thousand years   (一千年)

The serial is set more than ten thousand years in the future.

The Ayyappa temple is thought to be about thousand years old.

Zhuang folk medicine has a history of over one thousand years.

several thousand   (数千) has several thousand members.

Rekimoto's work has several thousand references.

He led at that time several thousand followers.

thousand people   (千人)

Each concert only garnered a few thousand people.

Over ten thousand people died en route to Urmia.

It has a daily attendance of 25 thousand people.

hundred thousand   (10万)

Coverage went from a few hundred thousand to millions.

Estimates varied from a few hundred thousand to billions of years.

, it attracted more than four hundred thousand visitors per month.

ten thousand   (万)

A related concept is one part per ten thousand, .

The album sold nearly ten thousand copies in Taiwan.

Over ten thousand people died en route to Urmia.

few thousand

Each concert only garnered a few thousand people.

He tested the method and won a few thousand dollars.

Although their numbers never exceeded a few thousand.

thousand dollars

He tested the method and won a few thousand dollars.

Houses in Maspeth range from 400–600 thousand dollars.

Dovzhenko took 3 thousand dollars from their apartment.

thousand years ago

He told CBC: "It was warmer a thousand years ago than it is today.

The ancestors of the Micronesians settled over four thousand years ago.

Automatic control systems were first developed over two thousand years ago.

thousand men

Several thousand men were involved on either side.

Almost a thousand men struggled into formation.

The Russians lost sixty-four ships and over a thousand men.

per thousand

(American metros average .613 lane-miles per thousand.)

(Birth rate of 14.6 per thousand.)

The death rate was reduced from 20 per thousand in 1947 to 11.3 per thousand in 1953.

thousand copies

The album sold nearly ten thousand copies in Taiwan.

Over eleven thousand copies are distributed annually.

It has already a sale of four thousand copies."

thousand pounds   (千ポンド)

It was able to carry up to four thousand pounds of explosive ordnance.

After three years, he was sold to the English Government for two thousand pounds.

A few players (such as Graeme Hick ) have made over three hundred thousand pounds.

several hundred thousand   (数十万)

The show was usually attended by several hundred thousand spectators.

Heads are available with from one up to several hundred thousand nozzles.

It is a hot luminous supergiant several hundred thousand times as luminous as the sun.

twenty thousand

By 1983, Bell Labs had reached a total of twenty thousand patents.

He acquired a private library of more than twenty thousand volumes.

In Wellington the first quake toppled some twenty thousand chimneys.

thousand times

The study has since been cited over a thousand times.

It is over ten thousand times more luminous than the Sun.

I've said faggot roughly like 15 thousand times in my life.

fifty thousand   (5万)

By the evening of 19 May, some fifty thousand people had gathered there.

He bought King Peter IV of Aragon the village of Alquézar for fifty thousand escudos.

Hoping to get a dowry of fifty thousand rupees, he agrees and the marriage takes place.

thousand students

Attendance is more than two thousand students.

On May 4 several thousand students marched through Fuzhou.

In its final years, more than one thousand students were enrolled at any time.

thirty thousand

In 1920–21, more than thirty thousand White Russians.

However, Henry showed up with an army of thirty thousand men.

This robbery allowed the gang to obtain thirty thousand dollars worth of loot.

thousand feet

The runners drop over two thousand feet in elevation.

The valley itself lies at an elevation of three thousand feet.

On the north side the Coppermine Mountains rise in terraces to nearly one thousand feet.

thousand acres

Two thousand acres were granted to William Shaw on September 16, 1784.

Altogether, over one thousand acres of state land was allocated to him.

In 1816, the Fultz family were granted a thousand acres (4 km²) of land.

thousand tons

In the 1890s, the mines produced a thousand tons per day.

The annual seafood production is more than 200 thousand tons.

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

several thousand years

The cave mouth was inhabited at least sporadically for the next several thousand years.

Many of the hymns in the liturgy are in Coptic and have been passed down for several thousand years.

These varves are being used to study the climate of this area of New York over the last several thousand years.

thousand members has several thousand members.

The VDS has more than thirty-five thousand members in over seventy countries.

The family consists of more than a thousand members and may be further divided into 8 different parts.

thousand square

Three thousand square miles in the interior are also awarded to Venezuela.

It has 200 toilets, 14 lifts, over 52 thousand square meters of constructed area.

Using 51 persons per thousand square meters he arrives at a population between 138,000 and 172,500.

thousand miles

Pretty soon his thoughts began to stray, over seven thousand miles away.

Bobby Ballenger is starting a new school a thousand miles from his old home.

This divine snake can ride upon the clouds and fly about over a thousand miles.

thousand residents

The eruption forced the evacuation of approximately two thousand residents.

By 1882, Woodbridge had over a thousand residents and was incorporated as a village.

The birth rate in the municipality, in 2016, was 14.4, while the death rate was 9.2 per thousand residents.

thousand votes

This time, Dutra won the election on second round by a small margin of only 97 thousand votes.

He was elected to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly with a majority of over five thousand votes.

He beat Moulana Farid Uddin Chowdhury, former Member of Parliament from Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, by 31 thousand votes.

thousand soldiers

Estimated to have fifty to eighty thousand soldiers, Alexander's army consisted of both Jews and pagans.

On October 12, 67 CE a total of about 60 thousand soldiers under the command of Vespasian began a second siege.

On November 28, the government ordered all four provinces ("aimag") of Khalkha to mobilize a thousand soldiers each.

twelve thousand

As of 2006, there were twelve thousand former Jesuit Volunteers worldwide.

The city is square in shape, and is twelve thousand furlongs long and wide (fifteen hundred miles).

By the end of the century the latter had some twelve thousand rabbits, London being the main market.

thousand years old

The Ayyappa temple is thought to be about thousand years old.

There are many stories that are a thousand years old, or older.

The tree was estimated to be more than one thousand years old when it died.

forty thousand

A 2013 "Global Edition" of "Britannica" contained approximately forty thousand articles.

Tallies made by carving notches in wood, bone, and stone were used for at least forty thousand years.

The indigenous people of Tarichæa, numbering then forty thousand, rose up to his defense and prevented his bloodshed.

fifteen thousand

On 21 April ten to fifteen thousand winegrowers met in Capestang.

It carries a citation and cash money of 15,000 (fifteen thousand Indian Rupees).

Historians estimate he brought in a total of fifteen thousand Chinese from China and from California.

several thousand people

He completed the walk in about 25 minutes as several thousand people watched.

Puttannaiah's funeral, held on 22 February 2018 in Kyathanahalli, was attended by several thousand people.

Independent observers estimate that several thousand people have been displaced as a result of the forced evictions.

nearly a thousand   (ほぼ千)

The Nanchang Mutineers took nearly a thousand casualties, half of them dead.

Music of Azerbaijan builds on folk traditions that reach back nearly a thousand years.

Internet users submitted nearly a thousand proposals, and a jury chose a short-list of six.

hundred thousand dollars   (10万ドル)

Their absence caused shooting to be rescheduled, costing the studio upwards of one hundred thousand dollars.

It was said that the figure referred to five hundred thousand dollars and that it was a contribution for his electoral campaign of 2011.

During its history, the Free Methodist Publishing House built up a plant and accumulated property worth several hundred thousand dollars.

several thousand dollars

The site was successful and was soon grossing several thousand dollars per day.

the mean income of Detroit is below the overall U.S. average by several thousand dollars.

By his junior year, he had lost several thousand dollars gambling on college and professional sports.

thousand inhabitants

630 houses and about 3 thousand inhabitants were in Dunaivtsi in 1629.

Because of that Mazyr grew to over 10 thousand inhabitants by the end of the century, most of them Jewish.

It has about a thousand inhabitants, mostly engaged in raising cattle and sheep, and small-scale agriculture.