ascended the throne   (王座に上った)

However, it is possible he ascended the throne before 899.

Iyasu II ascended the throne as a child.

In 260, Cao Mao was killed and Cao Huan ascended the throne.

took the throne   (王位を取った)

On 15 July, Li Zhi took the throne (as Emperor Gaozong).

Hae Buru took the throne and became the king of Bukbuyeo.

Li Congke subsequently took the throne.

throne room   (謁見室)

It has replaced the throne room in importance and use.

Hector & Andromache's bedroom balcony overlooks the throne room.

The throne room, like the rest of the palace, is open to the public.

take the throne   (王位に就く)

Agrippa then sent Polemon I of Pontus to remove Scribonius and take the throne himself.

Thomas supported Robert in his attempt to take the throne, and was present at his uncle's coronation in 1306.

She was supposed to take the throne upon her father's death, but there was controversy about the throne passing to a woman.

usurped the throne   (王座を奪った)

In 220 AD, Cao's son Pi usurped the throne as Emperor Wen of Wei ("r".

However, he rebelled three years later and usurped the throne of Qara Khitai.

In the eyes of some Westerners, it appeared that new king had usurped the throne.

seized the throne   (王位を握った)

The former monk seized the throne after King Htun Chit died in 613 CE.

George Terter seized the throne and Kira Maria was proclaimed the new "tsarina".

A rose, coloured red and white, had been adopted as a dynastic symbol by Henry VII who had seized the throne of England in 1485.

imperial throne

Alexios was now closer to the imperial throne than ever before.

As a result, he ascended to the Russian imperial throne in Nennal.

Tenmu used religious structures to increase the authority of the imperial throne.

assumed the throne

As Kharagraha II had no son, he assumed the throne.

He assumed the throne at the age of six, when his father Boris III of Bulgaria died.

Gojong himself also lived in this residence until age 12 when he assumed the throne.

claimed the throne

Through this, he claimed the throne of the Bosporan Kingdom in 17 BC.

Isabella of France, sister of Charles IV, claimed the throne for her son, Edward III of England.

Elvira of Sicily Elvira of Sicily (died in 1231) was a member of the House of Hauteville who claimed the throne of the Kingdom of Sicily.

ascend the throne   (玉座に上る)

As part of palace intrigues, Cankili was able to ascend the throne.

At present, only direct male-line males are allowed to ascend the throne.

In order to ascend the throne Afonso abdicated his rights to the county of Boulogne in 1248.

claim the throne   (王位を主張する)

It is from this harbour that William the Conqueror left for England to claim the throne.

After fighting through demons, Johnny manages to claim the throne and becomes the new King of Hell.

William chose the port of Dives as the starting point of his campaign to claim the throne of England.

seize the throne   (玉座をつかむ)

Saul) and never taking any of his numerous chances to seize the throne by violence.

Two of his descendants - Shashidatta and Janavrata - killed each other in order to seize the throne.

A revolt which broke out among native Egyptian soldiers gave him his opportunity to seize the throne.

inherited the throne

Her husband inherited the throne seven years later.

After his death, his son Doryssos inherited the throne.

Yamtuan Imam left a son, Tunku Ahmad Tunggal who should have inherited the throne.

behind the throne   (玉座の後ろ)

He wielded real power behind the throne until his death in 1565.

A 19th century copy however has the screen in place behind the throne.

The Fujiwara were the proverbial "power behind the throne" for centuries.

yield the throne

When Yuan Ye arrived in Luoyang's vicinity, Erzhu Shilong forced him to yield the throne to Yuan Gong, who took the throne as Emperor Jiemin.

Emperor Xiaozhuang, in fear and anger, sent a messenger to Erzhu, suggesting that he would be willing to yield the throne either to Erzhu or to another person that Erzhu designated.

Xiao Yan had his eyes on the throne, and while ostensibly preparing the capital to welcome Emperor He back as the emperor, was preparing to force Emperor He to yield the throne to him.