually thought   (genellikle düşünülür)

Dynamical systems are defined over a single independent variable, usually thought of as time.

"Mula Jadi" lives in the upper world which is usually thought of as divided into seven levels.

He proposed that even other objects in our world do not exist in the way it is usually thought.

then thought

I then thought to myself – this is it!

A programmer then thought of using shooting mechanics instead.

Proto-Baltic is then thought to have split into East Baltic and West Baltic branches.

thought the film   (filmi düşündüm)

Some critics thought the film has qualities the original lacked, such as wit.

Lamond later explained why he thought the film was so successful: It was different.

Initially, Michel thought the film could take the form of a montage of news reports.

line of thought

However, not everyone agrees with this line of thought.

One line of thought was to use radio as a master teacher.

As an exile, Marković had carried on his former line of thought and activity.

thought leaders

Goldsmith is one of the thought leaders that contribute to Sales Pop Magazine.

This annual event attracts 800+ participants, 40+ exhibitors and renowned thought leaders from all over the world.

The membership of the LGRC-CFI is made up of a group of [thought leaders] in the legal, business, IT, and RIM fields.

even thought   (hatta düşündüm)

He has even thought and brought out practical suggestions for each program and subject."

Therefore, they [my parents] had not even thought of the armed forces as a career option.

There are cases of razed villages and less tendency to mass flight, even thought it occurred in some cases.

what is thought   (düşünce ne)

Some advertising slogans: On 3 April 2007, Thorntons set up what is thought to be the world's first edible billboard.

The musician on one side of the front-plate is playing what is thought to be the oldest extant visual representation of a harp.

In April 1807, he held what is thought to have been the first camp meeting in Illinois near present-day Edwardsville, Illinois.

thought highly

However, fellow officers thought highly of Terrill.

Richard Baxter and John Flavel both thought highly of the book.

Critics thought highly of the album.

traditionally thought

This includes rivers traditionally thought to have healing powers, including India's Ganges River.

The mechanism of action of carmofur prodrug is traditionally thought to be the generation of 5–FU.

This taxon was traditionally thought to be a primitive lineage, from which all the larger-bodied platyrrhines evolved.

because she thought   (çünkü düşündü)

This is because she thought Yulsman only wanted Kerouac in the frame, so she stepped aside.

At a young age, Mercy almost ran away with Sam/Samuel because she thought they were in love.

For example, she only enjoyed music classes, because she thought singing was so natural to her.

much thought

Without much thought, we interact with energy- and resource-consuming products every day.

They spent much of their time smoking cigarettes and teasing everybody, with not much thought about their future.

The optimum play of the cards can require much thought and experience and is the subject of whole books on bridge.

thought to belong

Two are thought to belong to King Amenemhet IV and queen Sobekneferu.

The Waja languages were once thought to belong to this group, but are now placed with the Kam language.

"Until now, the feature was thought to belong only to the species' close relatives, the deinonychosaurs."

thought to originate   (kaynaklandığı düşünülüyor)

It is thought to originate from the Tudor period.

This spaniel was thought to originate from Malta and was sought out only as a lapdog for "daintie dames".

The term is thought to originate from the phrase "Dutch treat" which is when two individuals share the cost of a date.