passes through   (通過する)

Then, it passes through part of Unicoi State Park.

The TF-1 motorway passes through the municipality.

The R425 regional road passes through the village.

passing through   (通過する)

After passing through the town, it enters the R.M.

There are no railway line passing through Melukavu.

For rays passing through the centre, it is zero.

passed through   (通りました)

The 1998 Tour de France passed through Carrickbeg.

The railroad passed through a rich farming country.

Five people died in China when Goni passed through.

runs through   (駆け抜ける)

The plant's FERC license runs through August 2014.

State Highway 12 runs through Opononi and Omapere.

Provincial Highway S222 runs through the township.

went through   (通り抜けた)

The sale eventually went through for $4.9 million.

Eventually, Lazio went through to the Group Stage.

The town went through a lot during further years.

pass through   (通り抜ける)

Total lunar eclipses pass through all three phases.

It was so soft so as to pass through a finger ring.

and most of these buses pass through swargate stand.

flows through

The Bazin River flows through the canton of Bazin.

The Abukuma River flows through downtown Kōriyama.

Then it flows through Bellary and Siruguppa Taluks.

go through   (通り抜ける)

I'm sure Paul had to go through the same process."

from Desur to Gingee also go through Seeyamangalam.

Once there, she is compelled to go through with it.

way through   (通り抜ける)

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

Ashfur leaps in and drags it all the way through.

The growth continued in another way through the 1980s.

going through   (を通過する)

The shopping area is going through major rebuilding.

At that time, the theatre was going through hardship.

"I felt that he was going through some kind of a crisis.

through the use   (使用を通じて)

Depth can be portrayed through the use of texture.

This can be done through the use of adequate glazing.

A match penalty is indicated through the use of a red card.

run through   (駆け抜ける)

Most local routes run through downtown Des Moines.

The Songhua, Nen, and Liao rivers run through it.

Several tourist routes run through the Black Forest.

through the town   (町を通って)

After passing through the town, it enters the R.M.

The Captain Cook Highway passes through the town.

The Ancient Miao River () flows through the town.

through several

This is carried out through several divisions.

It went through several editions until 1860.

"Dungeons & Dragons" has gone through several revisions.

released through

1", was released through Tribunal Records in 2007.

The single was released through Columbia Records.

It's released through Diskoton in SFR Yugoslavia.

running through   (駆け抜ける)

It has many whitish narrow veins running through it.

It has many narrow whitish veins running through it.

In fact, they're running through my head as I write this.

through the city

This highway passes through the city of Tiruppur.

The Pan-American Highway passes through the city.

Also, the B69 runs through the city of Vechta.

goes through

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

Bean then goes through the dead drunk's pockets.

The federal highway goes through the district.

available through   (を通じて利用可能)

The magazine is available through subscription.

Their music is available through iTunes and

The film is now available through British Pathé Archive.

through various

Students move through various medical disciplines.

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

"Nerves were getting compressed through various forms.

midway through   (途中)

The loan lasted until midway through December 2009.

Riverfront Park is located midway through the trail.

However, Reilly left the club midway through the season.

through a series

Players navigate through a series of screens.

Users can query results through a series of search options.

humans) through a series of lower forms.

through the village

The R425 regional road passes through the village.

The Villoresi channel flows through the village.

SH 29 turns west through the village of Tauriko.

ran through   (駆け抜けた)

The event was founded in 2007, and ran through 2014.

The road ran through Canyon Lodge (Two Guns).

The National Road also ran through Bellaire.

continued through

Relations continued through the Sultanate of Sulu.

Such interruptions continued through the evening.

Periodic heavy air attacks continued through April.

came through

Tomić came through Široki Brijeg's youth academy.

Touray came through the Newport County academy.

Thaly's intense patriotism came through in his books.

through the area

Major north-south highways run through the area.

York Region Transit buses also pass through the area.

The Schmale Gera stream runs through the area.

fell through   (抜け落ちた)

A planned full relaunch in 2005 also fell through.

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

The scheme fell through during the Great Depression.

north through

It flows north through Alsfeld, Schwalmstadt and Borken.

It drains north through Gods River into the Hayes River.

It flows north through Bow and Zeal Monachorum to Lapford.

through the ranks

He rose up through the ranks of the Leeds youth academy.

Mạc Đăng Dung was a military man who rose through the ranks.

Vuleta came through the ranks in Basel.

gone through   (経て)

The fork, has gone through active development.

"Dungeons & Dragons" has gone through several revisions.

Humans haven't yet gone through testing.

up through

Wire catchers were used up through the Vietnam War.

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

The DraCo can run AmigaOS 3.1 up through AmigaOS 3.9.

break through   (突破する)

An attempt to break through the English lines failed.

Johnson managed to break through the straps.

It took eleven hours to break through.

route through   (経由する)

The original route through South Carolina was long.

Banks Creek Road is the main route through the locality.

The main route through the locality is England Creek Road.

travels through

It travels through White and Habersham counties.

I-45-H) travels through Palmer in Ellis County.

A feminist travels through Europe with a male chauvinist.

broke through

In 1983 a garbage truck broke through the floor.

On 7 May 1944, the ceiling broke through at this station.

The Cardinals broke through with three in the fourth off McLain.

through the end

She remained in service through the end of 1955.

Atchison continued to serve through the end of 1861.

The Jasta operated through the end of the war.

only through   (のみを通して)

Pudens is known only through surviving inscriptions.

"Northbound" is for sale only through Sferra's website.

In his opinion, that could be achieved only through education.

travel through   (旅する)

In contrast, S-waves do not travel through liquids.

News can travel through different communication media.

The ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode.

through all

Total lunar eclipses pass through all three phases.

It kept that status through all the following centuries.

I had just been through all this shit and I felt rotten."

halfway through   (途中で)

Cameron reached around halfway through the bridge.

He was recalled halfway through the season.

Scott was benched until halfway through the third quarter.

achieved through   (を通じて達成)

Definitive diagnosis is achieved through tissue biopsy.

This has mostly been achieved through water conservation.

In his opinion, that could only be achieved through education.

flow through   (流れる)

Whisky Run and Lick Run flow through Farrandsville.

Two rivers flow through Heinsberg, the Wurm and the Rur.

The Shinano River and Agano River flow through the city.

south through

There is high terrain south through east of the airstrip.

The A39 main road runs north to south through the parish.

The Dadu continues south through Luding until it turns east at Shimian.

line through

Cilia fulvous, with a black line through them.

The entry has a line through it and the notation "Lost".

The first rail line through the city opened in around 1870.

kindergarten through   (幼稚園から)

Irvine features a school (kindergarten through grade 9).

AFA teaches kindergarten through high-school (K–12) classes.

The school currently provides kindergarten through 12th grade.

through many

IPTBO can be synthesized through many reaction paths.

The book was expanded in 1858, going through many editions.

"The Hazard Herald" went through many changes in the 1940s.

through the first

Neither team scored through the first three quarters.

Gomi stopped Costa via TKO halfway through the first round.

This is usually in September through the first part of November.

continues through   (続く)

The road continues through wooded mountains with a few homes.

The road heads to the east again and continues through residential areas.

It continues through farmland to Ten Mile, where it intersects with SR 68.

through the streets   (通りを通って)

The American militia actually fled through the streets of Washington.

Six months have passed and a royal procession moves through the streets.

However, inside he finds a strange boy, and chases him through the streets.

through the center

The Torii River flows through the center of town.

NH 66 passes through the center of the village.

The Watarase River flows through the center of the city.

road through   (通り抜ける)

The major road through Stroud is the Bucketts Way.

The main road through Prachinburi is Route 319.

Total length of the road through Croatia is .

cut through   (切り開きます)

A dray track was cut through Burkes Pass in 1857-58.

These sand hills could be cut through by the streams.

Once it has passed, they cut through a forest.

east through

It flows east through the broad Skokomish Valley.

The race then continued east through Ramacca and Paternò.

From west to east through the town flows the river Isenach.

through more

past Eastville as it runs north-northeast through more rural areas.

The road heads through more rural areas before crossing into Freeburg.

The road continues north through more rural areas and curves northeast.

flowing through   (流れる)

At , the Severn is the longest river flowing through England.

Kadanad River is a major water source flowing through this town.

The River Thames flowing through London is a classic river estuary.

through the years

The most notable films through the years are:

Their number and influence has varied through the years.

Miss Madison has had many title sponsors through the years.

through time

The second became his vessel forward through time.

Eil also has the ability to pass through time.

Information always moves through time and space in the same form.

down through   (ダウンスルー)

The villa was passed down through the imperial family.

Karlsberg's ownership has been handed down through generations.

Authority is passed down through a form of apostolic succession.

through the season

However, Reilly left the club midway through the season.

He was recalled halfway through the season.

Liga in 2009–10, having scored 22 goals all through the season.

journey through   (旅)

Episode one featured orangutans and flying frogs in Bailey's journey through Borneo.

The journey through the jungle was rough for the Europeans, who travelled it on foot.

In 1942, the 86th started its journey through various parts of Europe and North Africa.

get through   (通り抜ける)

He could barely get through the introductions."

I just had to get through that goddamn trial!"

I'm surprised you can get through the door".

spread through   (広がる)

The fire quickly spread through the entire vessel.

Basil, whose glory has spread through the whole world.

Biological agents can be spread through the air, water, or in food.

distributed through   (を通じて配布)

This was distributed through PBS's National Datacast.

The movie would be distributed through United Artists.

The French-language version was distributed through Europe.

done through

This can be done through the use of adequate glazing.

Cascades are usually done through cost-aware ADAboost.

Bookings can be done through Forest Department Amravati.

through downtown   (ダウンタウンを通って)

The Abukuma River flows through downtown Kōriyama.

Most local routes run through downtown Des Moines.

M-36 turns eastward along Ash Street through downtown.

through both

Lending through both providers lasted for 14 days.

These parallels continue through both books.

Batak families trace descent through both sides of the family.

through the community   (コミュニティを通じて)

The Sheboygan River passes through the community.

The Neches River flows through the community.

This is where Hinkston Creek flows through the community.

work through   (乗り越えます)

immediately take pen and paper and work through an example".

They continued their work through 1998.

Their big question is: Can they work through it or is it over?"

seen through

This could be seen through Haile Selassie's work.

Its colour is obvious when seen through binoculars.

The story is seen through the eyes of the aging mother.

traveling through

He began his career as a book agent, traveling through Ohio.

Ruscha spent much of the summer of 1961 traveling through Europe.

Cosmic rays are particles traveling through space with high energies.

through the early

The rivalry remained heated through the early 2000s.

The redevelopment continued through the early 2000s decade.

It ran through the early months of 2017.

through a number   (数字を通して)

Mako went through a number of design changes.

Over the years, CKBC went through a number of ownerships.

It went through a number of owners after Cudahy's death in 1910.

rose through   (上昇した)

Mạc Đăng Dung was a military man who rose through the ranks.

Kaltoft rose through the ranks of Danish third tier club B.93.

He rose through the ranks, becoming the reptile curator in 1928.

through most   (ほとんどを通して)

It is found through most of the Palearctic ecozone.

US 12 and US 20 are concurrent through most of Gary.

It had been testing through most of April.

through the middle   (途中で)

The Seine River runs through the middle of town.

The Phetchaburi River runs through the middle of the city.

Interstate 84 runs through the middle of the neighborhood.

either through   (いずれかを通して)

This can be accomplished either through time fuzes or proximity fuzes.

You can find these either through the EU4 wiki or on the paradox forums.

The nymphs are largely carnivorous and collect their food either through predation or scavenging.

obtained through   (を通じて得た)

Most food has always been obtained through agriculture.

Membership can be obtained through payment or volunteering.

A big part of those works of art are obtained through donations.

through twelfth   (12番目まで)

It hosts students from ninth through twelfth grades.

Walden School offers Kindergarten through twelfth grade education.

Since 2007, Roselle Park High School serves students in ninth through twelfth grades.

funded through   (資金提供)

The site was funded through Amazon affiliate links.

The whole scheme was funded through a per-capita grant.

Refuge operations are largely funded through timber sales.

primarily through   (主に)

He is known primarily through records of his works.

Freeplay is funded primarily through arts grants.

The road runs primarily through a heavily wooded, residential area.

traveled through

He has traveled through space, but he is not an astronaut.

The sangha traveled through the subcontinent, expounding the Dharma.

In the years 1907-1913 he traveled through Europe to study painting.

progressed through   (進行しました)

The shift to East Norse progressed through the Middle Ages.

Wallace progressed through Portsmouth's reserve and academy.

He progressed through legends, Speed Trucks, and Super Late Models.

back through   (戻る)

Then you realize that you have to walk back through it.

Souther troops flee Nu-Earth back through time to Mega-City One in 2116.

The plant output is fed back through where formula_22 is also a constant.

world through

The game will allow players to see the game world through a smartphone.

It felt like you were looking at the world through a thick wall of glass.

His work looks at the shaping of the world through laws, finance, and politics.

created through

It is created through Executive Order No.

Akbar was created through "Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No.

The Pirate Supply Store was originally created through necessity.

moved through

The CFM moved through the country at a fast pace in the 1950s.

Each program moved through 15 color slides and ran approximately 4 minutes.

For her second sortie, the boat moved through the Atlantic waters off northwest Spain.

walk through   (歩く)

They walk through the mountains to her village.

Rome and his gang walk through a swamp to avoid the police.

Hesleden also has a park and Dene to walk through and explore.

made through

Offensively, many gains were made through holes he opened."

The inroads of the robbers of Kafiristan are made through Panjshir.

Sell in, on the other hand, refers to sales made through a channel.

through the air   (空中から)

It flies through the air by riding a Wheel of Dharma.

angels were seen carrying Aaron's bier through the air.

Shakyamuni then returns through the air to Vulture Peak.

built through

Instead, a rock cut along a longer route was built through the mountain.

The community was established after the Missouri Pacific was built through the area.

The Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, a mainline railroad, was built through Hub in 1899.

west through

SH 29 turns west through the village of Tauriko.

It flows west through Fier-Shegan and Mbrostar (near Fier).

Passengers and light freight would pass east and west through Fremont.

through the eyes   (目を通して)

The story is seen through the eyes of the aging mother.

It is seen through the eyes of a protagonist named the "Bicycle Rider".

We see the events through the eyes of Oğuz as the film begins in medias res.

passage through   (通過)

In 1996, had a brief passage through Rede Manchete.

Some even chased right whales on passage through the strait.

The larvae release enzymes to assist their passage through the skin.

through the efforts   (努力を通じて)

Eden Place opened in 2003 through the efforts of community activists.

These principles have been developed through the efforts of Sectors No.

Wilfrid and Matilda, through the efforts of Redmond, are able to escape the blaze.

sold through

These are sold through its 15 tied pubs around the Cotswolds.

They are sold through powersports dealers across US and Canada.

His images were sold through online agencies like Shutterstock.

come through

In any case, the appointment did not come through.

Hornsby said, "We're going to come through winners.

I wanted that to come through in the song."

progress through   (進行する)

Patients may or may not progress through these levels.

After painful progress through November 27, at 1500 hrs.

The Germans made slow but steady progress through the city.

through injury

He missed half of 2007 season through injury.

Reid missed the majority of the 2006–07 season through injury.

He missed out on the 2016 Junior World Cup through injury, however.

through social   (社会を通して)

It fundraises through social events including music gigs.

Later, his sister also died, as he reported through social media.

The album was announced by Winter through social media on February 18.